World Exclusive: Upgrading my Laptop to AMD

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I met up with the Framework team to be one of the first people to upgrade my laptop from 11th Gen Intel to AMD Ryzen 7000! We're at the CoolerMaster booth because they've collaborated with Framework to bring us a really cool Case pro

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:55 Tearing down my laptop
5:54 This case is SO cool!
11:18 Installing the AMD mainboard
18:17 WILL IT BOOT??
19:04 No means No, Linus
22:09 outro




man I love the CEO of Framework. He seem so chill and can actually throw punches back at Linus. It’s really enjoyable to see!

    Sting Cool

    i can’t imagine letting linus flail his hand around with that amd prototype board. I would think all the engineers touching it are required to be in a cleanish room and anti static arms straps with suits.

    Ahmad Muraish

    Investors are companys biggest enemy… They are the main reason why you have bugs in games, software and hardware… why?
    Because they see a screen working, you tell them hey its not ready we still need time yada yaa… they still force you to publish/release..

    Terrible Truth

    @Ahmad Muraish It’s a 2-way street. Investors have to keep the pressure up to make sure something is actually produced. No customer or investor will wait forever if the product gets stuck in development hell.


    Plus he gets the team to deliver and knows how to assemble his own products. You don’t get many managers that can do that let alone a CEO at executive level

    P_ Mouse

    I agree, I mean obviously this is all promotional. But at least they seem to be aware of what LTT is doing, probably watch their videos and understand the context of it all. Which is pretty rare to see for most companies even, even more for CEO’s.
    With other companies they often seem so out of touch with even their own products.

Raymond Cai

Yes, a Framework printer please!
I’m sick of the predatory measures companies like HP take to force consumers to use only their expensive, low-capacity ink


    I had to remove components from 3 out of the four sides of an HP LaserJet 4000 DN to replace the power supply unit. NOT FUN! I don’t care if a Framework printer is the size of my first vacuum tube television cabinet, if it’s easy to repair, clean, upgrade, I’d buy one in a heartbeat!


    Printers are evil. Ask any tech support guy and they have tons of stories about weird printer issues.
    Im not sure if framework should burden themselves with making printers but it would be awesome if they did.


    don’t forget those ink cartridge are region locked also (although i wonder how they region lock the ink tank version of their printers?)


    a while back I went on a hunt to figure out why, if 3d printers were so open, there wasn’t an open spec for a 2d printer. The conclusion I walked away with was the engineering challenges involved are a lot less forgiving, so I imagine if framework were ever going to tackle it they would need to grow a lot in success first to have a war chest for R&D.


    Oh dang! Imagine being able to swap the ink cartridge! HP would be mad.

Grave Robber

Gotta say how impressive it is that the Framework CEO knew every part of that machine, and how he kept his cool watching Linus touch his baby. You can tell guy seriously loves that machine and cares about it being done right.


    he also has pretty darn good screen presence for someone who is clearly not a presenter type person.


    Above and beyond Linus investing monitarily, the exposure on the channel is priceless, he would be a fool not to utilize the audience the collaboration offers, that said it was an enjoyable watch.


    It’s kinda like every massive tech giant.. starts with engineers making stuff thats great to making profits… Hopefully LTT & Framework never go down that road.

    When engineers (or generaly people passionate about the product) are in charge, companies can make some truely amazing things..
    When they sell to investors (privately or going public), that has a tendency to change things over time.

    Zyt L

    ​@si2foo To get to that CEO position he needed a bit of charisma too.

    Dustin Rodriguez

    There’s a world of difference between CEO of private companies and CEOs of publicly-traded companies… the publicly-traded company ones are basically just figureheads put in place to do the bidding of Goldman Sachs and to collect gigantic paychecks as a signal to investors that the company is doing well. One of the things I like about AMD is that because they spent so long getting almost bankrupted by those “professional” CEOs that eventually they were willing to actually hand the company over to an actual engineer (Dr. Su) in an act of desperation. Since she is a PhD-bearing engineer and business is one of the simplest topics in the universe in comparison, she just had to spend like a weekend learning about business stuff and then was able to immediately reorient the company to actually center around engineering excellence and boom, took off like a rocket. I imagine by now she’s probably having to get into knife-fights with bankers to keep out the parasite MBAs who would want to get in and start slashing and burning for tiny short term gains at the expense of long-term corporate survival (those types of CEOs hop from company to company every 3-4 years, so they’re fine with cutting a throat that won’t bleed out for 10).


