3 Scary Games #99

Late Last Night you wanted The Pizza… that's when the Shirime attacked.
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Nothing better than chilling in bed watching Markiplier play scary games.




    i happen to be doing the same thing

    Cyborg Bloodline

    Right what a joyous thing to finish making a meal wonder what you want to watch and the glory of mark playing 3 scary game to pop up in your feed. Truely happy little moments






Mark is the type of guy to skip the 100th episode and make it 101 just to mess with us.

    Diosa de la Galaxia Taquiónica

    Don’t give him ideas! >:(


    would be pretty funny, and then never mention that he did it and do nothing special for ep 100

    Madeline R

    ​@Thwomp nah he’d pretend he did it and continually reference it and tease us for not knowing like he does with livestream secrets 😂


    NO! STOP IT!


    If he does that I will actually be so mad


Markiplier can be scarier than Darkiplier.

    Peter Kim

    Always has been

    Walid Hmd

    and better

    HayBale Animations

    At least it isn’t Tony Starkiplier


    @HayBale Animations oh god


    ​@HayBale Animations DONT GIVE HIM IDEAAAS


Next one is going be 100 episode!!!!! Happy almost 100! Can’t believe it’s been this long. Thanks being you Mark!

William Gruenwald

I’ve been waiting for what feels like all my life for the 100th 3 scary games and it’s so tantalizingly close


I love the chemistry between Mark and Lixian so much. I laugh every time


    Chemistry? 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

    goofy goober

    @tihsadidi seek help


Mark is the type of guy to jumpscare himself on a daily basis

    Jake Van Damme

    He just wants to see if his heart can take it

    Mlgrayanx_ 65

    ​@Jake Van Damme He just does it to see if he’s able to handle it, it’s not like he’s a masochist

tpfox Castro

Imagine if the 100th episode is Mark playing 3 extremely cute games and just vibing


That spooky lil man jumpscare at 19:37 scared me worse than any of the other jumpscares in the entire series and that is something I must now live with

    Akira Makara

    Honestly took me back to Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion

Brandon Peterson

A butt-eye is absolutely something you could find in a work of Junji Ito’s.


    Well, it is an actual Japanese folktale.

    TheOriginal Unaleska

    It’s weird because I thought I saw the blair witch symbol in the first hut Mark went to.

    Bayu Prajanata

    @Calvin interesting i found similar thing in gilbert garfield
    the… butt-eye thing

Cole Kiesler

I honestly found it extremely hilarious when Markiplier was playing through the pizza horror game and instead of being scared was already predicting what was going to happen. Even after the jumpscare at the end after getting scared he still knew it was going to happen.



    Alexandre Da silva vilas boas rosas

    ​@SuperSonic04 brother is SPEECHLESS


    ​@SuperSonic04I didn’t even know there were pink hearts

    Ian Swagger

    @Hopepro12 damn u must be maidenless

    Zay’s Lab.

    @Ian Swagger tarnished and tattered

Ethan Thoman

I like to think that Mark has a picture of Lixian’s animated character hanging on the wall as a reference point on where to look when “speaking” to Lixian (2:36).

    danny solomon

    Lixian edits after the video is filmed so most likely, lixian puts his cartoon wherever mark is looking. it’s just a matter of cutting and pasting the art so it lines up with his pupils

    madds llama

    @danny solomon very true lol but its funny to think about just mark in his office playing games with a little lixian hanging beside him at least I find it funny lmao

Ryder Anderson

I know we haven’t seen her in a while but marks mom needs her own gaming channel where marksm just comforts and guides her

Sage Sammoy

Butt eye actually has a decent ending, pun intended.


The craziest thing in this whole video is learning that Mark never competed the original Slenderman game


    There’s a game that he never finished that absolutely eats him alive and I wish he would go back and actually do it.

    Zombie Boss

    he has said this multiple times before

    Zombie Boss

    @Jimred1992 thank you for not telling me what game this is, if you know of it and haven’t stated it while writing this comment you are truly evil making someone communicate to you to request such information >:( EVIL I SAY I HATE COMMUNICATION

    cereal bonks

    theres even a video a couple months ago where he plans to play one game, then gets distracted and goes back and plays slender, but he fails to pass it and goes back to the original game… hahahahah


The first game was something special. A masterpiece that deserves more attention.

Momma D

The running sound in Shirime reminds me of the Monty Python skit with coconuts for horse hoof noises.


I love how dejected Mark gets when he actually gets jump-scared.


I love that, after years of horror game experience, every so often Mark still gets jump scared. I think we all watch to see him get spooked. Absolute gold 😂

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