Apple Vision Pro Impressions!

I tried Apple's first ever spacial computing device, a $3500 VR headset. There are my honest thoughts.

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Not gonna lie I’m getting the strongest “real life Black Mirror” vibes I’ve ever had from this and it feels absolutely surreal

    Zaydan Alfariz

    Yeah, it defo looks like it. Maybe Apple should redesign it to something other than ski glass


    Also, Watching a guy take a photo of his kids playing, while wearing ski goggles in the presentation might be the bleakest thing I’ve ever seen.

    Glenda Baptiste

    This is as small as Apple could manage for now. I’m sure it will be refined in future versions


    especially in the memory section that was uthopian as hell… When the price will drop let’s get ready even for more isolation! (to be fair the price is lower then expected I don’t get why people are freaked out, the tech is indeed impressive, especially if it’s going to work as well as shown)

    Zaydan Alfariz

    @MrUnknown Imagine being used for…


Was surprised how much of the content promoted was 2D instead of 3D or 6DOF. I hope they have YouTube available on day one with 360 videos


    Pardon my ignorance, no sarcasm intended, what is 6DOF, if you don’t mind educating me?

    R Shramik

    Yt with snoop Dogg

    Connor Tribble

    @R Shramikbeat me to it


    @opinionated_take 6 degrees of freedom, i.e. stuff can rotate in all 3 axes and move around in all 3 axes

The Engineering Mindset

I’ve had the oculus for a while, it was revolutionary when I got it and I loved the idea of being able to have extra screens and a nice work environment. But quickly you realise your eyes get sweaty, hot and sore from using the device. The battery life isn’t good. The device is heavy on your face. You look ridiculous and aren’t going to wear it outside the house. I haven’t used it in months. Will this device have the same pitfalls? Perhaps it will finally crack the VR market because of the loyalty of the fans, but the price point is so high, how many people can justify the price.



    Moon Man

    have you seen the quest 3?

    Stefan Bernhard

    Its absurd. But sets the stage for brands to set more competitive prices.

    Dennis P

    This is a first gen product to market, I don’t see it taking off in the consumer space but I do see it being very competitive in the enterprise space and government space.

    Specifically, being a strong competitor to Microsoft HoloLens. Give it a few generations to see where it really ends up going.

    I was a early adopter of the 1ST gen HTC vive and a few generations later cost game down and the product got soo much better

    One thing that apple is doing which is massive and gets me excited is the fact you can get custom prescriptions for the lens. As someone that wears glasses, it was one of the key factors that stopped me from using VR headsets since it requires me to put in contacts among other prep work.

    Morgan Rennie

    A big hurdle for VR is when you have guests at your house. Game consoles, TV, even phones are all acceptable to use. But someone visiting doesn’t want to sit there while you’re in VR.

    The dad at the birthday is a perfect example. That is too socially unacceptable for now

Karl Rock

Great explanation. It’ll be really fun to try out and experience it that first time. Can’t imagine I’d buy one and use it a lot though, not yet anyway.

    Heheh Boiii

    2.67M subscribers but 26 likes? (first)
    _Actual comment:_
    *_Honestly, I don’t understand how the hand gestures are convenient. It’s just not familiar._*


    I believe in a few years when people are getting used to it and the technology isn’t that expensive anymore, it can become a pretty normal thing to own and use in a variety of ways

    Ninx Music

    you have to buy it 😉


    costly though for a middle class guy but memories are important


    @Heheh Boiii all his subscribers may not be here?

Guilty Spark

I’m excited to see how technology evolves and what developers can do with the vision pro. For now I’ll stick with my cheaper nreal airs. We’ll see what the future brings.

Spooky Barns

There’s a reason Marques is at the top of this game. His enthusiasm is contagious. He’s so genuine.


    The glazing and ball gargling is crazy

    Lia Khan

    @danceyrselfkleen why are you ball gargling fam


    @danceyrselfkleen L


    @danceyrselfkleen I agree. It’s actually pathetic.


    This guy reviews dope bleeding edge tech for a living. To have him this impressed, this thing must be the future.


I think the key thing about the “two-way passthrough” creepy eyes is that, despite its uncanny valley potential, it very clearly communicates to *other people* that you can see them.

It intuitivy communicates that, despite the fact that i’m wearing a headset, im still able to have a conversation with you. With any other VR headset, having the headset on is basically saying “dont talk to me”

It doesnt completely solve the VR isolation problem, but I can see it making a huge difference for using the headset at home or around others, even if it’s kinda weird at first.


    Thats very true! Especially if it actually updates your expression so if you raise/lower your brows, it matches that.