I like how he’s not just the CEO, he actually understands his company’s product and is genuinely excited about it!


    Weird to think a lot of CEOs are lacking in the department


    @Nerē To be fair, Framework only has roughly two products 🙂
    But in this case, isn’t the CEO also the founder? Never seen a founder who wasn’t excited about their product. 🙂


    sigh.. is the tradeshow content now _finally_ over? it’s the weekend already, can we now just please go back to regular content?


    Last time I’ve seen a CEO this close to their product was probably Eric Migicovsky and Pebble. I’m rooting for the Framework team to make the dream work! Also as soon they release the touchscreen + active pen input version, I’m switching to them.

    Chicken (Fried)

    @RandomUser You may dislike them, but many (myself included) would enjoy at least one more.


I absolutely adore the concept, the CEO, and the results they’ve shown so far. Hits all my wishes for reuse, smart design, and great user experience. I hope and pray they keep growing until I can buy one!


What an awesome take to get to see Linus working hand in hand with Developers on the show for content creation. We’re all human & we all get things wrong from time to time, this video hits right at a time where I’m replacing my field laptop for networking & the modular empowerment is something I didn’t even know existed until right now. Hands down Framework is now my next field laptop for personal use. Pending the experience it’ll become the deployment model for the rest of the company as well; thanks sincerely for this kind of teardown & hands on unique approach to development, management, & end user I great value this!


Watching the saga of Framework unfold since their announcement has been everything I hoped it would be! If they continue this extraordinary user-friendly/focused design philosophy, they will have customers for life.


It is awesome to see a tech CEO who ACTUALLY knows the ins and outs of their own products!

    Mickey Mishra

    Wholeheartedly agreed!

    Vlad The Lad

    nah not that pfp


    IDK but I always supposed that when someone is CEO, he ought to know every thing his company does bcs he like… Build it and stuff. Am I naive and stupid?

    Mr. Hanfblatt

    @Ronas yes, sadly so. Chieve Executive Officer (CEO) isnt “Founder”. Companies with a board sometimes change through CEO’s like i change my underwear: maybe once a year. There are even companies BUYING a certain CEO in hopes of him getting it back on its feet.

Wheels Off

Love my 5th generation unit. Use it daily. Excellent work Framework team, and thank you Linus for your investment.

Sam Elliott

I totally understand why you invested in this company. Not only is their product just fantastic, but the entire team seem to be lovely and really good on camera. Nice!


The most impressive thing about the CEO, isn’t that he knows the hardware and keeps cool, it’s that he was able to realise in a tense situation that Linus wouldn’t be able to login with his pin. To be able to focus on presenting, listening to Linus, and still give thought to it is super impressive.

Smiley TeK

I like this partnership. Good stuff. Pretty neat that you could toss your old board into a smaller pkg as a secondary PC. Keep it going.

Blue Eagle Fly

Wow that modular external pc + enclosure setup is amazing!!! Framework is doing some real cool stuff!

musashi ro

We definitely need more of this. I have like 6 laptops that i cannot use and it’s just e-waste at this point. Imagine being able to use the old boards as a server or something. I sincerely hope this company succeeds and I can order it from the Philippines in the future.


i absolutely love this! both the relationship and the idea of framework. this live showcase is fantastic! I want more FRAMEWORK!

Matthew Cohen

Love frameworks dedication to keeping their electronics out of the landfill.


I really hope this becomes popular and sticks around. We need our modularity back on laptops

    The Tech Nexus

    Agreed! I miss the old days of being able to add and remove things from laptops and other devices.

    Norlia Smith

    Even more so than that Alienware Area 51m laptop.


It’s settled for me. When my laptop dies, and Framework sells to my country, I’m buying it!
This video showed the team excitement, that we already saw previously on the actual product design and care. Bravo!
Esther was also awesome, and I praise Coolermaster for this good collab!

    The Tech Nexus

    I will be too. Framework seems to be the next step in computing. We can forget these large companies such as Dell and HP which sell restricted machines which you cannot customise to fit your own needs.

    Odin’s Sons Gaming (Alcoholicbiker96)

    Same here

Bryant Merriman

Linus. Framework seems to have been a great thing for you to put your money in, not just financially. They have done a great job and I am very excited to hear any updates to framework

Studio23 Media

I REALLY hope Framework succeeds! Any product that has extra screws of each type built into the product and not just in a bag that you’ll lose is definitely something to keep an eye on. Also, the amount of knowledge the CEO has is very inspiring! He’s not just a business guy, he’s passionate about the project and knows the details!!

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