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South Florida Boyz

Another scary SpongeBob game play 💪


I love he keeps calling it bikini bottom, but I believe squidville is a whole different place. It’s where Squidward moved to before realizing he would be bored doing the same things over and over with squids just like him😂😂😂😂


    I always thought it was a gated community within bikini bottom. You know like “rich people neighborhood”

    Floating Disembodied Head

    I remember that place. Was it really called Squidville in the episode?


    @Floating Disembodied Head it was called Tentacle Acres! Where tranquility is just a suction cup away!

    Mr. DumBum

    ​@thejoeman0123 fucking hell, I love it.


    @thejoeman0123 I wasn’t sure if it was in bikini bottom or not cause he was trying to be far away as possible from SpongeBob, a lot of places in the show are either near or far from bikini bottom like Rock bottom or the jellyfish fields. They also had the Wild West and Atlantis at some point

i EAT water

🤣🤣🤣 another amazing upload

J-dog 500

Both Spongebob and Delirious had a classic case of T.M.S. after this.


I love the use of the ai voices in the game 😂😂

Commando Nate

0:12 they used the battle for bikini bottom music I loved that game growing up! I hope they make more remakes

Kibber Sullivan

I take it you are better and hope the rest of the fam is better as well!!!


Keep going H2O

Ean Key

3:45 bro didn’t even notice the squid walking by.


Your videos are hilarious H2O

Dashawndre Wilkes

Glad your still making time for us fans here on YouTube delirious thanks for not forgetting us

    Angry_Old_ _Man_Gamer

    of course he is its his job….are you assuming his doing these videos for free because of his fans?

John Henry

Why does this SpongeBob music fit so well with h2o delicious’s voice 0:00 to 0:14, they both make you feel like he is the reincarnation of SpongeBob for the Vanoss crew, he is fill with joy and hope, and love for his family and his friend’s, I think he should have been SpongeBob (but with the hockey mask) since SpongeBob has a lot of H2O in him, and it seriously fit his character, his love for his friends and family and goofy and his misspell and his famous quotes, I think the crew would agree that he is like SpongeBob, but there version of SpongeBob ❤❤❤❤


It’s funny that he sees squidward everywhere at the beginning and not mentioning anything about it

The twisted Gamer

You actually do a pretty good Patrick impression.

Did you expect a name?

I’m actually proud to be in the delirious army😄

Joshua Garcia

Squidward’s is come for those Krabby Patty’s.

silver fang115

Lol he wants more than the crabby patties


Legit just watched Markiplier play this.

Bucket of Ideas

This one is a nice change of pace! 😊

Oliver Aglipay

I’m so proud to be apart of this great big family

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