Apple’s WWDC 2023: Finding Future iPhone Clues

There’s one more thing to talk about before the big WWDC keynote on June 5th. CNET’s Bridget Carey looks at industry trends and rumors to see if new iOS 17 and xrOS programming will hint at future iPhone design.

0:00 Apple Poised to Drop Big News at WWDC
0:46 WWDC Rumors See Larger iPhones Coming Soon
1:54 iOS 17 Features Begging for Larger iPhone Screens
2:52 Pairing Apple VR Headsets with iPhones?
4:10 Next Steps for Apple
5:15 Join CNET for WWDC 2023 Coverage

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This is amazing, keep it up!💋

Aamir Farooq

I’m hoping this time Apple in iOS 17 give Urdu language voice dictation feature

    Rishik Tiwari

    Already there, its called Hindi✅

    Aamir Farooq

    @Rishik Tiwari Hindi Latin that’s not Urdu, Urdu language completely in written accent different

Sean P

Continuity camera for Apple TV, oh … and LiDAR! Think Microsoft Connect gaming. Apple owns the patents. Then add in Apple Watch as controller and we are moving with gaming and physical exercise.

Issie wizzie

if Siri still sucks then I don’t care …AI is all the rage now
I just want my own Javis

Michael Romeo

Shes just so great at tech reviews 🎉


    And cute


    @TheRob No



    Haider Ameer

    Yea she has enthusiasm lol

    Michael Romeo

    Definitely. She’s bringing CNET back to life. She and the other VR dude

Mike Cremona

I have been using my I Phone as a bedside clock for years at home and on travel!!!!!!

Casey Roberts

Just let the event happen. Rumor time has been talked to death. It would be hilarious if no headset was unveiled, after all this talk.


I’m excited

Guess Who

We all know iPhone 17 design will be 8 inch bigger and call it new iPhone design..

Romesgtx hye

I’ve watch her for years I love her ❤❤❤

Mirza Rizwan baig

If  will make larger iPhone in future. They should bring back control centre from bottom… ❤❤


Why does this look like an SNL skit?

Zephyr One

6.9” nice.

Wong Jefx

Oculus 3 announced, and Apple VR headset coming….and AI growing… welcome to The Matrix.

Brook Mulugeta

Oh June 5 can’t come soon enough 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 .. Ahhhhhhhhhhh


Hey your nails match your watch!!

Derrick Lee

eXtended Reality – Nice. But the world is still not ready for it.

Hani Al-G

What about the IPAD IPAD IPAD ?????? Come on IPAD News ! Please


She’s amazing ❤

Louis Martini

Bridget, does this mean you will be upgrading to a new phone? Great Review!

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