We got some hands on time with the Motorola Razr Plus. Also, whats your favorite Gatorade flavor?

We got some hands-on time with the Motorola Razr Plus. Also whats your favorite Gatorade flavor?

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Did Motorola say anything about the software update support?

    Muhammed Shanif

    3 years of OS updates and 4 years of security updates

Autumn Rain

sure looks neat but dang it why did phones get soo expensive 😔😔

    Muhammed Shanif

    Its a flip phone with a huge screen and great specs under a 1000 dollars🙄


Gameboy sp

Muhammed Shanif

This could be the real comeback for Motorola 💯


    No it wouldn’t. Probably the opposite.


    @LucasNo this could especially if they price it better than the Z-Flip

    David Jacobs

    LMAO 😂

    Muhammed Shanif

    @Lucas the regular razr could be priced ~600-700 that could be gamechanging not only for Motorola but for the whole folding industry


This phone would get scratched up so fast and the crease in the middle would crack your screen in no time . Stay away from flip phones.

Ed Eevee


andrew zuo

Infinite Black 😂 Sounds like a Marvel Movie.


It’s beautiful, but it looks nothing like the razr. However, it is thinner. So I guess the name still makes sense.


It’s come down on price?! Dang i would’ve snatched it up but it being so expensive for me.

    Jared Cárdenas

    It will. Virtually all their phones go on sale after around 6-8 months. Save the cash.


Kim Petra’s 🎉

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