I Bought FIVE Weird Tablets from AliExpress… Ask me anything

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We bought a whole bunch of weirdly shaped, oddly advertised, and strangely use-cased Android Tablets from AliExpress. Is the Android on them legit? Do they serve their purpose well? Are they just another hunk of plastic and metal doomed to find its way to the land where tablets go to perish?

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:06 Black Doorstop – Android Edition
3:31 Black Doorstop for Windows
5:01 The Tent
6:48 Rain-proof Windows
8:58 The Android Radio that Went for a Swim
11:45 Conclusion




I like how Linus stopped doing the necessary and boring shtuff and started doing more fun and not necessar stuff


    Gaming PC stuff was getting kind of old. I like when he does videos on business computers and weird electronics


    Victim of his own success.

    He rose to the level of his incompetence.

    I’m not judging, my level of incompetence is much lower.

    Davy Cockit


    E B

    You haven’t even watched the video yet


    yes engrish uhu

Gus’ Inshore Angling

I love random gimmicky tech like this. And when it’s from Linus we know is gonna be good fr.

    Reme UPT

    No one even asked 🤣🤣

    Bitch, same.✔️

    ​@Reme UPT yet we’re all here watching lmao


    nah i rather the more “techy” stuff.


The tent and the door stoppers I immediately recognized as the kind of tablets they’d have on your table to pay and order at a restaurant like Chili’s or Applebee’s, I know exactly what’s up with them from the start. The other ones though look decently rugged and I am intrigued.

    P_ Mouse

    I have to admit that this is one of those videos were the purpose beats me. Just making fun of stuff?
    It’s that I actually wish they did a bit more research and show and teach us what those things are actually being used for.
    Wireless payments and interaction for example is also such a high standard in a lot of Asian countries, culture there is also very different. So you definitely don’t sit side by side looking at kitchens or real-estate.
    Aaaaanyway, interesting to see, that’s for sure! 😎😄


    I dunno if I’d go that far necessarily. I knew what was up with most of the products already just in my own fairly limited knowledge of the tech world, but I can still see where the video serves a purpose in terms of educating people with really no basic knowledge at all on what’s out there. It’s something which would appeal more to the uninitiated layperson than someone with even moderate experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless it just means it’s introductory content. And in that way it makes sense that it wouldn’t be a very deep dive into the topic and more a simple hardware showcase. People can learn more about it later, a good number of them only just found out that a tablet with a built in tent stand exists it’ll be a sec before they can wax poetic about industry standards for barcode scanners. lol

    Tevel Drinkwater

    Industrial automation has a lot of serial, RS232 and RS485. I’ve noticed lots of Point Of Sale gear seems to stick with old reliable serial as well. These are definitely not for watching YouTube, Linus does note there isn’t mounting built in.

    Reme UPT

    Didnt ask bro 🤣


    @P_ Mouse yeah like it is a little weird to me that pos focused tablets dont have a built in card reader, but i guess china mostly uses wechat for payments and maybe cards arent that common, and the idea that these are old company stock is true


I have one of those weird “doorwedge” types for my parents CCTV system, except it runs Windows. It suits the task perfectly.

    Reme UPT

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    Martin Gray

    @Reme UPT “No one asked pls dont comment again”
    You should take your own advice


    @Martin Gray He (or it) has been spamming variants of that same snark throughout the comment section.

Doctor Gears

I hope that person enjoyed their documentaries and is doin’ alright.

Part of me feels like these are either extras that didn’t pass QA and most of the working ones were sold to specific companies that requested them, or these are gray market items built in the factories that produce versions that actually work properly during off hours. The latter is a common practice and a lot of things on AliExpress and Wish are these types of items.

    Rick Russell

    Or they’re really recycled. When corporations upgrade this stuff, they often bundle up hundreds or thousands of units on pallets and sell them off as a batch. If an enterprising Chinese company got a few pallets of POS or ruggedized tablets, they might just do a minimal refurbish/software refresh and re-sell them.

