Apple Vision Pro first look

We got a first look at Apple’s new Vision Pro headset at WWDC. It features a separate battery pack and is controlled with eyes, hands, and voice. It will start at $3,499 and launch early next year in the US. #apple #wwdc23 #technology

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Even if I could afford this, I would still wait for the second gen model. The battery would probably see an improvement and there would be broader app support by then.


    Agreed, early adopters will have to fund this for the time being

    Gerson Gaete

    why even care about battery? it has a battery pack, just buy a bigger one or an expansion for it. if you are just gonna use it while sitting on a sofa and not moving around, buy a massive 40 thousand mah with a long enough cable and just leave it on a desk or on the floor. Or buy multiple batteries and switch when they run low.

    A c

    Yeah, But the second gen won’t come out for years… they’re not going to update it after a year like an iPhone. Also, you can use it plugged in, so the battery isn’t as big of a problem. I mean I personally wouldn’t walk around with that thing on my head lol


    My ppl over in China 🇨🇳 got a mod coming soon 10 hr


    That’s basically the point of this, it’s essentially a productized developer kit. They aren’t expecting to sell millions, they just need devs to get their foot in the door so when the tech catches up and they can release a comparable non-pro version for ~1k it will have been ironed out with tons of app support.

    All the leaked production numbers show they’re only trying to make something like 500k units and that development on the non-pro consumer version is already well underway.


Microsoft and Nvidia should team up to flesh out a consumer grade hololens


    They will definitely come up with a cheaper copy of this but might jut be MS poweredby nvidia

    Sora Granda

    I mean, they have a more mature api, nvidia have the tegra gpu being really good and microsoft have the Qualcomm 8xc gen 4 coming next year (though that is more comparable with an M1 than an M2).

    Either way is difficult… that said, apple solution is overprice, way more than other times XD.

    Dial 2

    This is basically what Windows Mixed Reality is (and to an extent, OpenXR).
    The libraries are in place, the hardware just needs to catch up.


    Nvidia’s lower-power offerings are lackluster. AMD maybe.


    ⁠@Sora Granda and nividea and microsoft will have a hot VR headset like real heat on your head😢

Kenneth P

I can remember a time paying over $3000 for a top-of-the-line Mac Pro desktop and that was a 1990s dollars.

    Dial 2

    Now you can pay $3000 to awkwardly point at iPad apps while your family tries to figure out what you’re doing!

    Hyper IND

    @Dial 2  😆

    Name Same

    $1 dollar back then is worth $2.32 today. So this would have costed $1293.10 in 1990. It’s called inflation.


    ⁠@Name Same more like 3000 x 2.32


I’ll buy the Vision SE for $999


    I honestly doubt they will make it. At that point you can just get the oculus


    @Matic Oculus is mostly focused on games right now and apple has the ecosystem. For content consumption this seems much more enjoyable when it comes to resolution and who knows what we’ll have by then. Also they call themselves meta now


    @Matic that’s what apple always does. Maybe after 2years to encourage more people buying it…more users more developers will develop for it


    ​@matic8255 they will, probably not exactly an “SE” but they are planning on releasing more “affordable” variants after the release of the Vision Pro, hence the “PRO” on the end of its name.

    F L R S H

    @Matic But Oculus is not apple , you dont get the software and capability


I’ll consider it when they release V3 that costs 1K or less.

    DM White

    I don’t see this or any variation going below 1k in the next 5 years at least

    Loc ‘Nes

    Keep dreaming

    Davi Gama

    They wont make all this massive effort value less than 2k, it’s another level


The vision pro 2 is gonna be insane.

    The other “No” dude

    Vision Air 2 is definitely going to be a hit.

    The Seeker

    You mean the Reality One? They trademarked both Reality Pro and Reality One.


    @The Seeker no Vision Air 2 is 7 years after the One


    @The Seeker And yet the OS was called VisionOS instead of xrOS & Vision Pro instead of Reality Pro. I think it was a headfake.


    alright tell your mom to chill with the late night calls

Zach Cooper

My guess is this is really targeting the design industry. It doesn’t seem overly useful for anything else without peripherals, and it’s priced so heavily that it’s unlikely that anyone outside of specific industries will see it as worthwhile.

    Mingqi Zhu

    Yep. Still too early for general public unless they can get rid of the battery pack and make it thinner.


    100% agree. Unless I want to play a really immersive, well-designed game or watch a 3D movie I don’t need a headset at all. I don’t even use FaceTime Video cause I find it too intrusive at times. Curious where this is going tho.

