Apple Vision Pro: First Impressions

CNET's Scott Stein offers up his first impressions of the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset that debuted at Apple's WWDC conference in Cupertino, CA.

0:00 Intro
0:16 Vision Pro Price
0:44 Vision Pro Display
1:18 Vision Pro Interface and hand tracking
2:01 Vision Pro Design
2:49 Vision Pro Mixed Reality passthrough cameras
3:35 Disney on the Vision Pro

Read the CNET Article for more information:
Vision Pro: Apple Finally Unwraps Ambitious, Long-Rumored VR Headset at WWDC

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Wyatt Noise

Battery should have been thicker to shoot more for a 3 hour on-face time before it dies. 2 hours is barely long enough to watch most movies these days.

    Nathan Casey

    Yeah and you know they won’t let you use a third party power bank


    It’s first gen

    Gus Ellerm

    10000000% upsell on bigger battery packs at different price points.

    jon B

    Connected to power can last whole day


    7 years for 2 hour battery life. My goodness that really sucks lol


Before you start saving up your cash to buy this thing, don’t forget: This is the FIRST model.
Expect A LOT of bugs.
Doesn’t matter how long they test it, eventually something is going to pop up that they didn’t encounter while testing.

    L.A. Gonzalez

    so like every tech device ever sold then. got it.


    i would wait for a version 2 or 3


    Don’t have to save but will not be buying this dinosaur with a 2 hr battery life

    Dominic Isidore

    @LifeisGood you can also keep it plugged to be used all day.

    Æon Dæmonium

    This is Apple, they are synonymous with excellence and quality, I bet this is going to be almost perfect at launch

jon B

Maybe getting second gen, in the meantime will sell my quest 2 and get the quest 3 coming soon. I am glad apple came to this market, now meta will have to really innovate and updathenthis cartoonish worlds

Jack Trainor

If I wanted something that expensive I would get the quest pro


    Id say wait for quest 3. Cheaper and has a depth camera, which will actually make it better for the AR functionality. Making it similar to apples device but with worse quality

    Phoenix Playground

    I am not sure if you understand they are not exactly the same? One is a gaming device another is a futuristic computer.


    It’s not for you.
    They are marketing towards the same early adopters who paid 10 K for that first Apple Watch ⌚️


    @Tonabillity The first Apple Watch did not cost 10k. Some versions of the Apple Edition did cost 10k, but that was released alongside a standard model.

Andrew Souder

sounds like im going to wait 3 years for it to get cheaper.


These explanations are mildly interesting, but none of this matters until someone does a hands on with the visor.


    I agree. But when apple brags about a feature, it typically works. Well. But we’ll see. If it actually works, it’ll be far more impressive than the current mixed reality systems


    ​@Hetzerogeneous Did they announce what’s the field of view?

    Phoenix Playground

    Developers will get one (which they need to return to). Wait for their stories (assuming they can talk about it).


    just gonna for thrill seeker to talk about it


    @AmrGdr idk man. Meta also has an XR system, but those are expensive as well at $1500 (still not as expensive as Apple’s).
    I used HoloLens 2’s controls (by Microsoft) and it is quite sluggish and crap. Assuming that Apple’s controls (without controllers) actually works as advertised, it’ll definitely be a game changer.


No doubt Apple will release a bunch of different Battery Accessories. The modular design means we could definitely see a battery strap, and battery packs with more battery life.

    MeianJū Naihatsu

    Exactly. I’m surprised, this is the first comment I see actually understanding this possibility.

    MeianJū Naihatsu

    A video by AppleInsider mentions and shows a USB-C port on the battery pack. Perhaps any power bank can be used through it. Hope they show us all options sooner than later.

    Allen H

    999 dollars for battery module

    Phoenix Playground

    You only need battery when you are out and about, otherwise it can connect to power adapter for unlimited power via USB-C (as long as you are near any outlets). If you plan to watch Avatar on the beach where the nearest power plug is miles away, I would suggest to bring a few power banks to recharge the battery.


