Apple WWDC 2023: Everything Revealed in 12 Minutes

At Apple's WWDC 2023, the company revealed a slew of new hardware and software features for its products, including its much anticipated XR headset.

Read the CNET Article for more info:
WWDC 2023 Recap: Vision Pro Headset, iOS 17 and Everything Else Apple Announced

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Frank Fan

3499 is really a high price for me, after all, that’s the first version, maybe they would release Apple vision after the technology going mature and the price will go down


    Price declines in an apple device ? That would be the first time

    Frank Fan

    ​@BabyYoda1410 I mean it’s Vision Pro now, with Vision or something lower level, the price maybe would be declined.


    @BabyYoda1410 remember that SE lines exist…

    Archie Rees

    Tbh this is more of a developer and workplace product. Realistically what normal consumer will buy this, not even like its great for gaming like a oculus


    It is a beta product – they are getting first users on it. They won’t sell many compared to their other products


Finally, I can play ultra immersive sub way surfers without vandalizing trains in real life!


    Yea same, but first I must Rob the bank 😅😂


    @Tropical  True tho here in canada, it’s 5k Canadian dollars


    @NightSide02 wow 5k sounds even worse. What’s the exchange rate

Robert Oltean

“ducking word” it’s the best part of this WWDC

    Malik Kelly

    Facts 😂

    oh lord have mercy

    ngl the ipad flying into his hand was also up there

    Malik Kelly

    @oh lord have mercy Bro did a Thor

    Robert Oltean

    ​@oh lord have mercy oh yeah, best 40 seconds from this WWDC

    Spacey Vlogs

    Time Stamp?

maurice wright

$3500 Not including ppl who wear glasses who have to pay more for prescription lenses. And apple prices dont go down, the product might get better but the price ain’t dropping


    I just wear my contacts when i goto the movies or rides at universal studios. The price is definitely high but then again, apple is like the chanel or gucci of software and devices all because it cost more :/


    They might release the non pro version later with lower price instead


    It’s Apple, they’re a luxury brand, tf u expect?


    you dont actually see through it, there are cameras that simulate seeing the world


    ​@mealthy with xreal air you see thru them


The $3500 price tag is definitely targeting the upper class, I’m assuming to give Apple a good test audience. I imagine the next version will be $1700


    While xreal air is already $400

    Steven Anthony

    Of course it is. Nobody wants poors to buy their products. They are a hassle to deal with and always just focus on the price. Besides, what would some barista need AR and business apps for?

    Mike Massino

    @Steven Anthony Aren’t you a little condescending?

    Muddy Water

    I will not even buy it if they sell it for 5$. Wtf 😂😂😂

    Enter a name there

    Try $999

rajan choudhary

This breakthrough innovation is called eyesight “wow magical “

    Daniel Manan


    Bryan Bowen

    Yeah I got a good laugh at that too 😂😂😂


    I came to comments to look for this 😭😭😭

    The Red Baron

    😂I can’t stop 😂


    Can’t beat gods creation

Ex Tra

Interactive widgets is actually the most useful update for me. Standby mode is nice too since I use MagSafe stands

    Eugen Soare

    But it works only on iphone 14 and up, or? Referring to the standby mode

    Kaza | Gaming

    Why did it take so loooong though to get them interactive 🥲


    took them 10+ years


    Finally just what I wanted ads and a paywall that I a can strap to my face


    @Eugen Soare not sure until further information or until updated

Sayantan Bose

Wow! Apple has somehow discovered movable widgets! And swipe to reply on a chat! Truly, greatest innovation of 2023.

Next year, they might discover icons which can be placed anywhere on the screen.


    Or what if they invent a new technology that lets you download apps from anywhere instead of just the stupid App Store? That would be amazing and completely never seen before!


    It’s amazing to me that you can just mentally dismiss what is arguably the biggest innovation in computing since the Original iPhone. That headset will replace our phones, a cheaper version will release and as usual Android phone makers will copy it poorly.

    Infinite Blaz

    @SlothOnAStickExactly. 😂

    Gray Pmk

    @SlothOnAStick ummmm okay?


    ​@SlothOnAStickDo you really wanna get punched wearing that hideous thing out in public?!? 😂


Dont care about 3500€ i might not buy one anytime soon but i really like how they really created a very polished product , i hope that the expectations are true


    Let’s remember that if your place looks like crap, the pass through vision is money you spend and never got anything back.


Everyone’s talking about the Apple Vision, but I’m psyched about the transcribed audio messages. Such a time saver!


    im hyped for the adaptive keyboard.

    Zeerak Imran

    @Edwuano i’m excited for the voice dictation too. the current one is bad by 2014 standards. next up, i can imagine apple doing something big with siri and improving it a tonne. siri is currently super convenient and seamless but super unusable due to it being bad by idk man 2015 standards at best.

