Meta Quest 3: Will This Be The Best $500 VR Headset?

Meta showed off its next VR product ahead of Apple. It has mixed reality and a lot more.

0:00 Intro
0:12 Zuckerberg's Meta Quest 3 announcement
0:33 Meta Quest 3 pricing
0:55 New Meta Quest 3 features
2:09 Eye Tracking
2:29 Meta Quest 3 games
2:53 Meta Quest 3 Launch Date

Read the CNET article for more info:
Zuckerberg Reveals Meta Quest 3 Days Before WWDC

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Travis Clark

I actually just purchased the Quest Pro with my new 7950x3D/4090 build… I retired the HP Reverb G2 and Quest 2. I used the HP for Flight Sim and Quest 2 for everything else… and it’s super nice to no longer be wired to the HP and have all the upgrades the Quest Pro offers (looking at you pancake lenses)… I don’t have any need for the Quest 3.

Issie wizzie

one would think Microsoft would have an head set to play xbox one games


    They do it鈥檚 the Holo Lens but it鈥檚 not really for gaming more in the business side of things

    Mark Tran

    They literally made windows mixed reality and refused to combine it with the xbox


    Meta and Microsoft have a partnership to bring game pass to quest headsets. You’ll be able to play on a giant screen in VR using ab Xbox controller.


Ive been waiting for this for awhile. It’s not an incredible upgrade, but it is a step in the right direction in a lot of ways.


    I think this is incredible. Pancake lens itself is an expensive upgrade, and made the headset feels lighter. Full color pass through opens a whole other dimension for MR apps.. Controller without the ring? No more broken rings.. Double gpu power? That’s the icing on the cake

    RK Anime.D. 讟专讗驻诇讙专

    Lol lucians sword , didn’t expected to see you here 馃槄 welcome to brawlhalla!


Wow, they raised the price of Q2 in the 2nd half of last year just to revert it back now. Wtf Meta?!

Amazing Day

Quest 3 is expensive but I鈥檓 still buying it. Because I want the mixed reality and pancake lenses. And that better performance

    Tou Tutu

    Quest 2 for $300 is under expensive. I’m still amazed to these days of how decent the features it brings for owning it for 2 years. They even plan to update software that improve performance for Quest 2. Which brand does such thing???

Anakin Skywalker

As someone who owns a Quest 2 & Valve index. I can say this headset will be very good. It might even make me switch back to quest but I’ll wait for the reviews 1st. The Index still the best headset on the market overall its just made soo well . But the quest does have better colors & such with the lens . This will be very good for the price I can see that though. & Respect for Meta not giving up on the Quest 2! They are overclocking them with a update soon and making them better & cheaper so more people can get into VR!

    Tou Tutu

    Index is terrible in reliability while Quest 2 felt more premium when it comes to reliable at a crazy stealing price. Not sure why people complain about paying $400 for Quest 2 when the $300 price is too good to be true.


Once you get your hands on it can you please do a quest 3 vs quest pro comparison? I understand the main difference but more interested in the color passthrough comparison and the processing power.

From that hands on with the q3 it was mentioned that texts could be read through the q3’s color passthrough. This isnt quite as possible on the pro. Very curious to know if the 3 is better than the pro in those regards. Thanks.


I am not sure if i should get HTC vive XR elite or Quest 3.


Great insight. I’ve posted a detailed video in to why i think Quest 3 will be successful. Hardware, Games & eco-system and affordability. Hope Meta continue to push AAA software and apps.

    Virtual ASMR

    I think it would do good. There’s no real competition either.

    Che Smith

    I liked your video. Watched it earlier.

cube comber

Guys think sensibly, VR is way too young to be investing in, the technology is improving faster than we can imagine

Seat Time

I think this is a good balance of modern features and price, will likely buy.

    Tou Tutu

    Quest 2 for $300 felt like I gain too much more than what I paid for. If you actually spend time playing good games on it and learn how vr really offer. You will realize flatscreen already reach its 100% limit decade ago while VR only showcase 1% of its true strength which is already decent right now. Never in my life that I have praised a technology and I’m super picky when it comes to new tech unless is really good.


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Great travel device


Even Apple just repackage the components used in the iPhone like 120Hz display and triple lens HDR camera systems, etc, into a XR headset which can easily out perform Quest 3. If Apple headset can match PSVR 2 features, the position of Quest 3 will be something like what Nintendo Switch currently occupied. However, with Apple Watch Ultra emphasis outdoor use, Apple might position the headset as the ultimate action camera powered by Apple Maps instead of focusing on indoors use like the current VR headsets. The key question next would be how to power such feature rich but power hungry device.

Tom Gillotti

When I bought the original Vive headset in 2016 I said we were another 5-10 years from being where VR needed to be for mass market adoption and to achieve all of the things that would make it desirable for more users. I still think we鈥檙e closer to achieving that within the next 2-3 years, but I鈥檓 happy to see that VR has continued to grow and evolve. I look forward to seeing where it is 5+ years from now.


This should have an oled display. Really changes allot


I can’t wait!

Tou Tutu

Quest 2 is the best $300 ever that nothing came close of what it offered for such price range. Quest 3 for $500 of the same features like Quest 3 with some upgrades seems like no much different

Matthew Hardwick

I already made my PSVR 2 purchase. But I do like that the Quest 3 is fully compatible with Quest 2 software. I might consider buying it because I like that it doesn’t require a beefy PC setup or a console.

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