    @Allen H third party bro

Charioles Ex

With no general controller option at $3500, I really hope their hand gesture feature is good enough that it won’t cause annoyance in the long term.
I’m also glad to see Meta has another major competitor now that they’d be pushed to be more innovative and competitive.
I’d expect better things coming from them in the near future as a consumer/user.

    allan allen

    at $3500 I can show them a hand gesture

    Kareen Dotson


    BUT $3,500🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🚮🗑🗑🗑


    @Kareen Dotson This obviously isn’t for you. It’s not a gaming device

    Kareen Dotson

    @Jdb it’s Microsoft kinnect on steroids 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    HY 314

    It is a 4K tv and a camera, if you don’t plan to play AAA games on it then you don’t really need a controller. Just like many overpriced Apple products, you are getting it for the ease of use, if it’s not ready for grandpa and grandma, Apple wouldn’t start selling them.


‪Apple: “We’re worried about myopia”‬
‪Also Apple: “Strap these screens to your face”‬

    Jordan Taylor-Bartels

    not an issue with VR with the focus point being so far in the distance.

Basit Saliu

As someone who have been wearing prescription glasses since age 14 and also colour blind this is so appealing.

    Johnnys Chingaderas

    First hint I thought can you adjust for people with terrible eye sight lol


    I don’t really see how either of those two things are relevant to why you would want it. Care to explain?

    Jake Beck

    ​@Jdb Just guessing as another glasses user, using this to watch TV or movies or computer screens I guess you’d essentially have “perfect vision”, especially if you can’t see far away in your daily life. I’m not entirely sure how it works, though, I haven’t tried a VR headset.


    @Jake Beck You have to order magnetic lenses that fit your prescription.for VR if you don’t want to or can’t wear your glasses or contacts when playing, otherwise everything will still look as out of focus as they do in real life. I assume if someone could afford this headset they could also afford contact lenses, though there may be other reasons they can’t use contacts

    Patryk Patty

    ​​@Jake Beckig disagree, i have mild myopia (-1.5) and when in VR I see exactly the same as i would in real life.
    The lenses inside VR headsets make your eyes focus the way they would in real life. I need to wear contacts when using vr to comfortably see, otherwise everything is a blurry mess


I’d be interested in the motion sickness with these. Especially if you can see out the front.


    Also eye health


For all those complaining about battery, I’m sure third parties will release much larger 8 hour versions of these batteries

    R S

    That’s a ridiculous excuse.


This will be 1/4 as cool as it looks in the demo’s like every other tech that’s ever been released.


Google, Samsung, Disney, Apple & was that a Sony pro controller?! Sounds like it’s gonna be a banger! Cheers


What would be amazing is being able to connect it to any computer(and consoles) to work as a display, especially for games.


    don’t forget this is apple we are talking about !! apple doesn’t play well with other brands

Bill Puhl Jr

Just going to wait until Quest 3 comes out. No way that I would spend $3500 for the Apple headset! I’ve been happy with Quest 2 since it came out and I’m sure Quest 3 will be a big improvement!!!

    Kou Chun

    영상 처리가 핵심인데..Quest가 HW를 공급 불가능할듯..

Trauriger Seifenspender

Looks amazing.
Hopefully you have more than one screen for your actual computer though. Don’t need my iMessages in the corner… give me more screens!

Katiso P

People will wait until it brings a whole new compelling function.
I remember saying that about 25 years ago when i got an infrared virtual keyboard for my birthday, and people were like that’s the future.

Nicholas Lim

Apple brought Standby Mode to iOS17 I think next year they going to bring it to the iPadOS once there is an iPad with MagSafe. Apple likes to put iPhone features on iPad one year later. I.e Widgets customisation (iOS 15/iPadOS 16) and Home Screen Customisation (iOS16/iPadOS 17)


And then later there’s Apple Vision AIR, probably 25% cheaper (but still expensive) than the PRO and targeted for a larger crowd. If you just wanna watch movies or play games, NReal Air AR is awesome to get. You can hook it up to your PS, Xbox and some other gaming devices.

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