iOS 17: iPhone Features I Want From Apple at WWDC

Apple is expected to announce its next major version of iPhone software, iOS 17, at its WWDC keynote on June 5. While rumors point to the software update being overshadowed by new Mac hardware and a long-rumored AR/VR headset, that doesn't mean the next version of iOS won't have significant features. Here are all the improvements and additions I hope Apple makes to the iPhone with iOS 17.

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Jamie boyko

I want to see google maps go live!!!!!!!!

    Adam Tajyar

    Apples never gonna push google maps anymore. That’s a third party app. They’re only going to keep promoting their own maps as they improve it and put more money into it.

Howie Fields

More widget functionality would be nice also I would love if apple changed the look of the Home Screen to me it’s just old and needs a new look


I just want something that takes full advantage of max/plus screen size, not just enlarged texts and icons.


I’ve been saying for years that Apple is leaving money on the table by not releasing an iPhone Note device with a built-in Apple Pencil Mini.

It would sell well.

Colin Stafford

I would love to see a better airpods set up, like better EQ settings, and an easy way to download updates

Bens Tech Tube

If , IF Apple ads pencil support I’m there! That would give all of us Samsung lovers of the S Pen another option! 8:12

Charlie Sct.

Hey and thanks for all your Great work at CNET. A major game changer will be if Apple would let os all plan our running and biking workouts on the iPhone and the send it to Apple watch.
The very best to all of you at CNET from Denmark.☀️😉👍🏻

Adam Tajyar

I want see significant updates for messages, wallet, and maps.


I’d like to see some major improvements to Siri. With all of the advancements in AI over the last year, an improved Siri could really take things to the next level… it doesn’t have to be all voice-control. Siri could help manage your emails and suggest more accurate reminders and advice in various opt-in ways. These types of improvements are a reality in 2023, and it will be interesting to see if Apple has made similar breakthroughs with their AI, or if they’re content to stick with the old-style of assistant. Another improvement could be maps. Imagine how much better Siri could be when you’re driving around a new area and need a few helpful tips for getting to your destination. In the past, the help is quite rigid, in the form of automated map directions. But an advanced AI could understand conditions and the situation better, and give you more personalized directions that don’t feel so cookie-cutter.

    Anvill Music & Media

    Hmm good point. The only thing done is allowed you to change her voice. lol


Apple TV needs a browser as well.


Not upgrading Siri is criminal


I just want bug fixes.

Nader Muqbel

Apple MiniPen for iphone max would be awesome.. with a special case for the pen and the phone like samsung 😅

Joyjeet Paul

Waiting to have it on my IPhone 13

Issie wizzie

I just want Siri to be great

Andre Dunn

The Password Manager definitely needs some major improvements & AI integration into Siri would be a great addition

Amir Moradi

They should bootcamp to iPhone so it can launch Windows Phone OS

Jay White

I can’t wait for iOS 17

Jay White

I’m still on iOS 16.4.1 I won’t be upgrading until iOS 17. comes out

Jay White

I really want stability with iOS 17, because iOS 16 has been very unstable for me and a lot of people

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