Razr Plus and Razr 2023 Hands On: Motorola’s New Foldable Gets a Giant Cover Screen

Motorola’s new Razr phones feel like more polished versions of foldables we’ve seen in the past.

0:00 Intro
0:19 Razr Plus
1:56 Cameras
3:10 Razr

Read the CNET Review for more information:
Motorola Razr Plus (2023) Hands-On: Bigger Screen, Bigger Competition for Samsung

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tech mizan19

Great video 👍

Shellyman Studios

The Razr+ outer display changes the game.


    Copy and paste comment….. 😂

    Shellyman Studios

    @PSYCHO Huh?


Battery is going to be the main selling point

    Jacob Wilson

    The battery sucks tho

    devender kumar

    ​@Jacob Wilson naah it will last longer cuz moto’s optimization


Actually they could remove the camera inside the phone. Since you can now use the front cameras to take selfies. it would lower cost or they could spend the money on having better front cameras?


    I agree. Also it wouldn’t have that hole punch. The screen could be seamless.

    عمر بن عبدالعزيز ⚔️ الضمير

    Its needed for video calls on full screen and streaming apps

Deja Drew

I have a flip 4 and hardly ever close the phone actually, so bigger front screen means nothing really, especially since it probably has worse battery because of it. Looks cool anyway.


    Shouldn’t the battery last longer since you now use the bigger screen less?


Great video, one small criticism, if CNET is going to have close ups in 4k of presenters hands they should spring for manicures.


    If you agree that this should apply to all genders then ‘yes’.


I’m excited for more flip phone options like the Motorola Razr and Razr+


this is making me want to switch to android!


As a die-hard iPhone user since launch, I am really jonesing for this new Razr. My phone immediately prior to owning the first iPhone was a Razr and I loved it! This exterior display is so customizable that I am actually feeling a mix of nostalgia and envy.

Daemon Targaryen

The cheaper Razr was the one I completely ignored like everyone did for the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat all season. It looks exactly like a Flip 3 and 4 but a smaller cover display at 1.5″. But if rumored price at $799, it’s got me interested in it a little more.

I probably would still prefer getting the Razr+ mainly for the bigger cover display and better SoC. But I wouldn’t mind getting the cheaper Razr as I surprisingly don’t use the 2.7″ cover display on my Razr 5G a lot except for GMaps and watching videos. I usually open the phone when I want to use it. And who wants to reply to texts using that 2.7″ display? The keyboard already takes up half the screen.

The Razr 40 (non-plus) has surprised me with the build quality. No more glass from top to bottom. As Michael Fisher has stated, it has that pleather (plastic/leather) that the BlackBerry Bold 9000 had in 2008. I like that feeling. It looks way more durable than any foldable flip phone I’ve seen.

It’s cheaper.
It’s durable.
It has stamina.

I think the cheaper Razr is the way to go for most people who aren’t into tech. There are already question marks about the durability with foldables. The cheaper Razr is the one you don’t have to spend so much to take on those risks. It has everything the Razr+ has except the SoC and large cover display.

The more budget-friendly Razr will open the doors for more affordable foldables. Samsung will copy this and will eventually release cheaper models of their Z Folds and Flips. Everything always boils down to price for most consumers. When more budget-friendly foldables gets released, we’ll eventually get to that sub-$500 barrier.

Razr+ is the better phone. The cheaper Razr might end being the more important release the way the $600 Pixel 6 or A-series did for Google.


Good smartphones, but frankly neither of the 2 is a good deal in my opinion, I mean in my opinion.

Unless you’re a diehard Motorola fan, or a Samsung hater, the Flips 4 and 5 are better options.

The Razr + Ultra at $1000 loses to Samsung’s upcoming Flip 5 which will have an external screen almost as large as Motorola’s, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and especially a better software tracking , and the standard Razr is not even a competitor for the Flip 4 which is very often around $700 new.

adria Jones

mannnnn ain’t nobody doing nothing on that front screen other than make a phone call😭

Brent Webb

Does it use less battery while only doing the coverscreen?


The small screen is fantastic and the display area used is great. Big and Spacious, it is better than Samsung and its competitors

Bens Tech Tube

The Razor- is the name of the budget version! 1:04 a 6.9 inch Foldable with 12gb Ram & 144hz Motorola knocked it out of the park! The last AWESOME phone with 6.9″ display was the Note20 Ultra!

Nick.K Daker

Looks amazing

Johnny rebel24

All razr phones I’ve had have been great no issues

Angela Sarvis

How long is the support on this phone? I know Motorola usually only gives one OS system update and 2 years of support at most, so I’m wondering if they’ve given longer support seeing as this is a $1000 phone


    Motorola is promising three years of major OS upgrades to the Razr+, with 4 years of bi-monthly security updates.

Sav illa

This is how its done beautiful now its looking dope razr beat samsung asap

Louie Rivera

Does it support wireless charging?

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