Unpacking (FULL GAME)

A game where all you do is unpack someone's life but it has so much emotion to it
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Kar Thawne

“We have 3 bras but a million underwears” jack is truly getting the full female experience

    William Lucas

    Kinda sounds like the Nikocado Avocado experience as well ngl


    Yuuuuup! Only because you can usually get those 1 million underwear for the same price as the 3 bras.


    @William Lucas funny

    Libby Libby Libby Libby

    Gotta have backups in case Uncle Red and Aunt Flo come to visit unexpectedly and RUIN THE NEW UNDERWEAR YOU JUST BOUGHT–

    Kar Thawne

    @Libby Libby Libby Libby EVERY SINGLE TIME BRO

Kaitlyn Nelson

I like the detail that you can’t move your roommate’s stuff around but you CAN move your partner’s stuff. That’s cute


    ooooh! they were roooommaaatees


    @yeet Juuust gals bein’ pals! >.>

    Kaitlyn Nelson

    @yeet I assume so? The character had their own room to themselves and there were other bedrooms on the map you couldn’t go into

    Peter Lindh

    @yeet “omg they where roomates”


    @Kaitlyn Nelson There’s was also three people living there and I’m pretty sure the devs said they were roommates. For example they had three ttrpg character pieces.

Paige Goldsmith

I love how he cares so much about where the characters diploma goes while also not having his diploma up, hang it up Sean, show off your accomplishments!


    I don’t even know where mine is

    Jaytee Starr

    I literally never picked mine up from the school… No job has ever asked for it or even asked for me to prove in any way that I went to college or even HS for that matter. I guess they’d know if it was a background check position, but I haven’t gone for anything that corporate/untrusting, I guess.


    Mine are in the envelopes they arrived in (never had a graduation ceremony or anything other than high school) and are sitting in some stack of something somewhere. Only ever felt relief as getting it done, never proud of my accomplishment. I never felt they were accomplishments. Also felt scared that school was over because it’s the only thing I’ve ever done decently at in my life. It meant going on to be fired from one job after another and being threated to be kicked out to the streets.

    Wolfgang Sell

    what diploma?


    @Moraenil ur just like me fr

De Astra

Jack thinking he is reading to much into something while being also completely oblivious to the very obvious things being shown is a mood

    lady lark

    the jacksepticeye experience XD as a long time viewer i can confidently say that this is just every one of his videos lmao


    Have a love/hate with it. He picked up on the diploma not being able to be put up meaning bad match, but when putting away a whole other wardrobe… It’s not a relationship, it’s just more clothes… Stored in boxes with other belongings we haven’t seen before…

    seu rn

    Had to put the diploma under the bed with the bad relationship and I immediately thought this wasn’t going to last long 😂

    And when I unpacked make-up I also immediately knew another girl moved in.


    He’s always been like that, sometimes I don’t like it but that’s just how he is

    Espeon Mistress

    ADHD go brrr

Alex Dennis

Me screaming “THEY’RE MAGNETS” the whole time Sean was working on the house 😂😂

Kaitlyn Hernandez

Jack completly mislabling everything has me dying.


This entire game just reminds me of the saying “Don’t date someone who makes you feel like you have to hide your plushies.” It’s really beautiful and it made me super happy Jack didn’t immediately say the mc was a girl even after showing stuff like bras and pads and instead said ‘someone who wears ___’ very gender affirming. Thanks a lot, very grateful for the lovely vid Jack.


    this saying makes me laugh because i have to hide my plushies from my bf, not bcos he makes fun but bcos we just end up having pillow fights skjdksjksj


I love how Jack only started to notice someone else was moving in when there was a 2nd umbrella

    Alastríona ó Háinle

    And even then, even with the second toothbrush, he was like “yes these are ours”


I love Sean’s reaction to the diploma being shoved under the bed, really good story telling

    Mack The Frenchi

    I almost cried


    It’s literally just a piece of paper, though..


    @DaysofKnight yes, but in the previous album, we see MC hang it up in the open. it’s clearly something they’re very proud of! to then contrast it with MC shoving it under the bed says a lot about the situation/relationship they were in. the 2010 apartment as a whole was very good storytelling, in that MC had to move stuff around to make space for themself and *still* couldn’t find space to hang up their diploma


    @DaysofKnight What an unempathetic look at things.

    Becci T.K.

    That entire apartment was wonderful in telling the story through it’s details. It implied that MC probably felt belittled in that relationship because all of their stuff was literally smaller than his- He has the huge weights, they only have small dumbells, the small ukulele next to the big e-guitar, the tiny toothbrush next to the bulky electric one.


Seeing Jack put the ukulele with the ukulele stand both on a shelf at 1:23:00 was so funny to me

Lucas Taney

“Its a little messy” he says, while the room is immaculate compared to any normal person’s room

    Cricket Britt

    Idk my place looks like the “after” of these rooms, but it probably helps hat im a residential house cleaner… So my place is always 70% cleaner, I’m just a freak about it 😂 and keeping my hardwood nice 🙏🏻

13animerox – Ratches

The fact it took him so long to find that you can put things on the window sills got me. I used them in every house for the nicknacks. Such a great video


im pretty sure the only thing you missed about the main character is that she started off this really sporty person. shed play soccor, rock climb, etc, but as she got older she started to have too much pain for that. thats why she had a walking stick and so many medications, and the only physical activity she did by the end of the game was yoga.

    ::star girl::

    Oh wait really 😢


    It makes sense.. i don’t know anyone who was into sports that hasn’t gotten hurt at some point.


    @SleepyGal I was surprisingly sporty as a child, did quite the variety of sports before I hit double digits. But I never got any kind of sporting injury, probably because I pretty much stopped doing sports by age 10 and never really did them again.

Haleigh T.

Every time Sean didn’t put the pajamas together as a set made me scream on the inside


19:28 the way gab predicted that sean would place the mugs in any orientation cuz he does so in real life😂 its hilarious that she puts them organized and he doesn’t care😂

Ava Davis

I love how gab got the whole story IN DETAIL and Jack is like just vibin 😂 and him not figuring out he can put stuff on window sills and how he just never used some drawers 😂😂

Rachel Bee

This story is so wildly incredible if you actually go and get all of the achievements and see all of the notes left for each room, the story is wonderful. i’ve played it 5 times if that means anything


    Well, dang I’m interested now

    Knox Shelton

    boutta re play it to try n get all the story now lol


Sean not using the shoe rack properly killed me slowly but humorously

    Chris Lynch

    It killed me how he put the shoes in the drawer Instead of the clothes


    I played through the whole game before watching this video and this comment is how I found out the shoe rack exists


The contrast between the first roommates and the boyfriend really is stark. You can’t move anything in the roommates’ apartment, but they made space for you. Meanwhile, you can move everything in the boyfriend’s apartment, and you HAVE to to make space for your things. It’s absolutely telling about the amount of respect one had over the other.


Me screaming at Sean the entire time about zooming in while he’s squinting at all the objects 😂

    Alastríona ó Háinle

    me smashing my face to the screen to see what he was trying to see

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