Which FLAGSHIP PHONE has the BEST CAMERA? (feat. Sony Xperia 1 V)

Does the Sony Xperia 1 V have the best camera in a flagship smartphone? In this video, we take Sony's flagship and pit it against the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Google Pixel 7 Pro, and Apple iPhone 14 Pro to see which device produces the best-looking images in a phone.

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Joel Conolly

I’m glad the Xperia 1 V exist. Xperia has always the most exciting phones to come out in a while and definitely the most fun to use. To me at least.
Good photo quality, awesome manual modes and few of the most natural photos on a smartphones. Plus the multitude of features like front speakers, 4K screens, wired and wireless audio solutions and small features that improve a few quality of life usage. It’s not perfect, but it’s fun to use. Something missing on many phones today.

    The SONY Technology Enthusiast


    Dante Erskine

    ​@The SONY Technology Enthusiast especially true with a snapdragon 8 gen 2 and a micro SD card slot. Samsung, Google, Huawei, Honor, Motorola have no excuses for the SD card removal when Sony and LG had been rocking the SD card on their flagships


    the reason i buy xperia phone is because their dedicate work to the manual mode and all that goodness from their alpha camera like colors science and luts all apply in the xperia phone . if you know how to shoot manual and use the camera then this xperia camera beat all others but in term of auto shooting just with AI auto tune then no it’s not for everyone . anyway maybe because i love taking photo and quite serious about taking photo so that’s why i hate when smartphone with their AI color tuning and stuff which make it looks too sharp and unreal also plastic

    The SONY Technology Enthusiast

    @Mitisme true

    The SONY Technology Enthusiast

    @Dante Erskine we all know why they removed the sd card slot

Monkey D Luffy

Nu brain’s ML algorithm got the first one intentionally wrong and then scored 100% correct on the rest. The Xperia makes Adams face look as if the sunlight is being casted on it. Pixel & iPhone focus on anything within 0-3m away from them and neglected the rest, and Samsung applies beauty mode even to the sun.


If you really care about photos just take a normal camera. As for phones… take whatever you like, its all the same, especially after you put in on insta with its filters and compressions 🙂

    Lawrence Okagbue

    No doubt you are an iPhone fan🤣🤣

General Banana

I’m for the Xperia 1V.
S-cinetone and venice with 21:9 in Cinema pro and all the settings are amazing.
And you can connect the Smartphone with your Sony A Camera.

Soare Cristian

Well in my opinion the true is if that if you do a research the iphone was never the best in the overall quality of photos as it is with the video quality but it was good enough and consistent.The Pixel is still good but it’s not a wonder anymore and the Samsung is the best for media posting but Sony shines in the more pro aspect of the photography(in my eyes is just amazing compered to any smartphone camera experience ever).From a hardware opinion mine is that Sony nailed the most important aspects(camera, music-there is no competition and also a SD card).Sony lacks the features from the other brands so we will see how Sony will improve on that in the near future.


The Xperia is overall the superior phone. Better screen, better speakers, and a camera as good. Also no ugly punch hole.

    Happy Atheists!

    Yeah why pplz accept hole or cutout in the screen 😂.and also no 3.5 jack and no charger in the box.and wire headphone is always better then need to charger wireless earbuds ( bats in u ear always is danger ),the dumb thing is why company copy that rotten 🍎


    Yeah, I haven’t bought a new phone since they started doing the dumb front camera cutouts and curved screens. That’s one of the big reasons why I’m getting the Sony Xperia 1 V since it has a normal screen! It’s the only phone that has the old features I liked and the new features I want – all in one!

Lionel B

iPhone is easily noticeable, due to its usual flaws
My 13 Pro always tone things down while making everything look artificial and weirdly contrasty
Even the S23 Ultra is better and I don’t like Samsung’s color science at all
The Pixel is OK but the HDR look is not for me
The Xperia is really good, natural rendition from detail to colors. That’s what I want from a camera


It’s pretty strange that you compare the phones against different standards: one that pleases the Instagram crowd, and one that is more pure in its photo rendering. These are two completely different areas of focus. Just pick one and stick to it as the rubric and don’t mix and match phones that don’t belong together. It’s like comparing the Nintendo switch to a ps5.

Tet Zet

If I can choose 2 it’s Sony and Samsung but overall features, specs and design I’ll go with Sony. Samsung design and size kinda off to put on a pocket to take photos.


I would love to get sony but after watching seems Pixel is better. Overall, I think I’d probably get s23 ultra.


As much as i enjoyed watching these reviews i really don’t think you can compare pictures to newer phones as the other phones have had more updates to cameras. Hence giving them more advantage.

Theophilus Maccado

Love your energy bro,I always enjoy your videos


I want xperia 1 mark 5😊

Bagus Aries Sugiharta

I really enjoyed this comparison video. Keep up the good work!

Mohamed ahmed

Good video. Just one little note here. There is no way to fix oversharpened photo using photo editing apps.

Mr Grim

the 1mk v would absolutely kill if it was more competitively priced..that along with it only getting about 2-3 years of software updates is the 2 biggest achilles heel of this device..with that said im still getting it lol..my 5 year old galaxy s9+, although still works, had a good run and im thinking its time for an upgrade

Bilal Mustafa

Include P60 Pro in this test you’ll be amazed with the results.

Isaque Sperandio

Your comparison is very amusing… congratulations for the excellent work.

I liked the S23u better, and I was disappointed with the iphone… honestly I expected a little more from it.


Sony takes the cake on all of these photo tests with the most natural looking images with overall good contrasts, sharpness, detail preservation and color reproduction. The extreme lowlight condition truly tests the hdr algorithms of all these smartphones but Sony didn’t really do that bad with good amount of detail retention. We haven’t touched yet on Sony’s insane auto focus tracking and full manual controls. If Sony releases Xperia 5 V with these new features, it would be my next phone.

Lawrence Okagbue

Mann! I’m not gonna lie the whole picture I choose s23 ultra, there is always different there.
It always show what we want.

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