    I used to go to swap meets in Los Angeles, it was common to find people selling *literally hundreds* of identical Dell Optiplexes or HP desktops — older low spec machines that were clearly part of a major corporate property disposal. They’d be stacked up like bricks in the back of a truck and they’d sell them for $50 or $75 each. If you’re a poor family looking to install Ubuntu on a machine for the kids, they’re a pretty good deal (and yes, they had Linux distros on CD with printed instructions, packaged and ready to include with the PCs).

    Reme UPT

    Didnt ask for ur essay 🤣

    Jon Alder

    ​@Reme UPTI didnt ask for yours.


    @Reme UPT Welcome to YouTube, you don’t have to ask for another’s reply, just as they don’t have to ask for your snark as your reply.

    We’re all free to reply how we want.

    Oh, and, you’re welcome, in advance, for this explanation of how replies work.

    GJerald H

    @Reme UPT its a public comment section, don’t read if you don’t like long comments.


The Tent tablet can be used at stores as a screen to display what is being ordered while the cashier controls the other side, allowing you to input as well. Can be used at restaurant tables to place orders too.

    Floyd Looney

    good idea. Need that software now.

    Thx And Bye

    My first thought was to hang it upside-down in a bus or underground to display the next station, news or advertising or whatever is cool to display in public transport these days.


    Only if the displays are independent and not mirrored.


    or mcdonalds

    Cream Ale

    yep local restaurant here has all their menus and ordering system on these on each table. only time we see another human is when they bring out the food. best restaurant experience possible.


I think a lot of people are nailing it here: these are for point of sale. They’re all so obviously shaped for that, and their feature set is precisely what those sorts of things need


    Exactly what Linus said in Video POS


    @TheTyisAwesome yep! 🙂

    Zak K

    Or a receptionist who is checking people in and printing visitor passes, or something similar.

    Reme UPT

    People who asked: 0 🤣


    @Reme UPT how are your feelings doing?

Marco Pais

The doorstopper ones are meant to be used as a POS and the serial ports are to connect to a thermal printer to print receipts. The rugged ones could be used by a waiter in a restaurant, a salesperson or even a mechanic to connect to a car

    Zak K

    The all black rugged one would be great for being mounted in a police cruiser, and the one with the walkie talkie stuff seems good for someone working on a construction site.


    @Zak K If they worked that is lol. But yeah I would love to have the yellow one for running ATAK and have radio comms all in one, we had a similar one when I was in the Marines we used it to organize units, view drone feeds and positions, mark enemy positions and create memes.

    Reme UPT

    No one asked btw 🤣

    jack Mcallister

    @Reme UPT why has bro got beef with some random lad. just let us talk about nerd stuff lol

    Reme UPT

    @jack Mcallister NO ONE ASKED i dont want to hear u reply like that again understood?

Melissa Blick

The walkie Talkie tablet has a DMR radio in it, which typically costs upwards of C$300.
Also, you need a commercial or amateur radio license to transmit on those frequencies.
ISED and local police/fire/businesses/ham’s might get upset if you transmit on their frequencies.


    Their radio was DMR too (cp200d). The question is, have they tried both analog and digital. Probably only analog.

    Melissa Blick

    @AlexUsman They downloaded the official Mototrbo software used for programming motorola commercial radios. It’s possible this android tablet replicates the programming interface used by handheld motorola radios. But you’re right the screenshot doesn’t include color codes. Likely none of the folk on the writing team have an amateur radio license.

    Brian Naeem

    I assume they bought the radios from a reputable reseller so they probably have a license to use those frequency, the probably didn’t program the tablet as DMR, or didn’t add the color codes.


    @Melissa Blick nah, you can’t program other radios with MotoTRBO CPS.
    Also, it’s analog channel for their motorola portable radios in the video, as the channel icon in the channel list on the left is a “sine wave”. There is also a digital channel at the bottom of that list with a square “digital signal” icon.

