Bard AI: 3 Settings to Change & 3 Prompts to Try

Here are 3 settings you might want to change in Google's Bard AI to protect your data and privacy along with 3 prompts to try which include Google's new image search for productivity.

Read the CNET Article for more info:
Google Bard Integrates Images Into Responses, AI Images Coming Soon

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I asked Bard to show me a pic.
Bart said he couldn’t do it.
So I closed it and never bothered with it again.
Why would anyone go back to A when they’ve experienced C already?


    Yeah that’s an intellectual property issue, particularly copyright. It’s a legal issue, which goes to show why IP laws need to be fully abolished immediately:


    I have a playlist (not _my_ videos) of *the* best videos on (IP) intellectual property abolition on my channel for all interested.

Tet Zet

I would like to thank Google Bard for protecting our eyes. Lol


    My eyes feel better. Thanks, Bard!

Rising Sun

Bard is evolving into something similar to ChatGPT. Great😳

Re- Fix



Update: Bard is slowly rolling out generative AI image creation and Bard now asks for your location for location based results. It’s evolving very fast.


Where is the link to the AI battle?

John Hopkins

It’s much better than ChatGPT

Buhari Altine

Thanks for the prompt

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