It’s Time To Name And Shame – WAN Show June 2, 2023

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You had the opportunity to make this WAN Show on the sofa like the good ol’ days. I demand a re-stream, Andy!
[0:00] *Chapters.*
[1:36] *Intro.*
[2:24] *Topic #1: TaiWAN Show.*
> 3:52 Linus’s discusses how he feels after stepping down.
> 6:20 Linus on the lack of PC gaming LTT videos.
> 8:16 Microblade servers, recalling history of CPUs.
> 10:04 ASUS’s concept product on SC, NVIDIA & Intel’s progress.
> 15:06 Push of development in servers & its impact on gaming.
> 19:01 Linus on the PCI-E Gens & speed, Luke on the Switch.
> 23:06 Has Linus buried the hatchet with NVIDIA’s Jensen? Discussing games.
> 25:42 NVIDIA’s market value hits $1T, thoughts on GeForce.
> 34:27 Linus recalls company behaviors in the absence of competition.
> 38:12 Retention of LTT’s GPU video, Linus on the history of GPUs.
> 40:42 Linus on GPU V.S. graphics card, NVIDIA’s GPUs, AMD Uprising Campaign.
[45:42] *LTTStore’s new fleece lined jacket ft. Breakfast.*
> 47:34 Possible reversible garment.
> 49:04 Linus on LTTStore’s good merch reviews.
[49:56] *Merch Messages #1.*
> 50:05 Would Linus & Luke fly to space? If so, where?
> 55:08 How do you think A.I. would affect gaming – lazy, polished or used conservatively?
> 59:53 How were you motivated to make LTT? Did you think of YouTube as a feasible career?
[1:08:01] *Topic #2: GIGABYTE’s motherboards UEFI backdoor exploit.*
> 1:09:52 GIGABYTE pushes out updates, discussing forced updates?
> 1:11:10 The human element is often neglected.
> 1:13:56 Linus recalls the people behind projects & products.
> 1:18:52 Luke on audiences wanting reviewers to say the same thing.
> 1:21:42 Linus on collaborating with creators, LTX 2023.
> 1:23:08 New NVIDIA rep, recalling NVIDIA’s behavior & HU’s controversy.
> 1:30:46 Linus on the moves brands pull & change of agreements.
> 1:39:52 Luke & Linus on past LTT’s quantity goals.
[1:41:02] *Topic #3: Why LTT didn’t cover Streacom on COMPUTEX.*
> 1:44:39 Linus on his videos on the case, Kickstarter & sketchy CALYOS.
> 1:50:38 Classic brand response, Linus’s response in person.
> 1:53:12 Linus feels bad for Streacom, recalls Cole-Bar.
> 1:56:16 “Bait-&-switch,” Kickstarter’s terms V.S. morality
[1:58:04] *Sponsors ft. Trolling Dan.*
> 1:58:44 Backblaze.
> 2:00:15 Squarespace.
> 2:00:56 Blackpoint Cyber.
[2:02:07] *Merch Messages #2 ft. Aj, Dan’s on Linus’s chair.*
> 2:03:28 Dedicated A.I. chips to be in future devices?
> 2:05:29 How did ShortCircuit get its name? ft. History of meetings.
> 2:12:36 Challenges with Luke returning to LMG?
[2:14:12] *Topic #4: Linus’s pool contractor update.*
> 2:17:57 Linus on Coverstar, in-wall stairs.
> 2:20:02 Slabs are ready, delay of two years.
> 2:22:24 Unable to do the whole-room video cooling, recommendation.
> 2:25:02 Two weeks of work left.
[2:25:32] *Topic #5: LTX 2023 update.*
> 2:25:56 Volunteers link are live, mentioning booths & events.
> 2:28:22 List of creators coming.
[2:31:02] *Topic #6: Diablo IV’s community Q&A with “real fan questions.”*
[2:32:40] *Topic #7: Dolphin’s Steam release postponed.*
> 2:34:28 Is there anything else Valve could’ve done?
[2:35:38] *Topic #8: Reddit’s API pricing.*
> 2:41:06 Response of Redditors, Linus on Reddit prompts, API calls.
[2:43:56] *Audio cuts off ft. The DAN Show.*
> 2:45:50 Audio returns, was a connection issue.
[2:46:42] *Topic #9: Update on NEDA’s A.I. help chatbot.*
[2:48:18] *Topic #10: Meta Quest 3 to release this fall.*
> 2:48:50 Linus’s “price tossing” example.
> 2:49:26 Linus’s interesting dinner with a billionaire.
> 2:51:14 The Matrix reference, “little blue pills.”
> 2:52:46 History of Apple Watch’s & iPad release.
> 2:56:00 Initial reaction to Apple’s new products.
> 2:58:08 Is LTT invited to WWDC 2023? “under the table money.”
[3:00:32] *Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show “After Dark.”*
> 3:01:52 Why not review the ROG Ally closer to the release date?
> 3:06:08 Most interesting thing you saw at COMPUTEX that wouldn’t make a good video?
> 3:08:56 When Linus dies, who would you want to sponsor the funeral?
> 3:10:38 Did anyone kick Linus out when moving out of offices?
> 3:12:30 Any unshared stories of reps coming through to help you out?
> 3:13:42 Anything that made you excited but didn’t make it to a video?
> 3:14:20 Physics add-in card that use A.I.?
> 3:14:47 Thoughts on the modded 3070 with 16GB GDDR6?
> 3:15:44 What are some of the ways Yvonne feels celebrated?
> 3:21:15 What would the tech community desire but everyone regrets wanting?
> 3:22:34 Has there been a tech trend that surprised you in COMPUTEX?
[3:29:32] *FP Poll: Sponsor wants SC to unbox sealed N64s.*
> 3:32:51 Poll results, Linus Cars Tips.
[Cont.] *Merch Messages #3.*
> 3:38:15 Standout food you’ve experienced in other countries?
> 3:38:48 Biggest challenges to overcome, and how did you do it?
> 3:39:18 What other store centers & fronts would you consider?
> 3:40:12 Would you recommend a career at tech at 50?
> 3:41:38 Do you fellows have any uncle-ing tips?
> 3:43:45 What are Linus’s favorite configs for daily socks?
> 3:44:25 How important is it to you when you don’t want to be recognized in public?
> 3:45:56 What’s the first home project Linus has done? ft. Alarm going off.
> 3:48:01 What kind of things would Linus pick up in his free time?
> 3:48:28 Noticed improvements from the ROG Ally’s update? TotK performance?
> 3:50:30 Do you carry any skills from your product manager days?
[3:53:58] *Outro.*

