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It ain't much to look at but Frore System's Airjet cooling inventions could revolutionize PC cooling in the next few years. Here at Computex 2023, they're showing of a new version we've never seen before!

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:53 don't judge a book by its cover
1:41 Let's take it apart
3:21 Boundary Layers
4:20 How much cooling do you get?
5:19 Thermal Camera
6:13 Its 2nd big party trick
7:04 Dust resistance & why it's cool
8:58 How do they achieve this??
11:44 The downsides…
12:31 Frore's Roadmap
13:23 Other applications
14:19 What could this mean for the future?
16:45 Outro



Jack Critical

i can really tell linus is exited in the last 2 videos as he gets to take apart tech that he feels he should not be allowed to.


    And what makes it even special is that he didn’t drop any of it


    @Hunde All he had to do was drop 3 letters.

    Daniel P

    ​@shadowminor lol


    @Hunde he’s dropped many things over the years but I don’t think he would give this job up just for the gadgets


    I’m more impressed he didn’t drop anything.

Montgomery Fitzpatrick

Piezoelectrics can also convert vibration into current. Some snowboards in the ’90s use them to convert chatter into lighting an LED on top of board

    Golden Projects

    So like motors but vibration instead of rotation

    Ray Cunningham

    That’s how many acoustic electric guitars work

    Cetifiably Snuggly

    The general rule about electricity is: If a physical process causes a device to generate electricity, then you can use electricity to make the device generate the physical process.
    A motor is just a generator in reverse (instead of spinning a magnet to produce electricity, you send electricity to a magnet to spin it)
    A solar panel is just an LED in reverse (instead of sending electricity across a diode to make light, you send light across the diode to make electricity).
    And so on

    Random Randle

    ​ I thought it was emf


    Musicians have known this for decades already lol

Legend Cox

This seems like one of the advancement landmarks in technology that is at its infancy but will significantly change the direction and build strategies of future devices.


    Will it happen to make “better” mobile devices? Maybe actually cooled gaming phones/portable gaming stations(looking at you NIntendo and Valve)?
    At least they won’t be going “burrrrrrr” now

    Max S

    What I’m looking forward to is sandwich-style small form factor PCs (SFFPCs) in cases like the FormD T1 with a spine completely made out of Frore System Airjets. Hell, you could even have a multi-layer sandwich of them: Airjet -> GPU -> Airjet -> motherboard -> CPU -> Airjet


    to me it seems doomed from the start. A high exit velocity means nothing if the volume is low.


    @Kiyopon they seem keen to try their best to scale up this type of micro-cooling, albeit ineffectively

    m1nato h1nata

    @Max S this 100 times.
    Imagine cerebras but instead of 8inches in the x and y direction, its a 2.5inch ssd with stacked silicon +cooling.
    Now THAT is the future trillion transistor chips will happen.
    I mean think about it, 100mTr/mm2 is already high density enough, and a 100mm2 die thats 5w-ish and 10bntr (aka a 1080/ 8 core cpu/ 1-2gb cache), now if that is stacked VERTICALLY with thin coolers inbetween, wow its so exciting thinking about it. The best part is technically data would travel a shorter distance than epyc processors, since they travel only 1-3mm upwards rather than 10s across.

Antonio Garcia Cabriada

I can’t wait to see how they DIY add this to the steam deck. I want to see how close this technology is to being useful in mainstream electronics

    Joe Milone

    Steam deck and the switch please

    frankies left toe

    ​@Joe Milone not the switch until they add better GPU

    Timofei Filippov

    Well at least I could disable the excessively luminous power led indicator on my cheap case as simply as disconnecting it from the motherboard.

    Google Sucks

    Just emulate your switch games on the steam deck.

tame gaming

This is legit exciting. Higher static pressure could mean more densely packed heatsink fins in other parts of the device assuming air works that way. With time and let to cook I feel like we could get some seriously wicked cooling solutions in the coming years or decades.

    Joshua Cheng

    Lifesaver for helmets and cooling garnment solutions of all kinds — cosplaying, first responders, firefighters, astronauts, actors, athletes, construction workers, motorcyclists, hazmat suits, geologists sampling lava, and more!


    ​@Joshua Cheng rebreather systems in diving gear would be less clunky


    its junk and wil last 3 years max , smaller the prodoct less its lastings


    @girlsdrinkfeck That’s why the “solid state” is important, no moving parts means it won’t actually wear down like a traditional fan.


    ​@girlsdrinkfeck did you watch the video?

Moon Light Films

The dust was one of my biggest concerns. Love that they covered that topic, and it’s awesome to see Linus getting to do these cool video’s like the custom keyboard one!

Victor Moura

I’m curious about how much time the team has to prepare for this kind of videos. How much information is given beforehand so a script can be prepared.
It’s a 17 min video with a TON of info and it’s absolutely impressive because they sure make it look like it was all absorbed and regurgitated on-site, hours before the video was edited and uploaded.


    someone needs to ask this question as a merch message on the next WAN Show!

    Victor Moura

    @Michael that would be awesome! And I think they said last week that this week show will be streamed from Taipei, since Computex ends this friday

Steven Crisp

Imagine this built into high end motherboards in between the VRM chips and capacitors (because it can be scaled small enough without losing performance) pulling air from behind the motherboard and pushing the air/heat directly away from all the components – I think this will revolutionise much more than just chip cooling, it has the potential to allow for much higher power loads through systems as a whole and therefore much higher performance to pretty much everything…


    Silicon is mostly tapped out performance wise. There are other options that have far more headroom in them and they also get very hot

    Nicholi Rasmuson

    Or a 3D brick array of MANY them for CPU or GPU cooling in a conventional desktop gaming PC.