    I low key like the ‘not now chief, I’m in the zone’ aspect of my quest 😅


I feel that the 3D recording part isn’t actually going to be as awkward as it seems. For years people have been recording stuff around family and friends with video cameras, and it’s been super obvious (and awkward for people before our times). It’s probably just going to feel like a uniquely shaped camera :/

    Rinkie Geintie

    i think it would best if eventually a 3d camera would be implemented in iphones, and you could send those to the headset. But i don’t think apple will change their biggest product that much just for the headset

    Adam Perry

    I see the ability to do the 3D recording being built into future iPhones. That would make the whole process much less awkward.

    Or imagine an Amazon Astro-type robot or Ring Cam-type drone with the ability to record these memories. Where it literally recorded your events for you so that you can relive them later.


    I could see a separate handheld stereoscopic camera being sold by Apple or another manufacturer to make this less awkward / prevent the inevitable spousal argument of “TAKE THAT OFF YOUR FACE”.

    JuanDa Ariza

    I mean but still is a phone. Everyone wants to take pictures and videos of the special moments in their lifes, thats why the camera exists and thats also why the cellphone is one of the most used devices for this, because is slim and it isn’t as invasive. This in exchange is huge, it doesn’t last too long and its just weird to be walking around the house with this or saying “wait wait, let me get my vr headset to record and take a picture of this moment” instead of just taking your phone and doing it. Its not like you could actually live the moment. The headset don’t record the whole environment so it won’t let you “live” the experience again since it will be just another regular picture and video, just that you can move your head around and look at it in a 3D style

    Fady Farouk

    Great point. But you’d still look ridiculous with them on.

Jayson Bumbalough

One application I could see for this tech is becoming a visor like Geordi Laforge used in Star Trek. With very clear and colorful pass through mode you could help vision impaired people see if eventually some sort of brain interface was created. That would be 10-20 years away but just an I’m expiate thought.

Fabz rossini

I’m really excited about this, cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Manuel Fernandez

I appreciate your effort to explain the technology as well as addressing some of the very same questions I had watching the introduction of this product. Thank you!

Ruli Manurung

The one thing that stood out for me after watching Apple’s release video was that ridiculous use case of the dad recording a 3D video of his kids. I had the exact same reaction that Marques had: really? there’s this precious moment unfolding right in front of you and you’re choosing to experience it from behind an opaque plastic helmet? It’s like how people pay hundreds of dollars to go to a concert and choose to view it through their smartphone display, only worse.


    Is it much worse than Dad having a giant camcorder or film recorder on his shoulder sticking out 2 feet?


    That’s pretty normal for most peoples childhoods though, Id assume. Weather its a camcorder, headset, phone, etc, there’s usually always one parent (typically the father) in the back filming everything, so they have a memory they can look back on later, at school plays, birthdays, etc.

    I’m actually shocked people find that strange.


Just leaving this here.. My heart goes to the entire community for Amazons AMZT30 building up something which is worth it for everyone. This is so smart by them to launch and shatter the doubts and fears of the common folk, which was misplaced by all the

    Plasma Supremacy

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2023 is really surprising me now that Amazons AMZT30 hit the road. After all these years of barely reading anything good I was usually just shutting down any type of media influence as much as I can but this brings back good lights and it should give hope


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I can see the reason for the display on the outside other than “neat”. It’s kind of a safety feature for people around you while you wear it. They don’t have to think, “Is he looking at me?” They just know by looking. Can cut down on the creep factor for some people.

Oleg Kozlovskii

The thing that will make it mainstream is the ability to actually look through the headset (like hololens). Maybe it will be gen 4-5, but I think it is inevitable. Currently, I don’t feel comfortable with looking at my reality (and the others perceiving me) through a digital filter 24/7.


My biggest question was about how multiple Vision Pro devices will interact with each other. What happens when two of these are together in the same room? Can you work on the same project together, in the same space? Can you have a 3D model of your friend sit on the couch next to you and watch the same movie together? How about when they’re apart–can there be a scenario where you go to your friend’s room across the country, you see each other, like in VRChat, and you can sit and have a conversation?

Fifty Fifty

The coolest part is seeing that MB is truly excited by how fast he’s talking. This is the review I’ve been waiting for since the end of the event yesterday


As a VR enthusiast starting with the Vive in 2017, I’m a bit lukewarm on the headset itself but excited to see tech giants making major investments to advance the AR/VR space.

Maluki Mbesa

Would have been nice if they added directional buttons and a select button to the battery case somehow like how the old iPods had, because I can see using my two fingers for every action getting tiring after prolonged use. 🤿

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