    Krishna Chittur

    Legend! Thank you!

    Andrew Ryan

    Dude you just don’t miss, phenomenal work as usual

    Shahar Fermon

    Thanks! That’s awesome!

    B P

    Not all heroes wear capes.

    Tino DA

    My man, Legend, Thanks

tanishq sahu

Man, they surely have improved the quality of green screens nowadays

    Ryan Pike



    so when wan show after dark starts.. does the sky get dark ? xD


    Yet noise canceling foam panals have become a lost technology 🤔


    @Sir.Craze- I wouldn’t be surprised if they did set some up, not for the video but to avoid noise complaints.

    Bogdan Valentin Balan

    ❤❤❤❤@Ryan Pike ❤❤❤❤😂😂❤❤😂😂

Matthew Becker

Nice of you guys to rep Starforge systems in the background there.

    Tobi Won Kanogy

    Great joke 😉


    Can’t see the balls…


    @JMUDoc The two smaller buildings are obviously the balls

Nick Bondarenko

I’m so glad my merch message made Dan and Luke cry laugh 3:08:56


    I died lmao


    I was laughing so hard I started coughing, was great. Just wish D-Brand responded lol.

    Danker’s TV Time Capsule

    You got Dan to drop a swear. i call that a success.

    Miguel Guthridge

    Legitimately a great merch message, awesome job.


    ​@FurrFettTV they did later on


1:56:40 It’s always surprising how many “businesspeople” I dealt with, even back in university, that just didn’t understand the concept of law being the bare minimum as Luke said – we had to do a pitch to venture capitalists for one course, and it was a nightmare since I kept butting heads with one of my assigned “team members” over ethics, and we ended up having to scrap his accounting work on the piece and redo it the day before the presentation.


    That’s not a bug, that’s a feature of capitalism. Like why do you think there are so many asks for structural changes ranging from a New Deal 2 to getting voices other than capitalists making decisions right the way to full worker ownership? Like none of this should ever have come as a surprise, that’s business as usual: ethics are a PR decision at most

Sky Productions

I want a full video update on the pool contractors and especially the lawsuit. So much so I would subscribe to Floatplane just to watch it.

