This gaming chair will win Fortnite matches for you. #shorts

This gaming chair will win Fortnite matches for you. #gaming #technology

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That’s a cool rig, but power outages will not be fun


Geez Louise… Where’s the B-roll??
How did you guys use the same 2 clips over and over for 60 seconds of voiceover?


For rich people who don’t know what to spend their money on…

Big Robot NEWS

If money is no object. Eskettit


25 grand and a 12 foot ceiling


ultimate discord mod setup


I can see a video game center that has maybe one or two of these for those really high rollers. Thinking if you charged 100 bucks to game in it for say eight hours.. you could make your money back on it before the end of the year. But you would need a place where people can drop 100 bucks to play video games every day.

Captain Marvel’s Son

I use a $30 office chair I bought from Walmart fifteen years ago. It is till the most comfortable computer chair I’ve ever sat in.

    Somebody Somewhere

    Do you perhaps remember what the name of the model is?

    Somebody Somewhere

    (With model I meant the chair)

    Captain Marvel’s Son

    @Somebody Somewhere No, I don’t, sorry. I looked it over, and there is no sticker or emboss with even the brand name. The only tag is a reminder that sitting on the chair improperly could result in injury πŸ˜‚

Vee Pee

$25k and no footrest?

πŸ‘‰ BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS πŸ‘‰ Link in Bio

Do not stop doing what you love, you are very good at ti!

Kyle Ruggles

Would be cool if it closed down to an egg. Too expensive for me!


I would love to code in that

Darkion Avey

i don’t understand why it is this expensive. It probably costs 5000 to manufacture

MD Ravenstein

Make it a fully enclosed pod


for $25K I’d expect something that looks much better


Redditor mod and Discord mod setup


Does the chair have a massager


What a fail you had to wait 30 seconds for it to lower downπŸ˜‚

Courtney King



Do you really like gaming and hate other people?

Me : just close my room door and lock it

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