This is truly one of the most secretive moments of all time

    David [DOND wii?! More like Chipmunk PooPoo WII!]

    Mark needs to stop! 😂
    I make sooo better content…


    Yes indeed, we as a collective group shall keep our word and forever keep this secret hidden in the chambers of secrets. 🤐

    3ggy w3ggy

    @David [DOND wii?! More like Chipmunk PooPoo WII!] 🥜


    Why are you noticed and not me?!


    ​@Stewartisti was chosen aperwntly idk lol


Truly was the most “””””secret””””” of all time.
Whenever Mark surprise streams, it’s like I’m part of a secret society.


    what was the secret? or was there even one

    The Jurassic King

    There’s not secret


    @The Jurassic King There is a secret

    Gray Crown

    @Zikatphra shut
    no secret

    Cherri Berri

    I love the surprise streams

Bartholomeus Nebuchadnezzar William II jr

The secret was honestly mind bogling truly game-changing



    Cameron Lowery

    ​@E E

    Gavin Everall

    Made me shake and cry

    matin akbarpour

    there is no secret58:30

    Drunk Driver

    ​@matin akbarpour 😂😂

Sneha Thapliyal

Also its inspiring to know he will only play the games he want to or enjoy not just for content! Says a lot about him as a person ♡


    what was the secret?


    He likes to play games he enjoys like everyone


    @THE MATÍASMADNESS ty! nobody would tell me and I was getting more and more confused 😭

    Outbak Jak

    Do you think he really gets excited about the Spongebob horror games and other quickly thrown together horror games? Naw, that stuff is for content and content only. He 100% would not play them on his own time just for funsies. BUT, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy them at all, I’m just saying he doesn’t enjoy them THAT much 😅




Thanks for always making our days wholesome and full of random creativity for whatever we need atm. You always seem to hit it right on the money as far as “BIG” secrets go “wink wink” ANYWAYS… Thanks for being you!

Knaught A. Masso-kist

Mark having no idea about the FNAF games was funny af



    Nick K

    Which fnaf games?

    Nouval Ikhsan

    @E E indeed

    Corrupted Cardinal

    @Nick K Help Wanted 2 which is coming out in a month

    Youtube Trash Man

    @Corrupted Cardinal It’s coming out later this year

Rip Van Winkle

That secret changed my life forever. I shall always look up to you forever and always Mark. Thank you for being so vulnerable with your audience Mark, we will always support you. Great secret


    This. I’m surprised he trusts us all so much but I’m glad he does because he really does change lives! Slay and congrats Mark 💅🤌

    matin akbarpour

    there is no secret58:30


    @matin akbarpour bot


    @matin akbarpour thank you for not wasting my time lol

    ScoMo • 7 years ago

    @matin akbarpour(thank you for diverting their attention away from the secret!)

Random guy

Now that Mark has revealed a secret to us. I might as well reveal my own secret and it’s that I am Random guy I know this news was so shocking when I first found out it hurt to know this but I just couldn’t hold back any longer.

    Spongebob Psychopants

    Why… why would you keep this hidden from me? I.. I just cant… 😢

    notkayln 🤩💗 – quit

    Oh wow I was never able to tell, how did you keep it for a secret for so long?

    Caleb Harris

    How could you WE TRUSTED YOU


    Damn, this was truly shocking information. I would’ve never guessed it. I felt betrayed at first but I’ve calmed down and now I’m just proud of you for being so brave and sharing this secret. I know it took a lot of strength 👏🏽🥲

    Guard Doggo

    I can not believe this. Your above this, just…just how could you. This relationship will never recover 😔😔😭


Wow! I wholeheartedly admire the fact that Mark elaborated on the strictly confidential subject and expounded effectively to deliver the most patiently awaited answer we were all longing for. This secret was truly mystifying, refreshing, enlightening, vital, bewildering and revolutionary.


    A Reflection on The Secret by ChatGPT


    Yeah no this comment is giving me ChatGPT energy

    Jax Morningstar

    The fact that people genuinely think this is written by AI and the fact that I’m still on the fence shows how fast AI is evolving


    @Key🎶 I love this sm 😂

Cole Kiesler

The fact that Markiplier revealed one of his secrets to us after so many years means we will have to wait another 50 years before he reveals his secret secret.




    i didn’t watch it someone tell me 😭

    PandasFTW 221

    @misophobia same


    @E E

    I’ll Destroy U if U Come At Me!

    @misophobiaand I bet it’s something silly. Can’t take him seriously.

Eryk Bilicki

I’ve been watching Markiplier for about 10 years now and been pretty faithful in watching his stuff. This….was insane.



    I’ll Destroy U if U Come At Me!

    What is? Someone tell me


    The secret

    -U N K N O W N-

    The secret was buetiful… it was everything I dreamed of… just.. marvelous..


    ​@-U N K N O W N- what was the secret?

Sarah and Shining

The fact that Mark could tell us such an important secret really shows how much he trusts us.


Ah yes, the usual Markiplier arbitrary livestream with collective gaslighting from everyone

    Biscoito Fofinho

    Ok look, he sayed there is not secret to HIDE the secret inside the live, or didnt you found It yet?

    irbis streams

    thank you for saving me 2 and a half hours

    avery g

    @irbis streams 58:30 <3

    Emily Watches Movies

    ​@avery g Thank you

    The Collector

    Or you’re gaslighting us

Brady Davidson

Almost amazing as the secret Mark told us is the fact that thanks to this stream, there is now a soundbite of Mark uttering the phrase “Markussy” on the internet. 1:20:51

    Mia Butler


    Iron PUPPET

    I was literally tryna spam “CLIP IT!!”

    The Jurassic King

    Thank you I thought there was no secret.


    Perfect for his only fans


When I started this video I asked my husband if he wanted to watch Mark pretend to have a secret for 2 and a half hours. Boy was I wrong there really was a secret. Didn’t expect that at all.


The FACT that Mark had to check his non disclosure agreement before he revealed the secret should be evidence enough that you must watch this video.

Megan Misura

*Mark ramping up what the secret is only to continuously not tell us has the same vibe as that episode in SpongeBob where they were going to reveal the Krabby Patty formula only to end the episode right before they said what it was.*

Honey Asylum

Mark uttering the word Markussy is almost as great as the secret he told us



    Knight of Heart

    I agree this was the secret


    I was laughing so hard at that unexpected comment and Marks reaction to it. Comedy gold.

Hey hey it’s Jae

My favorite part of Markiplier revealing his secret was when he said “its Marking time” and then secreted all over the place

Julian Herrera

Markiplier. . . Thank you for putting your Markussy into everything you do!

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