    Daily Corvid

    He needs a second channel for Linus, I realised I don’t really care about LTT _at all_ all I am interested in is the WAN show and Linus personal life 😀


    Did they mention this in the wan show, I’m searching for it but can’t find it?

    Tobi Won Kanogy

    it seems they took on too many jobs with no materials being delivered to that side of Canada. a huge shipping road collapsed during that time . They could’ve had better planning or been more honest about the problems . 2 years is ridiculous for what seems like cement , grout , gravel and sand. The only other bits are the pool shell or tiling, a pump filter combo, no heater necessary with the setup with solar and the server rack loop. the cover , basically roll up awning and clips into something on the other side. The landscaping issues . it seems like a perfect shitstorm

    Jared S

    wan is all i really watch anymore as well, pods have taken over my entertainment budget. 2 years is insane! pool shed installed and filled a 40 foot in ground with a deep end in under a month here

Leon Kernan

It’s fun to watch them in almost our time zone for a change.


    Gone even further the wrong way for me 😢


    Same I’m from the Philippines but they still stream at the same time.

    Wiktor Tomanek

    Europeans still not happy.

    Danker’s TV Time Capsule

    7AM BST finish for me so even later than usual. To be fair they probably were targeting 3 hours but even Linus admitted they went too long.

nick fouse

Thank you for letting us know about the Gigabyte mobo vulnerability! Stopped this video and updated BIOS as soon as Luke said over 270 models were affected.


    Bruh… literally disable a function in your mobo and delete GCC if you use it

    Leaf Boye

    ​@Haki he’s already fixed the problem he doesn’t need to know what you recommend

Not applicable

The comparison of Ai in gaming to CGI in movies is brilliant


This is the perfect time for Intel to wake up , and make decent GPU’s with good drivers


I would argue that Nvidia’s stagnation in technology is 8GB cards

Brendan Slocum

100% agree with Luke on reviewers, I watch certain reviewers to get different perspectives and use cases. I don’t want them to all be the same because that would entirely defeat the point. Reviewers are individuals and they will notice and value different things and that is infinitely more valuable than them all agreeing and covering the product in the same way.

    Exarch Gaming

    we’re seeing it in so many different spaces, where there has to be a community line that is towed or you may get review bombed. The chat correctly called out the Asus thing, where Linus and team came up with a different conclusion than J2C and GN, and they caught flak for it, despite it being a fairly well thoughtout and reasonable take.

    The need for people to crucify any sort of mistake not even just the tech industry; twitter is the greatest example of this. You can see it for example during the hogwarts legacy thing; where anything other than absolute and total disdain for the author of harry potter, but it cascading down to the game that had little to do with her at all, to the point of harassing creators that were even sympathetic towards them. Xepla/ZeplaHQ for example and her absolute pop off during the middle of it all was absolutely on the fucking money.

Benjamin Smith

Linus: Goes to Taiwan: plays Badminton.

Linus: Goes to Moon: plays Badminton

Into The Wind

Regarding the kickstarter issue: There is a large difference between “we think we can develop this novel product for around X total money. Please fund us to develop the needed technology” and “we have this new technology ready to go, just have to find a fab to make it and get enough orders to make it cost effective”. In this case, they had the former type of campaign, but used the one existing prototype to make it sound like the second type of campaign. That’s not cool, regardless of if you are an established company or a single individual in your basement. Obviously, they did it that way to get more people to buy, because there are a lot more people willing to buy via kickstarter to get a good price when the advertised risk is relatively low.


Need more “good/bad” review compilations😂

“Millions if not hundreds of thousands”💀


It is nice to see Linus and his father together,doing a live stream

    Asade Templari

    I thought Linuses Dad was Brian from TechYesCity 😂

Joe D

This was one of the best wan shows. You guys raw and on Loc is pretty awesome. You underestimate how good you both are as hosts and your charisma. Keep it up Linus and Luke!

Andre Adamson

i know its been a long time since luke and linus have gone on a trip like this and i feel like the growth of the company has been a factor. I’m really happy to see them having fun together. the comment about beef noodle soup at 230 in the morning… its those kinds of experiences that make great memories.


Re pool: please take legal action. Don’t let scum bags continue to be scum bags.

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