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Linus and Jake go on a wild goose chase to equip this amazing SuperMicro server with parts from other vendors. And when they finally fire it up, it's pretty fricken cool!

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:34 Stealing RAM from G.Skill
6:53 Installing the RAM
7:21 Stealing ethernet from ASUS
8:13 What this thing is for
9:24 Jake success
9:45 This is so cool
10:10 What should we call the cable mgmt things?
10:25 Booting it up!
11:32 The password is Admin
13:35 Ponte Veccio
15:50 Tearing it down
18:37 outro



V Raj

That supermicro guy was giving Oscar level performance.

    Nick – GankerJr on TwitchTV

    Best part IMO


    Linus actually just snuck in and started screaming at him.

    felix second

    So true



    Yuri Corrêa

    He was VERY good indeed. He should be proud. For that and for refraining from smacking Linus


The utter insanity of Linus running round with the server blade is incredible

    Austin Allman

    I guess we now know why people think he stole that one razor prototype laptop wit the 3 screens. Apparently he walks off with display equipment at conventions regularly.


    6:51 The look of a man who just got exactly what he wanted.

    Master Zoentrobe’s Gaming Clips

    That’s a trade show for ya.

Trung Vu

Kudos to G.Skill for putting up with these shenanigans


    Can’t let Team Group win the reputation game lol


    @The_One_Titan That was the biggest threat for G.Skill 😂😂

    Mr Embeh

    It’s called Marketing


    This is just good publicity for yhem

    Dan E

    Frank: Hey Wei saw Linus in our booth did you see Linus?
    Wei: No…….


It’s great to see Linus having what seems to be genuine fun on the show floor after he gave up on traveling. Dude seems like a kid locked overnight inside a toy store with a candy section.

    Daniel Picasso Muñoz

    CEO-free Linus is a happy Linus


    ​@Daniel Picasso Muñoz to be fair, he isn’t CVO yet. I think he has another 4 weeks or so. (I think he said 6 weeks last wan, or something like that)


    @Aar I’ll bet the transition is already underway, and he’s gotten a load off his shoulders. That announcement seemed cathartic.

Christopher Willis

If this is what we can expect from non-CEO linus, this was a great decision lol


    I 100% agree lol


    I think CEO Linus would have still done this, lol. But I do expect more shenanigans now that he’s not as stressed

Jeff Slover

The Super Micro US engineers are always very nice, I wonder if the Canadian engineers are even nicer!

    InReal MassiVe

    This is in Taiwan, why canadian engineers?

Lord Cubbo

can we all give kudoes to all the booth reps and company EEs who have to put up with linu’s ‘spontanous’ ideas?


    Trade shows are a competition for attention, it was really smart of the people at Gskill/asus/supermicro to put up with them.


    @felixg3 and definitely because it was LTT. if it was a small YTer, theyd have been like nah fam. but someone like LTT and a few others is major publicity.

Mike Mustage

The look when Linus and Jake come for those guys is crazy lol.

John Galt Line

New Scrap Yard Wars: Linus and Jake have to build the best PC with only parts they can borrow at the show.


    This is actually a really fun idea


    I actually want that now


    I’d love to see this too

    sameer mohideen

    They’d end up with 4090s and i9s or 7950x’s 🤣🤣

    Ingwie Phoenix

    Count me in. 😀 LTT just “strongarming” vendors into borrowing parts lmao.
    That said, the fact they even can do that shows you how far they have come and the levels of trust brought to them. o.o

N Hietala

I can’t believe they just let you run around all over the exhibition hall toting the server blade.
This video has the most chaotic energy I’ve seen out of LTT in years, and I can see that Linus is loving it.


linus is like the chaotic little brother that usually gets away with things. Every vendor is like the older brother, not really sure what linus would do, but cautiously entertained enough to let it happen.

then fix everything once linus is done playing around, and moves on.


    And the Viewers are the Parents watching it amused and pay later big brothes fuel bill, for being nice to the little brother.

Akhshat Kampassi

The supermicro guy was straighter than a ruler. Props to him for handling Linus’ high energy!


Not gonna lie. This video is one of my favorite LTTs vids I’ve seen in a while and the unhinge energy of Linus, Jake, and the reps was perfect. Please can we have more videos like this


    I am an totally understand why Linus is so excited. I’d be too if I got the newest toys to play with. Probably wouldn’t have the guts to even ask though


The Gskill collab really did its job. I’m definitely buying some shiny royal ram for my first build!


I do love the “Adventures of Linus and Jake” series especially when they’re allowed out in the wild

    Brym Stone

    surely their supervision is always just off camera though, right? i mean, would you let them out unsupervised!?

    Niklas Kovalainen

    I pity Linus’ future boss 😂

    Brym Stone

    @Niklas Kovalainen former, future boss


    Yeah … The wild … And talking about the wild. they actually do look like two hyenas playing around a pack of lions. “Can I touch here ?”, “May I pull this ?””, “Can I have some of that ?”, “OH !!! This carcass – sorry – CPU looks so juicy!”

    Brym Stone

    @MrCorby123 spicy 😄

Phil McKinney

The amount of fun everyone is having in this video is clearly evident. More content like this, it’s fantastic seeing how smooth and natural these on location videos are.

Nataniel Farzan

This was a fun adventure! Loved the cooperation from different booths to make it all happen. It was also cool to see fully self-sponsored video.


This is your best content in a while. I enjoyed being taken on the ride where you guys find parts and challenge your reps. Great piece of content!


    I now want to see the best PC you can build at a trade show, using only parts that are in house.

Billy O’Connor

If this video is a result of Linus stepping down, then this channel is heading in the right direction. I’m coming back to this channel more and more recently

Blake Reilly | Ekyllier

What is most impressive to me about this video is despite how unscripted and chaotic this was, the team did an insane job with their camera work. I mean, they even thought ahead to screen grab the server once it was up and running!

    vadim negru

    Just had need to screen grab on working laptop and it’s very easy with game panel (win + g)

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