Noctua’s New Cooler Voids Your Warranty….

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In this video we visit Noctua's booth at Computex 2023 where they're showing off some really cool pieces of plastic that can knock double-digits off of your CPU temps! PLUS a new version of the NH-D15!

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:01 The Problem with Ryzen 7000
3:15 Cooling delidded CPUs!!
6:18 Good Guy Noctua
6:49 Next Gen NH-D15
8:41 Outro




Linus, I think you’re the madman


    Linus isn’t just a madman! He’s like the wiener dog of humans 😶


    Takes one to know one 😅


    @XLostGamer bro did you really just get offended by a joke about someone else in a YouTube comment section? 🤡


    ​@OniKoala takes one to know one, who smells it dealt it. 😂


I’m happy so many cooling and direct die advancements there have been in 2023.

Tyler Noble

We need that noctua screwdriver 🤩




    i wasn’t going to buy it but if they release that color way i’m in.

    Abrasive Carl

    @ball They are, they asked on WAN show about what exact layout of colors it should be but Noctua is definitely getting an LTT screwdriver

    Taka Turgut

    @ball same

    Tyler Noble

    @Abrasive Carl yes! I felt like that’s what he kinda meant on the LTT product placement

Mr Json 303

I love how in the middle of the video he showed the screwdriver he liked, rather than the poll winner.


    Oh, I didn’t realize there was a poll and was really excited when I saw this design…

    Mr Json 303

    @Roger44477 It was just a WAN Show Poll, I asume they are working closely with Noctua to hone in to the ULTIMATE NOCTUA/LTT SCREWDRIVER. It’ll “blow” you away (sorry, I had to much Linus this week)

    Upon Eric

    That was probably just the screwdriver Noctua had at the booth


    It was Noctua’s booth, so maybe he was showing off the one they liked best and had at their booth.


    @MegaChonk Linus said on the WAN Show that Noctua didn’t like that design.


Cooling solutions are always my favorite updates from these events.



Patronaut’s Virtual World

The images of processors at 2:50 are upside down.

    Linus Tech Tips

    Yes sorry about that….. – LS


    Good catch lol


    Thanks for commenting


    No, it was a feature


    Oh believe me Linus, you are going to be sorry. We’ve both said a lot of things that you’re going to regret. – Intel

    (not Intel. Definitely not them. Please don’t sue me or hurt my family).


I’m not surprised that a) noctua has a wild product for cooling CPUs, b) they partnered with Roman and c) everything about this collab being absolutely based


    Is this something new? I have 4790k installed this way on older PC, removed IHS, put liquid metal, installed cooler right over it, and I didnt need any fancy overpriced part for it.. Oh.. right.. This is what its about.. More marketing garbage. “Buy our fancy part you dont need at all” lol.

    Steve McCarr

    ​@NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe And what made you think the CPUs of yesteryear would be the same as the CPUs today?

    Dave Ransford

    @NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe Easy to say for you. The rest of us might want the peace of mind the spacers and frame might add.


    ​@NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe Yeah! Who needs seatbelts, airbags, or crumple zone???
    Just roll the dice. You probably won’t be in an accident, so why have all that overpriced safety equipment?


Every time Linus holds something in one hand and shakes it violently, it strikes fear in my heart.


    It’s OK, Noctua built it 😉

    Evan Perry

    Drop it like it’s hot new tech😂

Durzo Highwind

Noctua and Be Quiet have some of the best customer support I have ever seen. They are just great companies to buy from, even if you pay a bit more at least you won’t have any headache if something happens.


    Along with Fractal and SeaSonic (at least for me), I wholeheartedly agree.


    Who would have thought, that out of all people, its the german speaking one who can do customer support


    @TheTekknician I’d like to throw EVGA in the mix. I have nothing but praise for their customer service.

    ur gay

    Be quiet express shipped me a new cable for my power supply without even asking for a proof of purchase. Fractal design sent me a new fan controller for a case that was 10 years out of warranty with no receipt. Never really had any issues with noctua products, but they gave me an AM4 mounting kit for my D15 with just a picture of the cooler and motherboard.


    Sadly my bequiet products tend to be loud. Haven’t had to deal with the customer support tho

Corey Martin

I’m definitely getting an NH-D15 when my current cooler kicks the bucket, I’ll probably never need the monsterous cooling capacity but I love the quietness and want to support them for doing cool stuff like this

    Ademir Avdić

    Those coolers can easily last 10 plus years, and Noctua will probably still support it when they release another one of theese add ons in 2033 lol

    Drakkar Calethiel

    Say never, never. My 4790k homeserver gets cooled with an NH-D15. keeps it cool at all times and is dead silent too. Their fans are just legendary when it comes to their noisr profile. They blend in so well with background noise.

    wobbly sauce

    Got an NH-D14 that is still going with daily use.


    Same here, I might not use its full potential as my desktop workstation is mostly idle while coding, but I want to support a great company.


    Get a U-12A, it’s a normal sized tower cooler, almost the same performance as the (old) D15, it’s more than enough even for high end processors or reasonable overclocking.

