Apple Vision Pro – Is it worth $3500?

My full impressions of the Apple Vision Pro AR and VR headset!

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Took me a little longer to put this together than I expected, but as always, I hope it was worth the wait – I need to sleep now been up for 24 hours lol – love you guys
Also thank you for 15 Million! ♥

    Ned Gehan W. Devero

    love you too xD


    Love the vid!

    1k subs with 0 vids challenge

    Spolier: it is not perfect yet but has *A LOT* of potential

    Electro Pros – #Knowhowto

    Love you and your team!


    Arun why did you change your profile pic on YouTube?


This could be amazing at teaching people who struggle with coordination to swing a bat or hit a tennis ball. Track the ball, the racket, the court etc.

    1k subs with 0 vids challenge

    thats ambitious 😆🤣

    1k subs with 0 vids challenge

    Spolier: it is not perfect yet but has *A LOT* of potential

    First Name Last Name

    I disagree


    I dissagree


    It would have been better if they called it “Eye Mac”


I like how YouTubers see things differently. MKBHD didn’t like the recording option because it’s not how other people want to see you, and Arun loves it because it’s easy and also 3D. Love both of them

    Paul Price

    I know I might be a bad person for saying this, but the 3d recording could be used like all new products for VERY intimate times with your lady or boyfriend, p*rn has pushed all industries, VHS, and internet. imagine you can relive a intimate time with a lady in 3d, or download someone else’s….

    Anirudh Ganesh Iyer

    Ikr…Mkbhd is like my dad and Arun is like my mum…They both are amazing but have diff opinions

    Name Less

    @Paul Price it will be the most godless f***ing losers gathered together since the flashlight


    @Paul Price LMAO


I was literally dying when they showed a father recording their kid’s birthday in the presentation. Imagine being a kid blowing out candles and your father is wearing digital ski goggles ffs apple 💀😭


    Lmao bought account


    Imagine everyone using a Smartphone all day… oh wait. It is just normal now.

    Sanket Jadhavar

    Yeah but its equally awkward although much common for people having huge devices in front of face recording the birthday! We are already a society of idiots, no harm in going all the way😂

    Valentin Bonsi

    I think you forgot 25 years ago you were blowing out your candles with your father holding a 50cm long cinema camera


Great Video Arun ♥️
I totally understand your points.
I see it as a computer replacement. That would be a massive Upgrade for workspaces. As a programmer I would have anything in my view everytime
Entertainment is just a gimmick and it must be more affordable for this


    Exactly. Imagine multiple screens up without needing a single monitor.


    Yes, CAD applications could really benefit from this as well. Depends on the API though


    Yup I agree. I was hoping so much that when you get near a la top it pulls up on the big screen and the keyboard works a usual. I am so happy that actually became a possibility of the headset.

Kat Tremblay

Very captivating, yet dangerous.. As you mentioned isolation, and less family time, this product will do even more of that that.. Great video, thank you!

Miriam S.

I find the isolating aspect really interesting. I live alone and most of my communication with friends happens over written or voice chat. Joined activities are often online gaming, watching a sport game „together“ or shopping „together“ – non of which involve us sitting in one room. I’m not too sure the goggles would make much of a difference there. Meeting up in person more often than once or twice a month, is simply not realistic with the busyness of life. My BFF lives in a different country, so we usually see each other in person 2-4 times a year for some travelling. I still have tons of neighbours and colleagues I chat with, but I don’t see that changing with the goggles either – maybe it’s different for multi-people households?


    Don’t read my name…


    Might not be for everyone but I find meeting through VR/3D social platforms such as VRChat more engaging than plain text, telephone or video calls but that still doesn’t beat in-person meetings and I doubt anything will replace that but I can see people would replace longer voice and video calls with VR meetups in the future.

    I don’t think it will change multi-person households that much, depending on the households either everyone is already doing their own thing on their phones or computers, and in the future they would move to XR headsets while the households that spend their time doing activities together will continue to do so.


    @SeraphinaX VRChat should only complement IRL and be a gateway to meeting people eventually IRL.

