The Return to Bloody Nights: Part 4

We finally beat this FNAF fan game and uncover the first of several dark secrets… how does this game link to Sister Location?

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Incognito Orange

Markiplier is owning the FNAF franchise and we all love it

    Chris Schaffer 🎉sᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛ ᴍᴀᴘ ᴘʀɪᴅᴇ


    David [DOND wii?! More like Chipmunk PooPoo WII!]

    Why does Markiplier have over 34m fatherless people?! He just sits there and play games! 💀
    I make better content…


    hes pwning it


    The Return to Bloody Nights: Part 4


mark has to be the smartest fnaf player ever. the guy figures out the strat straight away no matter the game.


    I mean yeah, he’s been analyzing Scott’s own patterns since 2014 and whose to say the developers of these fan games haven’t done the same to surpass Scott’s own, hell I wouldn’t be suprised if these fan game devs grew up (mid / late teens) watching mark and took ispiration

    CrazyNachos 42

    Mark is by no means stupid, he just plays stupid for a joke



    Ovidiu Candidiasis

    ​@CrazyNachos 42 content mostly not rlly a joke but when he needs to concentrate he will


    ​@𝔐𝔯. 𝔈𝔫𝔱𝔦𝔱𝔶 Nobody has though with FNAF

The Godseeker

Markiplier’s greatest dedication to the franchise would be playing the 6-hour version of the game—and winning.


    There’s a 6 hour version???


    @Ratman near the end of the vid it shows you can do a real 6 hour game


    He should do it for a charity stream or something

    Zyad Elmarwany

    ​@PeacefulRage i agree

    Temporary Jedi

    4x 20 that he NEEDS TO DO!!!!


There’s just something that hits different when watching markiplier play fnaf.



    le fnafeur

    so true


    That something is Markiplier’s overwhelming daddy energy while we (his little ones) are afraid of the game . His presence calms us down like a mother breastfeeding her son

    Edgars LS

    Like watching Bob Ross paint?


    cuz he’s the king of fnaf


It would be just *glorious* to have mark stream 6 hours of real time mode 🙂


One thing I’ve noticed about this fanmade game is the movement of the anamatronics makes the game feel so much more lifelike and it introduces a feeling that they are really after you. And the voices of the anamatronic on the left make it way scarier as well. I never get scared by FNAF anamatronics creeping up on you but the way they just appear in the doorway actually makes me jump.


    Yeah, in the original, the lack of movement made it very eerie and gave it the atmosphere, but these ones move juuuust barely enough for them to seem like even more of a threat. If you have someone creeping up on you, like a weeping angel, it’s scary to see them change position and get closer every time, but it’s even scarier to see the end of their movement as they stop moving, because it seems like they’re reacting to you. So the slight movements in here are really good.

Madman F1

I love how Mark found a method that worked that involved Fredbear staring into his soul 2 inches away

    Steam Geek

    « Hi, sorry to interrupt, I’m Fredbear from the IRS »

    James Randal

    ​@Steam Geek i hit and killed a pedestrian with my car whilst drunk driving in 2008 October 2nd.

    James Randal

    @HeyItsManly! I was just going for a little boose cruise, that’s all.


The king of five nights at freddy’s himself, the greatest and unique one who bring us pure joy with his videos… Continue what your doing Markiplier, you are perfect🥺👍


    I swear the tape guy sounds like mark. Someone should ask him to do voice lines for a fan game.


    @Indian0Lore I THOUGHT SO TOO


Never thought I’d see Mark being too scared to play a 20 mode.

The Shakespearean Company

Markiplier’s voice is so soothing. He should do a Voice-over.

    mae !

    i agree, especially for a lovecraftian dating game


    Watch his sister location custom night 10/20 mode, he does a voiceover of that.


    He should make a movie or something

    rae’s fav !?

    @Legitelf005 he is !

    Hunter Robinson

    @rae’s fav !? …thats the joke


Whelp. Time to go rewatch the entire FNAF series play through for the 500th time

    Zachary Burns




    Captain Cookie72

    Exactly, everytime the Playlist shows up im tempted to watch it again

    Seth Robertson


    Seth Cox

    Literally a mood

Gary the Viking

Good to see Markiplier realising that he had been pressing the doors too early for all of them haha.

Zenos 0125

This is such a nostalgia trip, feels like mark playing the oldschool fnaf games again, i love it.

    sauce collector

    couldnt have said it better myself




I think it’s really cool of Mark to joke about not beating 4/20 mode when we, his most loyal viewers, know that he is definitely training to beat 4/20 mode.


    0% chance

    hol horse gaming

    i dont think he is

    Erubian Warlord

    il be Very surprised if he isnt training it tbh


    I honestly doubt it this time


    He already said he isn’t coming back


if mark streamed the real time game mode for the full six hours, i would 100% be there to watch.


    Agreed 👍


    For charity!

    Samantha Barrera

    Same bro

    Svagg LAORDE

    Mark’s 6 Hour Youtube livestream if his Iron Lung movie banks millions.


    That’s IF he does a flawless 6 hour run minimum

Ki Killer

Mark should d e f i n i t e l y do the 6 hour night as a live stream 😀

    Sergeant Mikhail

    6 hours playing game? I can’t even handle playing games for 2 hours

    Jarrett Lane

    ​@Sergeant Mikhailthat means you’re not interested in playing those games..


    Hell yeah!

    Sergeant Mikhail

    @Jarrett Lane Not exactly.. It’s because i got easily tired you know since i have kid at this 27 Y.O soul and body so yeah.. Don’t have the time to play games for too long

Cole Kiesler

Markiplier truly feels like he is the king when he is determined on beating the game no matter what. Even if it means he gets jumpscared and starts to lose his mind in about 6 seconds.


My downfall playing these games is that I’d never process what the hell is happening on the cameras. Mark is so fast with it and I’ve no clue what he’s looking at😂


the eyeless freddy always keeps me on edge lol his non-stop groaning makes me so overwhelmed and terrified, legit one of the best sound editing for a horror game I have ever seen, props to the developers!!


    eyeless with no eyes 😭

    Twisted Mind Games

    😂Thank you!


    @figmentcocktail omg i didn’t even notice that lmaoo

Joseph Juarez

18:27 I love how Mark didn’t find The Puppet scary and just laughed with it

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