Speedrunning a Gaming PC Build at Micro Center

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Chapter Titles:
0:00 Intro
0:30 Game Plan
1:55 Shopping
3:57 Studio Parts
6:03 PC Parts
7:18 Build
8:34 We Have a Problem
10:34 A Studio in a Box
12:16 Out of Time
13:07 JK We're Done




The prequel to the This Is video

    Kurt Taylor

    Legit 😂😂 probably a denki episode with them in the office conceiving the idea




    Austin keeps cutting matt off 😂


Austin Literally Just Made My Whole Day 😀


Always gonna be a banger❤


micro center is getting closer and closer to becoming austin’s home


    They should have camping inside microcenter episode and build the ultimate setup

Chris Hynes

you guys just need to buy microcenter and make that your studio lol you’ll have every gadget on hand lol

Robert Jacobs Photography

i can tell yall had fun on this one, what editing software yall using to do the effects in the video at the beginning and when Austin was dancing??


    Either after effects or davinci


It would be cool if Microcenter knew the northwest existed. I hate buying stuff without seeing it in person and I also hate seeing deals from microcenter where everybody just says “go to the store to buy their parts” when the closest one is like 2,000 miles away.

    The M Channel

    They’re not aware of the South either 🙁

    Robert W

    ​@The M Channelnope they aren’t. I live in Louisiana and no microcenter here either 😢.


As someone who took 14 straight hours to build their first computer, I am finally able to appreciate videos like this.

    Djordje Petrovic

    for my first pc it took only 2 hours, i still dont know how it managed to boot first time


    @Djordje Petrovic  you, sir, are a trooper!


    Mine took 3 hours and then it didn’t boot followed up by 4 hours trouble shooting.

Murtaza Shah

Wish we had a micro centre type store in the uk

Gustavo Suarez

I always go for the manual. I want to do it right the first one and not break anything


As someone who has a local microcenter, seeing you be able to do this makes me so jealous lmao


As a teen, I had a Circuit City and a CompUSA in my city. Both closed now, but this video reminds me of those places. If only they were still around. The rampant scams on Amazon make me wish buying in-person was still an option. Fortunately Newegg is still around.

    The M Channel

    Fry’s electronics was awesome too but alot of the ones in my area closed.

Mak Maker

Honestly, any streaming setup below 24 hours is incredible.

Vlad Razym

Respect for being frugal!
You dont need 4090 in 99% of cases, as well as other overpriced bs

Jeremy Tanudtanud

I wish there was a micro center in seattle instead of having so many starbucks coffee shops. I would spend most of my time shopping and browsing at micro center like I used to do when there used to be a frys electronics years ago. Best buy barely have anything new in stock since most of the stuff in stock are online instead of having them available in stores. I wanna be able to see what I’m paying for in person so I can make a decision on what I’m buying compared to looking online.

The Gadget Post

I really enjoy this series. Austin + Micro Center + some sort of challenge = a great video.


I literally bought that same Lian Li case last night at microcenter. I feel Austin’s pain. It’s marketed as a mATX case that is liquid cooling compatible, ATX PSU, and can hold 5 3.5” hdds. So I bought it to build a home NAS. Get it home and as I take it apart and read the manual…nope. Despite the way it’s marketed if you add an mATX board…you lose 2 HDD spots, if you add a ATX psu…you lose 2 hdd spots, if you want to use a single fan in the side mount, you lose the final hdd spot. It seems like an awesome little ITX case with sfx psu, slim/10/15mm fans, m.2 storage only(maybe 1 or 2 2.5” ssds) and using all low profile parts. But it’s marketed really badly and the out of the box configuration is so weird. I truly felt the fan jokes at they’d because you’re not putting any fan in there other than the 92mm rear exhaust included with the case if you’re not using low profile/sfx/sff/single slot components. Had to return it today and just went with an 011 mini.


i like this video a lot. nothing is stage. very natural . love it

The Lone Gunman

Thanks for everything you all are doing. Entertainment and informative

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