Red Hood

I feel like for creators and artists, this would be amazing if the developers can make a compatible apps, potentially integrated stylus are art or fine precision (Pencil for Vision), it’s endless

    ivan vazquez

    By the time this is developed and a newer affordable version is out, generative AI art would have already killed most creative jobs. If you will just do it for fun and because you love the art is perfect, but if you will try to get money with art created by this well, I really have my doubts, specially if this happens in 2-3 more years.


    You forgetting AI is going to replace them huh?

    Ahrar Rahman

    *3d art*

Slice Gaming

The myopia problem with screens too close to the face is a problem with how our eyes focus on content. Because the Vision Pro allows us to interact with it like it’s out in the room, our eyes won’t be focusing ultra close like holding the iPhone or iPad too close. The interesting thing I’ve noticed is when I bought a Quest, it had adjustments to help make the screen clearer. This doesn’t have that so I’m guessing it’s going to utilize the interior cameras to make sure the content is presented in a way that adjustment won’t be necessary.

    Silver Measuring Spoons

    Nobody mentioned the motion sickness yet. I’m very prone to motion sickness and even watching this video gave me an imaginary headache. 😅

Shivam Trivedi

This is legit the best video I’ve seen on Vision Pro! I too feel that apple focusing on LiDAR, spatial audio, cross platform apps, continuity and dictation was all leading upto this! Cant wait to see what’s next 😍

    Aditya Garg

    Bhai badiya roast video bana na jaake


    there’s not that many videos so like…

    Cyaneet Noodles maker

    speaking of lidar… yeah you know the increased in horror if they use this in a maze
    edited: or in a set place


    Who asked lil bro?


I see this as a complete innovation but then things things hold me back are the price tag and 2 hours of battery back up, also i want to see what other phone makers especially Samsung’s Take on this product


    samsung had a similar thing back in like 2016 with the gear vr, but it was just for vr and nothing else

    blind vince

    For ar glasses theres rokkit and nreal

    For vr theres oculus/meta vive and playstation(but you have to have a console i think)


    Well I mean it’s like the first iPhone. It’s good but there’s lots to fix. But in the future I hop to see this innovate and transform into something like the iPhone nowadays. But this is great!


This is really well produced and put together. You are smarter than most other youtube tech reviewers and very clear at presenting.


Congrats on the 15Mil! I also definitely feel the “excited but not excited at the same time” feeling with this tech

Kamil Kubeš

To be honest many companies have invested enourmous money to find out the best solution for remote work during covid. Most of them ended up with VR. This may be great solution for remote teams and $3,5k is almost nothing compared to many unefficient meetings. Thnaks for great review.

GAMER Freaks

The Vision Pro is actually something Id love to have but right now all priorites go towards *AMZT30* which Amazon accidently put up at the same day.


    MrWhose should make a video about it too


    else not fair

    raffay asif

    shut up bots


    I like how all the little Android users are like, “Uh-oh, Amazon made a one that is cheaper and smarter!!”Dude, you haven’t used the Apple one. What do you mean it’s smarter? What the hell are you on about, LittleBoy, mfs hate on apple but thats why Samsung innovates so much but still doesn’t sell like apple.


    ​@OkaySirimagine getting baited by a bot. Lmao


great job, informative and amazing speed to get it out but top quality as always


    32 likes and 0 replies? let me fix that


    Don’t read my name…

    100K Subs Challenge With 0 Videos

    @Dont_Enter_My_Profile_ sure bro




Can we just talk about how the hell this guy literally managed to make an absolute top quality video like this less than 24 hours after the teaser of the product?

    Mr Awesome

    He’s got bunch of editors I guess??


I think this has insane potential. imagine bieng on an f1 team, collecting data, and seeing a live 3d model of the cars on the track, having every statistic possible in from of you, along with the cameras from around the car. or if you were a pilot, you could see all of the flight controls and instruments in front of your eyes, they could be rearranged, and they would be easy to read, as they wouldn’t vibrate with the plane.

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