They challenged me to review it – HP Dragonfly Pro

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Andrew Langholz

Love your channel Austin!


I really miss the Hey guys this is Austin days 😢

    Graf Vine Starry

    We all miss that…..


    Yeah where did it go??


    @Bobism got cancelled by the woke generation

    Marley QP

    @Anon5876 Nah, the reason Austin gave for not saying that anymore was a bit silly in my opinion, absolutely no one was offended by ‘guys’

Taral Patel

How good it is that you can use support button to get help when laptop isn’t turning on, or any other issue.

    Qaassim Mahmood


    Eddie Williams

    And you only get the service for free for a year, if you don’t pay for it after that you have a useless button


There is ZERO excuse to not have a headphone jack on a device as large as a laptop. Absolute deal breaker for me


    Even MacBooks still have it

    Steven Blakesley

    No USB A ports either


    I’m happy with my M1 MacBook pro though so I’m not in the market for something like this anyway, since I do a lot of video editing


    @Steven Blakesley nah I’m fine without usb A ngl but headphone is a must


    @Steven Blakesley that I can live with, we gotta move forward to type C eventually and leave that behind, but there is no reason to leave the 3.5mm jack behind, when digital audio isn’t a viable replacement, especially not for people like me who are audiophiles


Dora was scarier than a pc from wish that actually starts up 😂


    *wish psu !

Michael Klock

No headphone jack immediately makes this a no-go. Idc how good the laptop is.

    Princeton Mingo


    Michael Klock

    @Princeton Mingo i make music. So, no.

    Arneshia Baldwin

    @Michael Klock who is still using wired headphones though. You have AirPods, beats, etc.

    Michael Klock

    @Arneshia Baldwin plenty of people still used wired. Wired is still superior when it comes to audio clarity, and to pretend otherwise is stupid.


    @Arneshia Baldwin People who care about audio quality and latency.


It’s crazy to me that manufacturers have such enormous lineups that they can sell both 400 dollar Walmart laptops and 1500 dollar pro laptops. Those keys look not great from the video though…


1,000 dollars for a chrome book wth


    Literally. An M2 MacBook is the same price considering this HP isn’t for gaming.

Vector Pacer

-no headphone jack
-thick bezels
-too expensive
-too thicc for what it does
-port selection is absolutely shmit

Paul Teixeira

Got the specs wrong, it’s not Zen4 and RDNA3, the 7735u is Zen3+ and RDNA2


    want to say the same thing, it would be the 7840u that got Zen4 and RDNA3

    Austin Evans

    That’s my bad, you’re 100% correct.



    KC Pisonet

    @Austin Evans MISINFORMATION ALERT! 9 hours since upload this video is still not corrected. It is still saying this device is a Zen 4 when it is NOT (just Zen 3+). It is also not outfitted with RDNA3 graphics (just rdna2). The longer this video stays uncorrected, the more chance it might DUPE many viewers/consumers into thinking they are seeing a next generation product. False Information……. Credibility going down…


Great, a support button on my keyboard. Not only that, but I’ll need a subscription to use it after a year.


even MacBooks have a headphone jack, what’s HP’s excuse?

    Princeton Mingo

    This is a laptop that is meant for light work not extreme work so Bluetooth is fine


    @Princeton Mingo It’s a $1500+ Windows laptop without a dedicated GPU. People need to stop accepting major compromises on a few-to-no-compromises budget. Consumers would stop being shafted as often.


Impressed that Austin made it a 10min and 20sec without yelling 😅and stayed calm the entire time


No headphone jack on any laptop is illogical.

r e d

I love how small the laptop is. Ideal for working and on the go


The magnetic backing is pretty cool. Hopefully, other companies learn from HP. 😀

    Nitish Kumar Sharma

    Yeah that was so satisfying


This laptop is exactly all i need for my study! Hoping to get my hands on it soon in the Netherlands

Ancient Souls

Thank you for being awesome, Its truly nice to just watch a good youtuber who isnt trying to scam there veiwers!!!


Although no hpJ is a dealbreaker for me. I think it’s cool that more OEM’s are starting to care about the look of the internals of their products.

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