The Game Bench

Man… direct die was the norm for AMD CPU’s “back in the day” so, this isn’t all that scary. And now that Intel and AMD are hell bent on pushing their CPU’s as far as possible out of the box, it’s more and more likely that when I upgrade, I’ll be doing this with my next system.


    “Back in the day” was pretty scary. Had to use a screwdriver to pry down the retention clip. One slip and you damage the motherboard.

    The Game Bench

    @asm2750 I’ll give you that. Severing some mobo traces was a far more scary proposition than cracking the die.


    I worked in an IT retail store during that time.

    We had about 6 trays of CPU with cracked dies. I think only about 5% of them got a RMA refund from our supplier.

    I was mainly caused by people putting the cooler on the wrong way round since it had a notch milled out of one side.

    The Game Bench

    @BaconZombie Yep, that makes sense. I never cracked a die and I can’t tell you how many AMD systems I built back then. Granted, I was a seasoned builder at the point and knew what I was doing. I imagine more people bend pins than cracked the dies back them. Granted, you can replace pins. Cracked die is donezo.


    Having zero warranty for a £670 part seems scary to me. In fact it’s downright terrifying.


Noctua is one of the best companies in the industry. Solid products, good customer service, not greedy. The STL file they will give you for free and make no money if you source parts elsewhere is crazy.

    A channel has no name

    What’s even crazier is that they still support their CPU coolers from 2005 with new mounting brackets. Imagine being able to use the same cooler for almost 20 years with the newest hardware on the market.

    Lauri K

    Not gonna buy any other coolers if they keep it that way in the future but they are truly making it hard since I’ve still got my NH-U12S humming along from 2013. Luckily I’ve still got some case fans to be upgraded in the mean time. 😄


    They sent me fan clips twice to the non EU country so they said just to not return (because of customs) and give someone else in need. And they spent like month of speaking about this fan clip. And all this after I even lost my PoP.


    NH-U14S here. Started with LGA 1155, on AM4 now. Still going strong with the original fan.


    Someone would just scan it anyway…
    Very mature of them to just give it away though, instead of making it more niche than it already is

Chicken Dinner

Love the new product range, love Noctua’s attitude towards their customers. 7 years of development to deliver up to 4 degrees of thermal efficiency on a product they don’t recommend we buy unless absolutely needed.


    I have a Ryzen 5 5600x and I already can’t hear the fans in my OG NH-D15 but 4 degrees cooler means I can turn the fans down more for even more silence!

Nate Wilcox

Loving that Noctua is really leaning into the youtube creators now. LTT colabs (cooler and now the screwdriver) and now one with Roman. Damn. Love it. They need more.


noctua’s long-term support for backward compatability is so refreshing in today’s market. They really do seem to put customers first


    For sure, i had an older noctua cooler when i got my 6700k, years after that i switched now to a Ryzen 5000 Cpu. Behold, one email, no extra charge and they shipped me the am4 mounting brackets. Some might need to pay shipping if it’s farther away, but damn was it a nice experience

    Javier Lopez

    I agree i was able use older cpu fan kit on new chipset.

    Random Shorts

    I never even bought product and they gave me an AM4 cooler mount they were just giving them away for free


    The right way to build customer loyalty. Not DRM lock-in and subscription garbage.

    Random Shorts

    @Agent24 I hadn’t even bought anything but when they gave me that AM4 cooler mount for free it made me loyal to them as it showed they actual care what people think of them unlike most tech companies be it all the greedy companies Intel,AMD Ngreedia

Clench Eastwood

For all the crap Noctua has gotten over the years for sticking, mostly, to its 70s dad suit aesthetic, you have to admit, seeing those coolers in a tech product instantly brings one word to mind… “Quality”

    bruno martins

    At this point that color scheme is instantly recognized as noctua brand.. Like green to razer, blue to Intel and red to amd


    They also make other colors so if you really don’t like it you can go with other options. The chromax black for example is my favorite.

    James M

    I tried Bequiet products and they are absolutely horrific and nothing but pure junk so Noctua it is. Never had a Noctua product fail. Corsair and Bequiet are a joke in the PC world these days.


    @James M bequiet are pretty good depending on what you get.
    the power supplies are seasonic with their fans slapped on, cases are good, heatsinks are on par with V1 NH D15, the only thing I’ve had issues are the 80mm fans which have some cogging noise.

    Sedi xMrBoss

    @James M What issues did you have with both Corsair and BeQuiet? I have Corsair ram, works perfectly. Corsair AIO on a friends pc, works like a charm. BeQuiet fans in my server, no problem. BeQuiet tower cooler smth (a smallish one) in another friend’s PC, again perfectly fine. Noctua fans and cooler on another server of mine (Bought all of them from SH), working fine. I don’t see a problem with BeQuiet or Corsair, and I do know noctua, they are great.


Noctua is such a great company. I remember when I upgraded my system to AM4 and they just sent me an AM4 upgrade kit for my NH-D15 for free. Have been brand loyal ever since.


Just have to say since the announcement, the jovial and more carefree Linus is showing through more and more in each video again. Astounding what stress does to us, keep up the solid work Linus and Co

    The RustyTigger

    The videos are on about a 2 week backlog or so if I recall correctly from an older video, so most of these are probably still from before the announcement. The exception being event videos they want out quicker so this one very well might be fairly new.

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