    Sure, the implementation of them in tiny things is great too, but big fans and conventional heat-sink fins and heat-pipes on air tower coolers take up a TON of case space(not to mention getting hard to clean, and often wearing out because they’re big fat moving parts). You could cram a lot of these into the space a 2x140mm fan air cooling tower takes up.

    It may be expensive, but I’d welcome the ‘solid state’ nature of these over bulky fans after the product and production matures….

    As long as sound is not an issue. Linus claimed to hear it, but I’d love to see some quality testing done here to….temper my hopes and dreams.

    Even if not, it’s still a truly awesome product if it all stands up under scrutiny.


    I saw this a few months ago in a video at some tech conference……I commented that this could be a gamechanger if the cost is decent enough…..some time later I saw it on another tech channel……Now its on LTT…..yep, a gamechanger……no more fans… the final moving part on a PC


    Finally, a reason to have overpriced motherboarda

    Rob Coops

    Since price is already pointed to as a bit of a hurdle… I would expect that at least in the near future there is no way this would make sense. Unless the setup could really seriously out perform water cooling it is not going to do much in the desktop market when the price is significantly higher than a good loop.


I think outside of AI, this is the big breakthrough we are going to see in the early 20s. This is truly an amazing thing!

Kevin Street

This is my favorite kind of LTT video. Just Linus (or somebody else at the channel) talking about a piece of cool new technology. This thing is genuinely exciting! A whole new way to cool things that’s “solid state” instead of using moving fans.

    P J

    Not the same, but ok. SSD VS HDD was ground breaking.. SSD has speed, small and just overall better than a HDD.. this fan stuff, nah.. I don’t see the potential at all.. they just tried to re-invent the wheel and failed.

    Mr Wiz

    @P J have you lost the plot

    Lord of all Potatoes

    @P J what do you mean? these solid state fans are smaller, more power efficient, quieter, more adaptable, dust proof, longer lasting and have a potential to be much cheaper than current cooling fans with industrial scaling! therefore I fail to see your point as this could have insane potential, just look at the RTX4090 and its massive size or the behemoth gaming PCs which are indeed mostly cooling space, this not only allows high spec components to be built more compact but also into a smaller form factor which allows them to be used in laptops or other smaller devices which would greatly improve convenience!

Hunter Borden

Fun fact: Halos (albeit fictional) Mjolnir armor uses piezoelectrics as the fundamental reason for their strength. Piezoelectric speakers for audio are also coming out very soon, supposedly taking over electrostatics for top spot. Can’t wait to see how this improves. I’d love to see that Steam Deck video!

    Sven Lewandowski

    Piezoelectric speakers are an ancient concept though, aren’t thety? They are the beepers in your motherboard and stuff.

    Or are they high fidelity enough to actually reproduce any sound a human wants to hear?

    Hunter Borden

    @Sven Lewandowski Ah I’m not sure. But the new ones are in IEMs. Not sure how well they’ll work in headphones or standing speakers though. But from what people who’ve heard them have said they are incredibly detailed!


    ​@Hunter BordenThe old ones also used piezoelectrics. They weren’t very good, but they weren’t very power hungry. You could run them with a passive signal via a crystal radio.

    New ones probably combine them with standard drivers, because while they’re good with high frequencies, they’re not good with low ones.

    Brett Foster

    Pzt materials resonate at a particular frequency and aren’t efficient. So I doubt it…


    Piezoelectric speakers were one of the little built-it-yourself gadgets included in a 90s primary school ‘engineering’ kit I got hahaha I think the kit included them because they were so energy efficient and low cost? The little toys you could make out of it was limited to just beeps and buzzes though

walkin mn

Dude, I was already excited by this thing but this time Linus really pumped me up! This sounds kinda revolutionary if everything said is true. This could help a lot for gaming phones, VR headsets, maybe the upcoming AR glasses and laptops of course, Then there’s the Idea of bringing it to desktops which I think would help a lot for closed cases with a lot of filters, I don’t think it would save space compared to fans but who knows. This is really interesting and exciting!

Kas b

I can’t wait to see how these things evolve. It’s already impressive enough that they’re getting that much performance for the size.


This is exciting stuff. It’s such a simple thing, component cooling, but this strikes me as a big step in the tech industry.


There’s been so many technologies that seemed revolutionary in the past decade but ultimately never went anywhere. I can see why Linus is so hyped, this is one of the first game-changing physical tech I’ve seen in a while.


Would love to see them released for hobbyist projects. There have been a couple projects I’ve had to scrap because I just couldn’t get the cooling small enough.

Vardhan Shrivastava

They seem to have come long way in the short span between CES and now at computex! All the best to them!

Edit : PC world has done two great videos with them and their founder, where they go over in depth about everything AirJet. Do take look if anyone is excited about these fan killers!


I’m excited for where this goes. I can already imagine all the mods Linus would try.

Meta Tech HD

Linus’s excitement is contagious! It’s evident in the last two videos that he’s genuinely thrilled to explore and dismantle tech that pushes the boundaries. His passion for technology shines through, and it’s captivating to watch him dive into projects that ignite his curiosity. 🔥🔧🤩

Antoine FD

Can’t wait to see this as an upgrade option in Framework laptops.

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