    Joson Thomas

    Google already introduced it last year and probably theirs will still be the best


    Been in wechat for years

    chronic underachiever

    ​@Joson Thomas yeai own a pixel 7pro 😂

Gamer Oyuncu

Maybe in 5 years I’ll get Vision Pro 5 but currently the best way is *Amazons AMZT30*


    Make sure to report this scam

    Adekunle Owolabi

    @Joee0201 worse is..they have bots likign the comment so they stay ontop of the page.

    aracelis salazar

    Yes that channel is known and the page I read the cointelegraph is also known. Nothing wrong with this, takes 5 minutes to see the evidence I’m talking about


    they spam this because it gives a bonus to those who follow such a code, just marketing not more


    I bought this token because it is the only thing which has value when it comes to crypto, as unfortunate as that is. But maybe that helps all of the other coins too longrun


Surprise surprise that they planned this for years with the Vision pro just to be outperformed by the *Amazon AMZT30* project in all aspects. Love it


    What’re you talking about? This is an augmented reality headset. Waffling wannabe


    Scam ignore this comment but feel free to report it


    this is a spam comment, please report


    Amazon released that for pre-sale. the video source from cmc or the other pages on cointelegraph, etc. are verified enough to say it’s real

    aracelis salazar

    Yes that channel is known and the page I read the cointelegraph is also known. Nothing wrong with this, takes 5 minutes to see the evidence I’m talking about

Alexander Zaiarnyi

The headset looked awesome, if only for a limited, first-gen product, since it doesn’t do gaming or PC streaming to my knowledge. But $3500 is even more than what was leaked! As a great man once said, the price is TGH!

    Greg A



    It does Mac streaming… that’s something. And it does games but not VR by the lack of mention so far… Oh what I’m I saying, it’s so damn saaddddd 😭😭😭

Michael L

These are some really nice QoL improvements! Should be a great update if things pan out as shown. $3500 is steep for the vast majority of people, but hopefully this + the PSVR2 can push the tech in the VR space (which has been stagnant for a while imo). The eyesight thing is actually pretty neat too. I hate the “cut off” feeling that I get when I’m using a regular vr headset.


    Im wondering two things. What do you want to do out there? What will be first? People on the moon in a non-temporary way or a majority of people in VR?


    ​@Questionmarc the former is more likely


    Have you tried a Quest? They’ve had see through mode for a couple years now, and it costs $400.


    I just realized that it looks like hololens but cheaper

    Michael L

    @Candybar121 Yes, but the use case is totally different. At most, pass through mode is good for finding your drink without taking the headset off. That’s all it really needs to do too since I only use it for games. The Vision is marketing itself as a media / productivity headset, and in that case, being able to fully engage with your environment and other people is way more important. The eyeballs on the display might be a bit much though haha. It’s a valid problem, but I’m not sure if their implementation is 100% there yet


Something Apple clearly did not plan is that Amazon came up with *AMZT30* at the same time. So what about that? Whos stronger in marketing?

    Ralph P

    Apple will always be better at creating a better experience and more seamless integration. Amazon can make a better technical product but as a whole package…There is no doubt…The visIon Pro will corner the market. This is iPod of VR/AR. Not first but better.

    Arizelle Lezira




    Wicked Hero

    Bot and scam. report guys

    Derry Arya Saputra

    ​@npc where?


For me every wwdc feels like a mix of “wow this is a really good quality of life improvement” and “this wasn’t in iOS before?!?!”

    Not RixAmoris

    Closed loop baybee…

kornilios js

I don’t think the price tag is a problem, it’s a very risky endeavor and basically the first AR device of any consequence on the market. If this pans out it could be revolutionary and of course get cheaper as time goes on. Other companies will catch on and make much cheaper versions of the same quality, it’s not like I’m going to Apple for cheap prices, their phones cost $1000…

    Abandoned Cosmonaut

    Agreed. People don’t understand what an early adopter is. Usually the first products of something are very expensive, and they get cheaper. Like the iPhone being super expensive and now we have cheaper iPhone models.


    @Abandoned Cosmonaut People just want to hate because it’s Apple. The price makes sense considering it’s something never seen before and could be the beginning of something new. If people were expecting this to be cheap then they don’t know how business works lol


Imagine watching your Insta360 videos with this.


    yoo that would be cool


    but is it a that big difference to like quest 2


    Too poor to afford one. Both insta 360 and Apple vision pro.


Now the sidestand feature should be added to Ipad. Because one thing thats missing with these new devices and their camera abilities, is that you take all these photos when they matter and its just so tedious to go back and look through all of them. Having somewhere to display them at random is what needs to happen. So having like a digital photoframe to display selected pictures at random is whats needed to make all that photo taking count.

Ikwaak Dhillon

Vision Pro is incredible. Outstanding reveals , everything was innovative.

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