    Melissa Blick

    @AlexUsman Ah, thanks for pointing that out

Param M

I have used the tent tablet quite frequently while purchasing coffee and snacks at the local café, they have these instead of the swiveling ones found more commonly.

    Reme UPT

    Ok goober but no one asked 🤣

Realities in the Raw

The tent would also be useful at tables on a restaurant, where people often sit across from each other. It could be used to display menus to each diner and then allow them to play digital board games together after

    Reme UPT

    This ratio is really smart


I could see wall mountable POE-powered tablets be rather useful for stuff like home automation or a CCTV monitor at the door of your house.

    Reme UPT

    I see this ratio

    Jack Kraken

    Right? And you don’t have to worry about dying batteries.


The Emdoor tablet (the rain-proof Windows tablet) is very similar to the ones used in Canadiantire warehouses. Each of the forklifts also has a similar mount that a scanner is hooked up to, which makes performing moves and shipping/receiving really easy. Assuming of course, that your co-workers are doing their jobs properly lol

    Reme UPT

    Didnt ask 🤣


    True, but most warehouses use Zebra hardware, not random chinesium.


I haven’t even watched the whole video yet, but Linus being made into a serial port was hilarious. Good on whoever edited this. 😆

    Reme UPT

    Its a bad video as always 🤣🤣

    Cheng Chi

    ​@Reme UPTyou’ve posted 62 comments similar to this one, please go do something more productive.

    LaZoR Bear

    Yeah, that cracked me up 😂 It’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed in your life.

    Samarth Katageri

    That made me laugh so hard 😂




I think the inside/breakdown coverage was probably a Labs-thing and if so, I’m digging it. Timeline wise does kinda cover the ’round-up’ style content Labs was meant to cover.

    Reme UPT

    talk about this ratio


Kind of cool to see those wedge shaped devices again! Those first two “tablets” are bringing back strong memories of the Sony Dash (variant of a chumby) I got off woot in college. The one thing it got right that these did not IMO was the ability to have it stand up for cross-room viewing, then flop it down for interacting more closely.
Our standards were lower pre-ipad, but the ability to flip orientations on the Dash made it an almost pretty decent alarm clock/pandora/email feed/netflix device.

    Reme UPT

    ratio bro


I ran an undergard physics laboratory – these type of devices would be perfect for interfacing with lab equipment, such as oscilloscopes etc. (many of which still have serial interfaces) – as long as software is available.
The small form of these devices is ideal, given the amount of equipment that is often out on the benches.
The rugged tablet form, would also be useful for taking the experiment out of the lab and into the field.

    Reme UPT

    Ur mom is perfect


Great video as normal. I have content suggestion. “How rugged is a rugged phone?”. It would be interesting to see you all putting rugged phones through their paces. Just think of all the tests you could dream up in the lab for them (stock prrof, water proof, dust proof, being buried in concrete and then dug up, hot and cold temperature tolerance, the list does on and on). Interesting side note. Some rugged phones have thermal camera.

    Reme UPT

    People who do not like linus


A couple’a years ago, I bought one of those rugged Windows tablets for around $200. We used it in our biosafety lab for taking notes and keeping track of experiments. Since it was waterproof, we could just douse it in Ethanol or Virkon after each use, wipe it off, and have it good to go again. And since it had a resistive touch-screen, it even worked while we were wearing gloves.

Sure it was slow as heck and the battery life was terrible, but honestly, for what we needed it to do, it worked great for years and I’m quite happy these odd types of tablets exist.

    Alex Atkin

    Though it has to be noted that waterproof does not mean all liquid proof. There’s always a chance using anything other than water can damage the plastics or touchscreen coating.

    Phones claiming to be waterproof always bug me as they will show things like them getting dropped in the swimming pool and then in the small print point out that the rating is only for pure water, not chlorinated. This is the particularly annoying with smartwatches as swimming with them seems logical for fitness tracking, but many are not rated for the pressure you will put on them when swimming, even when marketed as a sports watch. Heck, they’re not even guaranteed sweat proof.

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