Apple Vision Pro: I Tried Apple’s AR/VR Headset

An amazing display and impressive cameras: I found a headset that makes movies look great, and blends reality impressively. But there’s more we still don’t know.

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Apple Vision Pro Hands-On: This Is the Headset I'd Use to Watch 3D 'Avatar'

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Hunter King

As a day trader I think this will be awesome to have a butt load of screens opened all at once. Having monitors and tvs everywhere gets cluttered.


    I am just dont sure yet how the Dom will work and how will you select what charts to trade on.

    Hunter King

    @naxT890 Yeah, but I think the possibility is 100% there to make it work.

    Mason Zink

    Day trading is just gambling


    As a day trader u can also afford that in India due to currency differences people struggle to even buy the latest iphone pro max model

    Andrew Areva

    VR is only for closers.


it looks awesome, and I’ve seen one VR dev within my circle praising that it fixed the issues that VR currently has.
now, the problem is that the pricing is _very_ steep, would be great if their later releases dropped the price


    This is AR… Not VR.

    Jalen Crisp

    @Powerhouse It has VR capabilities. It is VR and AR.


    @Jalen Crisp Is not advertised as VR, not on the presentation nor the Website. Saying its VR is misleading and it doesnt even have controller for VR gaming.


    @Powerhouse Almost everything that matters overlaps between the two. Motion tracking, visual fidelity, interaction, physical weight and comfort of device.

    Frank Martinez

    @Powerhouset showed it can be paired with Bluetooth controller it showed the ps5 controller


I want to know about how it interfaces with OTHER headset wearers that may be in the same room. There was a whole lot of people sitting alone on a couch using it…what if someone else wants to watch the game with me? Can they see an identical layout so we can have a shared experience?

    Miguel Issac Favela

    Apps get an early approach at it so I wouldn’t be surprised if they make it work like that which is genius

    Elly Morcillos

    I mean content sharing already exists in the apple echo system, should be something similar.

    Origami Mambo

    I know they mentioned that you could share watching the same video through Apple TV in the intro video. So maybe its app specific but it is possible. I would think this could be a fun aspect in gaming too.


    SharePlay already exists, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t expand it into this OS.

    Suyash Krishna Das

    You already can have shared experience by tapping your iPhone. So I guess there is or there will be that feature soon.

Jean, but in french

I wish you’d told us about the field of view and fidelity, is it near indistinguishable from real life? Is it comfortable? Can it replace a computer?




    @SUBJECTOBJECT have u tested?

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    @juap! No

    Grant Merle

    @SUBJECTOBJECT can i borrow 100$

Sharon B.

Thank you for this. I was amazed watching the keynote. I’m not interested at this point in hearing about all the other failed AR devices or the many ways this device fell short. I appreciate your focus on what we can actually get excited about for the future..

    Jedi Exile

    Apple testing stuff on rich customers from California. That’s what you can be excited about for the next 5 years.

Mike Teok

Yes, this is insanely expensive.
But also insanely spec-ed.

It is nice to see something like this come out and imagine one day the price actually come down.

I cant afford it now, but I am exciting to see it come out.

    Amit Kumar

    Thats the issue. Similar 8k devices from other manufacturers were rejected as too expensive even at 1500-2000$. Suddenly this is ground breaking. One thing Apple is really good at is media management.


    ​@Amit KumarI mean, you’re forgetting about the reputation that Apple has. When a small company launches a similar device without a competitive price it will just die.


    @Amit Kumar Many elements such as comfort, aesthetic, integrated OS, passthrough experience, and promise for future development and price decrease make this device more noteworthy. The real excitement isn’t for this Pro version, but the one they’ll release in a few years for $1800 that will still be a better experience than the ones you’re referencing.

    Mike Teok

    @Amit Kumar I only know one 8k VR headset, which is Pimax. The difference between Pimax and Apple is Pimax need a beefy computer to run with, and Vision Pro is a standalone computer.

    I am not sure if Pimax is actually rejected but obviously Pimax can’t do AR well with cable connected to computer.

    That guy says the hand gesture is extremely smooth makes me eager to try too. I have Meta Quest 1 and the hand gesture is not so good.

    Many people actually complaining the price and being sarcastic towards Apple. But I think this is a device that you cant find one out there.

    In short, I think it has its value and doesnt deserved the hate.

    Royce Lamoureux

    yes, it is well specced. but unless they announce things to DO with it that doesnt involve strictly viewing alternatives, its worthless.

Xavier Pierre

first demo is already better then most things the price tag is pretty big but i think they are going for a product that will be useful to some people while they innovate on a cheaper product like an air version for later use. also making new chips can be expensive as well as new display technology

    Paul Tuff.

    At the very least Apple will “help” lower prices gradually for Micro OLED(?) and they probably want to throw those sweet displays in their entire product range, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watchs, Pro Displays, future headsets, TVs(?), Apple Car(?), honestly who knows what else they even want to try to sell next…

    Gabus Deux

    Apple car. If you get into an accident you need to buy a new one because it’s “unfixable”

Samuel Nam

This is promising.. The first few people who got to try it are all saying it’s the best take on mixed reality headset yet.

Chester Wang

Great description of your experience! What was it like with your prescription lens with the headset?

Brian Donegan

They aren’t saying so now, but one day a headset like this will allow a legally blind person, like me, the ability to see as if I have 20/20 vision. I have no doubt that’s possible in the next 10 years and I’m so excited about that potential future

    Logan Goldstein

    And also deaf people to have closed captions for real life interaction


    dude me too, im not blind but im hype for you. thinking about that and the possibility would be cool


    How would a headset do this versus regular glasses?

    Kevin W. Clark

    ​@Logan Goldstein I’m sure they already have that.