    James Pendergrass

    Go watch apple’s announcement video. You can connect to your apple computer just by looking at it, and use the processing power of your Mac while it displays everything from the computer on the headset, and headphones are apparently unnecessary since the headset maps the whole room you’re in, in order to tune the speakers into an incredible spatial audio experience apparently. Headset maps a complete 3D structure of your face, shoulders, and torso to show ALL of your expressions that the headset picks up with it’s cameras and sensors. It’s incredibly advanced


    I believe the main purpose of releasing these goggles is to further facilitate to their image… which is really what people buy into at the end of the day, even if they aren’t buying these goggles specifically. The simplistic, stylish, borderline designer ‘sphere’ of products has evidently made a lot of heads turn since the iPhone. A great example is the addition of the Apple Watch, or AirPods Max. The ideas aren’t new, or timeless. The functionality isn’t a necessity in any scenario, but the rounded corners (both metaphorically and physically), the concepts, the class, is what we are buying into repeatedly. Similar to how an artist will create a unique atmosphere in an album for people to be enthralled by, and pulled into using a variation of covers and sounds, Apple has created a unique lineup of products, all adhering to an image, for us *to believe*

    Alex Mayer

    @James Pendergrass I watched the event and my mind was blown away at how many unique and revolutionary features the vision pro offers. And i have a Vive and a Quest 2 and from someone having used both of those for many years i will have to say that Vision Pro is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else after watching the event. And it’s sad that people think it’s overpriced, i thought its going to be $4,999. Lastly the Vision Pro is at the same price as the Holo Lens $3500. And Holo Lens just pissed its pants.


When tech like this becomes mainstream, I can only imagine the amount of live streaming that will be going on. I wonder if the cell companies will bring back data caps.


    y’all don’t have data caps?


    ​@unlink i do

    Kirill Parhomenko

    ​@unlink nope. At least here in Europe, Latvia we have an unlimited call/sms/data plan for 25-30 ish euros. If you tell your provider that you want to leave them for another provider, they will offer you a personalised discount. That’s how I am now on everything unlimited for 13 euros a month 😅

    Rafał Knapik

    ​@Kirill Parhomenko Same in Poland, I have all unlimited for the equivalent of auround 8 USD, with 5G that is actually good and covers the whole city

    Jack Smith

    This is junko

Sergio Teixeira

Reminds me of the first apple watch when they even brought a gold apple watch. And they put all kinds of things between hardware and software and they slowly but surely positioned the product as a health and fitness device.


    The gold watch was an irrelevant niche variant. These goggles are $3,500 for the main product. The best comparison here is the Lisa. Wait for the “Mac” headset instead.


    @j1000a extremely well put

    Tatiana ES

    @j1000a NOT sure how good the device would be “macified”, meaning Apple Vision without the “Pro”. It all makes sense only with the components this good. This means that Apple will probably only sell Vision Pro in 2024, and then move the device to become Vision model in 2025, while introducing an upgraded device as Vision Pro.

    Tatiana ES

    The main positioning here is a giant high-resolution, HDR and wide gamut stereo/3D screen with truly surround sound. For now, however, if you have $3.6K to buy thing thing, you can already buy a real giant screen and a real surround audio system for $$5-10K. The only advantage of Vision is that it is 3D, but there is not a lot of video content for this. The big change might come when Vision will cost like $600, but by then giant TVs will also become cheaper.

    Der Birra

    It has the „pro“ in the name to justify the price. For years we’re now manipulated to associate pro with expensive but worth the extra charge

Joel Justin

I feel this could indirectly be a saving grace for Meta, given that Apple’s offering has suddenly made the Quest Pro and its successors sound like a bargain.


    The hardware is not super great without the software and the ecosystem. I can see why this could work and why the Meta hardware didn’t.

    Dennis Brännvall’s #1 Fan

    @unlink the meta hardware did work! The Quest 2 is the best selling headset of all time. They are not in the same market.


    @Dennis Brännvall’s #1 FanThat’s a very low bar to cross lol. Best selling headset ? There is no market yet. And META is losing $4 Billion per quarter on REALIT LABS and has absolutely no path to profitability yet. They sell every quest for a huge loss


    @Well Best Selling headset while surpassing Xbox sales. Try again.


