GTA5 Sumo Funny Moments – Nogla Cheats with Admin Powers!

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You know it’s a good day when Vanoss plays GTA

zag tso

Nogla being the living embodiment of a discord mod😂

    Mitsu manabe

    being one is relatable

    Spotify 🅥

    Finally it’s here after so long:




    And he’s also the living embodiment of the bad apples of today’s generation imo.

    Goodgoodgod Clips

    Minus the pedophilia

YoungxProd G

It’s been 10 years and these vids never get old

    Spotify 🅥

    Finally it’s here after so long:

    Zaidan Kreshnandi

    Etf xd

    Johnny Deep

    Yeah they do


can’t believe these guys are still going super strong

    Shahreen C.


    Shahreen C.




    Shahreen C.

    @IMY123 yeah testing what


    No bots tonight

average tokyo goul fan

Whenever vanoss post you know it”s gonna be a good day

Bing bong

It’s amazing how funny vanoss and the others can be after 10 years!


The Fact That Vanoss Is Luigi brings Back So Many Memories


    Most good and the others Pablo

    Spotify 🅥

    Finally it’s here after so long:


    and Delirious as Ninja Turtle

    Lexaius Kenjiro

    Pluto Nash in 3D


Glad their back playing GTA again and i love it ^^


A video with Basically and Terroriser. time to get out the popcorn.

    Spotify 🅥

    Finally it’s here after so long:

    Unstubble Bubble

    Brians in all of them


    @Unstubble Bubble I know


    spoilers 🙄


    Just basically… not terroriser


I’ve been missing some GTA. Vanoss always delivers.

Delta lord

Vanoss riding a bike as luigi while his head spazes out like some lovecratian monster is something i didnt think i needed to see.

Naikō Sei

2:11 that impression was so spot on I thought it was actually nogla for a second


these guys will forever be my favorite entertainers. from 10+ years of yt videos to stuff like Alpha Betas. always have the best stuff

Dark Reflection

Vanoss still feels like his old self even after all these years where many of the YouTubers I watched when I was a kid changed


oh yeah gta 5 is back boys man this game just never gets old it is always hilarious and entertaining to watch the crew play this game i cannot wait to see you guys play gta 6 online when it comes out! 🙂

Purple GangYT♡

Vanoss being Luigi so fitting and bringing nostalgia

    Spotify 🅥

    Finally it’s here after so long:

    Turok Gaming

    A delirious being a ninja turtle


I wish these Sumo videos were longer


Nogla got instant karma!😂 5:27


So glad you guys played this again. Those original videos were so funny.

Richie Alba

It never gets old seeing Brian and Nogla feuding, trying to one up each other

    Madman F1

    Feels like they’re gonna fall out at some point tho

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