    @IDontKnowWhatImDoing Most likely just by virtue of seeing through cameras and being able to zoom in. Kind of like how if you attend a giant lecture hall, or get nosebleed seats at a venue, you’ll often people watch the stage through their phone zoomed in.


Imagine entire movies that are experienced in 3D space. Not just 3D popping out of a screen, but sitting right in front of the characters like you’re sharing the space like a play.

    Milan Nesic

    There are short VR movies on Youtube, and it does not look good. Does not look like a movie. There might be tricks that could be done to make movies work well in VR.


    I feel like a first person viewed movie, where you are one of the characters could be cool. Action and horror seem like prime examples

    Anaïs Martinez

    Lol so we’d have gone all the way back to theater

    Conservative Juggalo Podcast

    Imagine games that do this in VR, which this device is not 😱

    Farrel Clement

    Already exist as a game on SteamVR.


Once these are available to be demoed, Apple Stores will be jam packed with people waiting to try it out. Price tag will be out of reach for many, but the buzz it will create at physical Apple stores will be epic, leading to increased sales at these stores.



    Anaïs Martinez

    Im definitely waiting to go and try one

    Larry C

    Waiting for cheap Chinese copies on ebay and Amazon.


    @ARTOROBOTO {TV} Yea, yes. Just wait.


    @Larry C Right, how’s that cheap iPhone copy doing?

micaiah middleton

A couple of times he was describing a feature and he got this far off look in his eyes…. They did it guys, they actually did it.

John Hudson

As a fan of VR the two things that caught my eye with this headset first is the ability to look at your computer monitor and then the screen automatically pops up in the Apple Vision Pro(basicly connecting the headset to your computer without being tethered); the next option I really liked was that your avatar is actually your real face (not a cartoon) with facial tracking which would really make the experience of talking & hanging out with someone that’s half way around the world in VR/AR feel that much more authentic and personal. I am curious if Apple will have their own version of the Metaverse; it would be cool with the realistic Avatars and hopefully more realistic worlds(not just polygons) but I am not sure how many people will jump at a $3500 price tag. How would you say this experience compares to the Meta Quest Pro? is it dramatically better?


    Tethering the headset to the macbook immediately raised my eyebrows! In order for that to work without massively downgrading image quality they would have to REALLY cut down on latency in a way I don’t think is currently possible in a commercial project. I think the closest thing to that would be steamlink streaming a game from one computer to another on your network, which involves far less compute and uses lower resolution; but even that has noticeable latency.


    ​​@KB Lag free remote desktop has been a thing for decades , even the Quest 2 has had this ability for years


    @Mission Virtual desktop definitely isn’t lag free without throttling bitrate unless you’re using the link cable, and this headset’s resolution is almost 10x in comparison. Idk the refresh rate of apple vision but if it’s 120hz than streaming perfect fidelity would literally be pushing the specs of WiFi6

    Andrés Maldonado

    I Hope for NO metaverse, let other companies do that while Apple focuses on making this the laptop replacement.


    It was the opposite for me. Knowing how good the screen sharing (and extension) of the Mac-iPad link is, my concern is only in how high quality will really the whole picture be. I don’t see a problem with Mac exactly.

Mohit Chhabra

I am super thrilled about what this would do for astronomy and related apps. It’s going to be a personal planetarium but so much better.

    Viktor Gyory

    have you tried “Titans of space” for Oculus VR ?


    @Viktor Gyory you cant compare oculus to this💀 this is on a whole different level

    Viktor Gyory

    I agree with you ,but for someone interested in astronomy and never tried “Titans of space” app in VR would be very interesting experience for fraction of price $299 + $9 app or even cheaper from used market…possibly price of the charger for apple VR 😢

Summit K

Imagine pairing this with something like unreal engine 5 and spacial 3D, the mind trip with photorealistic environments would be insane. The next 10 years of this technology is exciting!

    Christopher Aguilar

    And this is nothing, once quantum computers become accesible for everyone, humanity will be in another level, you will be able to live your whole life virtually (not sure that’s good though…).

    Sean Kanoog

    @Christopher Aguilar So …. the Matrix?

    Alan Tse

    Apple has bad relationships with Epic, I highly doubt that lol

    J M

    I tried the meta VR headset not long ago. My first time trying VR. It is absolutely insane. You feel like you’re in a different world. Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve tried. To imagine what it could be like in 10 years 🤯

    Robinson Presotto

    You mean UNITY right? They did 😀


The more and more I see of this kind of stuff the more I appreciate the real life. I hope most would be able to afford it so I can see less people outside😂. They usually spoil everything.

Cory Key

Was definitely there in the 2014/2015 when motion graphics teams were making 2D reels for headset capabilities that never delivered. Everything was overhyped backed then but laid the ground work for today’s announcement. 4K per eye is unbelievable. VR/AR 2.0. Much love to all the headsets that got us here and hopefully will be inspired to keep breaking ground. rising tide lifts all boats. Good day for ar/vr

    Conservative Juggalo Podcast

    Please stop calling this thing VR


    They’re releasing it at a time where superfluous tech purchases are at a low not seen since 2009. Worst economy in history and they think they’re going to sell 2500 dollar headsets. Microsoft and their Hololens would like a meeting

    Why Google?

    It’s XR. Mixed Reality! Thanks Microsoft!


Really enjoyed seeing this its not often something new comes up from apple and the user experience will be pretty epic.
I saw in the clips last night you can show your macbook on your headset. I’m wondering if you will be able to do the same with apple TV. For folks that have pretty amazing home theather setups with amazing sound systems. That will be epic. Have sound coming out of your own high end speakers with good base. And have this immersive experience with the headset.

Sho Jo

I never thought I’d ever say this but I’m buying it. You only live once and the Apple Vision Pro seems to be revolutionary.

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