    @ilikestuff Had the og oculus dev kit, htc vive, and the $300 quest 2, the quest 2 is very impressive for its cost and immersion in games is pretty unbeatable for the cost.. Its a standalone device and im assuming many people will buy it during the wait for release. I use a 360hz monitor normally so thats my standard.. and the quest 2 is my only vr headset i got rn, all i needed and is very impressive for the cost, fr.

mathew anderson

This does look awesome. But it’s a bit to expensive. I’d pay about $2500 I think

    I got 5 on it

    2k at most

    Juan Matus


Joel Justin

The popularity of Vision Pro mostly relies on third party app development interest. There’s a reason why not many games were ported to Mac OS, and that is the size of target consumers not being big enough for the development to be justifiable. It’s still a new tech, and Apple should really focus on making a lower cost version in the coming years to trigger mass adoption.

    Major Mononoke

    well, this could be pretty useful for people that need to read an ultimate large amount of text like students. But since this people usually dont have that much money, this seems to be an other waste of money for the hippos…

    Albyx Rourouni

    I agree, but I do think that there’s two kind of “people” that will buy this = early adopters/Apple fans, and corporations willing to give mixed reality a go in their offices. Apple really sold its usability in the professional space; this isn’t an amateur’s tool, so it’s not priced like one.

    If we think about other headsets, they’re aimed specifically at gaming and not much else. Honestly, it would be awesome to see Sony expand the usability of its own VR headset, with that said.

    Hendrik G

    They should collab with Sony

    arturin rabag

    Not really, apple can pull it off 50% of the way just like the iPad, right now the biggest interest of it is to expand screens across the MacBook in any place, there is no 3rd party need there.

    arturin rabag

    Not really, most of the people want this to have multiple screens over their MacBook

The other “No” dude

Without a doubt something much cheaper is on the horizon. The hefty price is probably coming from the fact that this is an “early adopters” product + the “Apple premium”

Can’t wait for this to advance so much that it’ll look like literal thin ski goggles and more aligned to something you can wear everyday and doesn’t look ridiculous in public. It’s definitely going to happen, just needs time.

    Major Mononoke

    ski goggles look ridiculous in public in any other situation than sking. Though you could mix it with the rest of your superhero outfit. And than go to the streets to save cats etc .


    I could imagine Apple taking a similar approach to something like the NReal in the future


    @Major Mononokelmfao I really want to save this comment to look back in 10 years when everyone is wearing ski goggles in public 😂


    I think physical discomfort is a bigger factor than looks

David Pat

I would already prefer to get this over a really expensive monitor.


    First think what it will do to your head and brain. I don’t think it will be healthy to spend so many hours using any VR goggles as you spend working/playing using external monitor.

    Jack Smith

    I d take a monitor

    Sam Faisal

    If you don’t why expensive monitors are expensive, and what they can do, you’re not the target audience of expensive monitors

Mohamed Ansary

Apple’s Vision Pro headset looks sleek and packed with advanced technology. The blend of augmented reality and virtual reality is exciting, but the high price point may deter some potential buyers. It’ll be interesting to see how it competes with the more affordable options in the market. Impressive innovation from Apple!

    wertygo spiner

    is there anyone who actually got to test out their “technology”, cause I can’t find a single test drive of this VR headset only the ads promising a lot of things that Apple hardware is too weak to handle

Matthew Theobald

This is cool tech, and it’s nice to more companies coming into the VR/AR market, but boy oh boy this thing is expensive as hell. I get it’s an early adopter product, but even then it’s steep.


Few years down, i can imagine this product coming in sunglasses…. Then spectacles… Then lenses and we’ll be able to measure people’s power levels and pick fights

    Sarthak Rajour


    wertygo spiner

    isn’t that just google glass at that point?

    Tuan Nguyen

    @wertygo spiner it’s a joke ref to “scouter” from Dragon Ball franchise.

    Hari Siregar

    It’s over 9000 !!!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯

    Nelani Mbewe



I’ll need to see people using it to get a feel of the experience but at this point, and that price, it’ll be hard sell, ironically because of Apple.

The experience of using this needs to be amazing and useful enough that someone would forgo buying a MacBook Air, iPhone and Airpods Max for one of these. So far, I’m not convinced. Looks cool tho.


3rd party Developer access is huge and is mainly what a device like this rides on. Being as widespread as Apple is I can really see this taking off in the next few years. Just imagine organisations funding development of apps used for medicine, engineering, etc.. This could be huge not because the tech is anything new, but because of its ease of use and potential wide app variety.

Only thing right now though is that price tag, yikes 😬 nonetheless, many people will still buy it


I’d like to see a 3D spatial phone call where one can virtually pop out to the other end of the line. Imagine if they put a 360 camera on the gear set.

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