Apple Reveals Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset

At Apple's WWDC 2023, CEO Tim Cook revealed its first mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro.

Read the CNET Article for more information:
WWDC 2023 Recap: Vision Pro Headset, iOS 17 and Everything Else Apple Announced

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Sil 542

Guess Black Mirror is going to be reality soon

    The that


    JD Kingsley

    It is reality, just memories from our future selves

    Nick Spicer

    Already is


    Maybe watchdog Or time to party like it’s cyberpunk 2023

Mr Kx

I knew its was gonna be pricey when he compared the cost to a a nice entertainment setup in your house.

    Anthony Mullen



    The problem is that only one person at a time can experience it. Great for people that live on their own, not so much for large families.

    Tim Shepley

    and then you’re gonna need to buy 3rd generation air pods pro to support the spacial audio it uses, and then I see it has a battery so I bet that will be separate or at least a backup battery will be needed. And because its apple im sure there will be some sort of subscription. So i gurantee it will be 4300 at least after all that and taxes to browse youtube, look at family pics, and play with funny 3d memes that your friend sent you while sitting in your living room. Oh and face time too, but they wont be able to see you because youre wearing the headset. Truly a great product.


    I can’t remember now, but Microsoft hololens was a bit cheaper but with less functionality… But same concept

    Jeff S

    Except my three monitors, tv, and sound system still cost less… and I can share it. Not to mention 2hr batter life or being tethered. Still excited, but this is model T or Tesla roadster on the timeline of evolution, real use case, and adoption.

Heberto Lopez

This just is looking more and more like an eyephone…

    Meta Egoist

    Comment of the year 👏

    Sam Borgman

    Well done.


    There was actually an early VR headset in the 80s/90s that was called eyephone


    Nice one!!!


    Tim Apple sounds like the teacher from Southpark


Wow, the care they took to develop this tool. This makes feel closer to Minority Report tech. 😮


    I was thinking the same thing! This is very impressive. Zuck it Suckerberg!

    Sam Borgman

    Pretty much almost there visually.

Nexus Core

Me: “Finally VR/ AR is going to be mainstream
Apple: “Only $3499”
Me: “Nevermind”


    Broke bois did we just lose??


    There will always come a cheaper version, heavier with half the features for people who like half a$$ experiences.


    or just two kidneys


    A LOT of Apple fanboys will buy this, they already defending Apple in the comments everywhere (remember Apple Mac Pro Wheels), but yeah at this price point this is not going general public mainstream


    Yeah i can’t buy this


a literal eyephone 🤩


    Finally a VR/AR not for Incels


    Not a phone


    ​@MarquisDeSang dude what?

Nurşen Ağırman

2023 is really surprising me now that Amazons AMZT30 hit the road. After all these years of barely reading anything good I was usually just shutting down any type of media influence as much as I can but this brings back good lights and it should give hope to some of you that no matter what is going on in the world at the end something good comes to surface

    epy Hafifi

    They are outsmarting Apple with this

    fan poop

    Finally a good product

    Anis Suwarni

    It’s called good marketing here!


    scammmmma scammmma



It’s me..

The only way I’m getting to experience this is at the Apple Store 😂

    Winter Cat

    Put something on your face that a thousand other people have had on their face. What could go wrong?

    CF Win

    They will ask for your credit card before they let you touch it. 😂


    Then you’ll get to experience head lice or scabies as well.

    JC Korn

    guess we know where the next pandemic will start


    @Cle216 what are you saying😭

think different

from less screen time to 100% screen time

    Aishwary Shukla

    Let me reply before this comment blows up! 🔥😂




    Damn! True

    Homo Sapien


    Homo Sapien

    Though this can redefine the concept of screen time if done correctly. Perhaps a future that looks something like a more grounded and human Ready Player One.

    Something that doesn’t escape reality, it builds upon it.

Funny Berries

Lmao I love the thought of Dad wearing VR goggles and the kids get to look into his cold dead CGI eyes.

Robert Arrap

I was very excited about this Apple VR/AR until they released the price lol

Your Streaming Senpai

I’m thinking based on adoption rate for this device, it will be on a bi-yearly upgrade cycle similar to a cell phone’s yearly upgrade.
Probably the pro model will be followed up with the “Air” model… then the “SE” model.

    Ujjol Rahman

    Good theory


It happened 2023: Amazons AMZT30 is released guys, huge improvement and finally they made it

    Bittu Bsbx

    For a good reason they timed it today huh


    Better than Apple, seriously






    it’s real, they pushed that. See the guy on camera on coinmarketcap talking about it? think would be dumb to do so if scam lol

Ren LeBlanc

Nothing says mindfulness like a headset attached to a power supply



Ruzgar KRAL

I hope that Apple can learn something from Amazons *AMZT30* now that this is a thing

    Bittu Bsbx

    Bezos was always the more creative one with these things. Thank Amazon for making the right choice. I love this one

    dieter rosswag

    Is this a spam? Why every comment is about amzt30? Has nothing to do. With the video

    David Moradi

    ​@dieter rosswagyes its a crypto scam, unaffiliated with amazon

    VesperAegis News & Games

    I would definitely go with the Apple Vision Pro over this based on what I’ve heard so far. Odds are that the Amazon one won’t have half of the features or the horsepower of this one, plus full integration with other devices. The odds that will have Apple’s amazing 360 capture technology are next to zero, and that makes this well worth the price I’d say alongside the workflow applications here.

    Anis Suwarni

    @VesperAegis News & Games this is abaout amazons token which is legit

Levent Turk

Amazons *AMZT30* is what you want, trust me on that one, Apple had their time and things are going to change at the end


    What is that im looking it up and cant find it, is it s vr headset from Amazon???


    This is a crypto scam be careful.




    Why tf did 1000 ppl like a post that was about a scam?? Liked and then did research?😭😭

    matthew walker

    This proves that people act then think. 1k likes on a comment that is absolutely a scam. Wake up people!!!!

Ramazan Efe Ceran

Interesting when an event happens like this one and suddenly there’s Amazon and their *AMZT30* banger




    it’s real, they pushed that. See the guy on camera on coinmarketcap talking about it? think would be dumb to do so if scam lol


    @Pochigord This fool is a bot


    @Rakiell oh me too? gonna call all ppl fool for took the 5 min to figure it’s real?

    Ben Herron

    @Pochigord ​If it’s real, there would be official statements from amazon… the only people talking about it have been the people promoting it. Buying in BTC / crypto means the “customer” can’t force a refund, and the money is untraceable.

Hunter x craft

I hope they have some demo models in the apple stores or Best Buy. I would love to try one 😫

Mark Cruz

Amazing piece of tech but i doubt people will use it that much as they presented. I think glasses like Xreal, Rokid and Viture is the the first to go mainstreem although having limited capability, its cheaper and easier to wear. hope samsung starts making these to add to their eco


It’s interesting. Everyone who uses it, is largely experiencing it alone. I don’t think they showed any type of screen-sharing functionality.

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