5 Headphones You’ve NEVER Seen Before!

A lot of weird, techy, and just crazy headphones have dropped lately. Let's check out some of the wildest I could find in 2023 so far.

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Tanner Teves

Jud my man you need to review the Skullcandy Crusher ANC 2.0’s! The last time you did a Crusher review was when the Crusher 2’s came out and trust me they have gotten a lot better since then.


    Really? I’ll have to jump on that

    Tanner Teves

    @UrAvgConsumer Oh yeah man I’ve owned every pair up until this newest drop of the ANC 2.0’s and they have gotten better each time!

Lyanda Trevor Dube

I feel like we’ve run out of ideas and Any idea is a good one 🤙🏾

Crystal C

Skull candy crusher headphones are the best bass and sound quality is awesome


Need a full review of the jbls


Not surprised by the JBLs they’re hold a high standard in the audio industry. Most engineers I’ve known either go for Yamaha or JBL speakers




How is it that almost no one talk about JBL headphones?

enrique gm

Love the UAC saturdays

Atharva Dhorje

You’re my fav YouTuber… To the point, Chill and Fun.,,,, Impressive 😍

Joe schmoe

The ambie’s are a cool concept, just need work on not leaking so bad if possible

Joe schmoe

I wish the bose sport open earbuds had been better. They sounded good and felt good, but battery and charging was garbage. But the overall concept was awesome and i loved them

Random Kindness

your reaction to the jbl pros makes me think that theyre the ones to get

Ms. K’s TV

dope video UAC🔥🔥


I use the JBL Tour Pro 2 every day and absolutely loooooove them 👏🏼

Mike Trieu

Eh, I’ve seen the Dyson Zone before. On MKBHD’s channel. Definitely the epitome of form over function. It does not do what it says on the tin.

The Dude

I have the Shockz open run pro. Having worked outside in the heat and in the rain, they have held up remarkable well. No issues at all and people always ask about them.


This is one of my favorite videos by you. I LOVE seeing odd/cool new ideas!

ucity metalhead

Those jbl and adidas headphones are cool.


Keep doing your thing bro 💪🏾💯

Rob G’s Gaming

Keep making these types of videos lol.


Man Brother, I bought Shokz OPENRUN PRO and I took them back the same day. As an serious endurance athlete for nearly ten years now, they did nothing for me. No bass.

Now, I know these are Bone Conduction earphones built for people for want to be aware when they are outdoors, this is perfect, but these I feel for myself do nothing for when I am shadow boxing, hitting the heavy bag, running for 1-3 hours in the early mornings hearing the world when I am working on my endurance performance.

However I WILL say that these are definitely an earphone I WILL appreciate when I am an old old old elderly man and doing long runs, but not in the city. Running that long and hearing people conversations and car horns in the city, HECK NO.

They are a great product, just not for me in the city Life.

P.S. these sound amazing listening to Luther Vandross “If This World Were Mine”.


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