Apple WWDC 2023 keynote in 26 minutes

Apple just finished up its annual Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, where it made some of the biggest announcements it’s ever made at the event, including its Vision Pro mixed reality headset and a bigger 15-inch MacBook Air. Plus, the Mac Studio and Mac Pro get an upgrade with a more powerful M2 Ultra chip. We also got a look at new updates for iOS and iPadOS, including interactive widgets. Here’s everything you missed. #Apple #WWDC #Technology

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00:00 Intro
02:04 15" Macbook Air
01:10 Mac Studio M2 Max M2 Ultra
02:39 Mac Pro with Apple Silicon
03:19 Prices
03:30 IOS 17
04:36 Check In
05:04 Plus Button and Stickers
05:38 Airdrop
06:16 Autocorrect
06:50 Journal App
07:28 Standby
08:18 Siri
08:48 iPad OS 17
10:30 iPad PDF collaboration
11:01 MacOS Sonoma
12:02 Gaming (Death Stranding)
12:28 Video Conferencing
13:10 Safari WebKit
14:28 Adaptive Audio
14:52 AirPlay in Hotels
15:10 Shareplay to Cars
15:25 watchOS 10
16:08 Apple Vision Pro
17:40 Vision Pro EyeSight
18:31 VisionPro FaceTime
20:40 Vision Pro Hardware
23:46 VisionOS
24:51 Reality Composer Pro
25:14 Optic ID
25:38 Vision Pro Price and release

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You know it’s a long and packed showcase when the shorter version is 26min!

    Henrique Oliveira

    Kind of, some of the features are on the level of multiple times 😅


    it coulda been cut down to 4 minutes

    vikram kumar

    Multi Timer is a break through innovation 😂😂😂

    Jono MacDougall

    Yeah this is waaaaay too long… Could seriously cut this down to 5 minutes


9:57 “Now you can even keep track of multiple timers. We truly live in an age of wonders.” lol

    Levi Bushnell

    I laughed out loud 😅. One hundred percent confident this was a joke by him and the scriptwriters 😂

    Nam Khanh Ng

    They know 🤣

    Yatharth Manocha

    Came here looking for this comment 😂😂

    Andrew Davidson

    Still watching but had to stop because of laughing because of that! Apple being self-deprecating!? Those wonders will never cease! 😆

    Ariel Lattour

    not calculator app yet,


Those widget updates were much needed. It brings it closer to Android widgets

    Chris Mundiath

    Yes – but was also hoping for control center and notification changes


    @Chris Mundiath iOS 19

    Josef Torkelsen

    ​@Chris Mundiath definitely want notification changes

    Josef Torkelsen

    Yes, love the widget changes. It’s one reason why I never switched off Android.

liam gilmartin

I would call this key note, we’re opening up now. And letting other companies add stuff.


15:15 I had a Blackmagic capture device that would also render a specific shade of red into that weird dark green.

    Tanishq Hooda

    Soh it’s not the phone i own phone fault?


    @Tanishq HoodaNo, it seems the editing software Verge used caused this artifact.

Sterling Archer

*So this is the real Eyephone, got it.*


    ::cymbal crash::

    Benjamin Park

    Futurama did it.

    Lachlan Scott


    It’s Happening

    Shut up and.. wait… I don’t have money


    Funnily enough, one of the early VR companies in the 80s – VPL – had a headset called EyePhone.
    It was also very expensive, retailing at $9400.

Jonathan Bishop

Apple is finally getting reasonably creative!

    Chris Mundiath

    They’re getting better… again. Still disappointed in some of the prices they have for what they offer and forcing you to choose the products with more storage.

    MacBook Air price was good though

    Jonathan Bishop

    @Chris Mundiath the prices called me poor in too many ways than one 🤣

    Vishwath Ramachandran

    @Chris Mundiath to be fair, Apple was always costly. The first iPhone price was outrageous when it came out. I thought no one would spend 500 dollars on a phone, but now people spend nearly 2k on those folding ones.


    Innovative or catching up? At best they make existing technology work as it should from the start. It hard to believe the rest of the tech world can make user experience this good but I guess it comes with huge limitations when you in Apple environment. I love the experience of using my iPads but can only do maybe 1/10th of what my android phone can even I personally don’t enjoy using it.

Delon Serino

Multiple timers being an amazing feature. Like dude, what took you so long.

    Max Goodman

    he didn’t have enough timers to track how long the wait was

    Jeff Miracle


    Brennan Sedivy

    Bro you could see him holding back a chuckle when he said that. I lost it. 😂

Afonso Mota

I cackled when they named a feature “EyeSight” 😂
it was great overall, they know how to make things look inspiring
and Vision Pro might have a non Pro version, they are showing the Pro version first to make the best impression possible AND it is a dev kit

    Manoj Prabhakar

    They should have named it iSight 😂


    They didn’t make a very good impression. It’s a MacBook on your face.. I’m sure there are people looking for that but your average VR enthusiast is likely not one of them.

    Afonso Mota

    @Thezuule I don’t think they care what the average VR enthusiast thinks.

    CJ C

    @Thezuuleit’s 3500 they don’t care abt the average anything lol

    David C

    @Thezuule I was the above-average VR enthusiast and was invited to internal focus groups. I tired of it after the Quest 2 and the Quest Pro wasn’t Pro enough. This is what I’ve been waiting for. VR is too isolating. This is perfect. I can still interact with people outside of the HMD.


Stand By literally the only thing that I’m excited for. I was hoping for a control center revamp.

Andrew Morris

We truly live in an age of wonders!

    Bryan William

    I was looking for this comment

    luke l

    Multiple timers!!! This is the future!


    the mixed reality goggles are amazing and exactly what I’m looking for. Too bad its like $4K. I don’t see a market for it and its amazing

    Clayton Sackett

    This had to be intentionally hilarious

    Radek Pilich

    Age of nonsense

Andy Cress

Thank you for doing these keynote edits. Always appreciated!

Jeremy Jones

So Apple wants their workers to come back to the office but they couldn’t do a live in person conference.

    kamolson ziomal

    there aint no benefits for apple to do a live in person conference but there are if workers come to the office

    Arjun Sharma

    WWDC is in-person this year, but the presentation was prerecorded and screened for all attendees.


The attention to detail in the software side is amazing

Evgenii Neumerzhitckii

The AR headset demo looks liked something from a Black Mirror episode. We truly live in an age of wonders!


    Funny enough it made me appreciate the real life even more. I’m a fan of technology but this keep you at home and isolated thing is scary.

    Evgenii Neumerzhitckii

    @10secondsrule I feel the same. The scene at 19:05 where father wears the headset while his children are playing is mega creepy.


    @10secondsrulei dont know why you said that, they said that they worked on this not to isolate you from the real life


    @Evgenii Neumerzhitckiiactually I fear the scene where he’s watching kids in spatial video, it’s so real and creepy


    ​@Evgenii Neumerzhitckii feels almost exactly like ready player 2 (just without the direct brain interface)

Katie Jones

that vision pro thing looks sick especially with the disney movie and sport view. that’s insane! and for cheaper than the mac is kinda wild considering how innovative the tech is.

Majlo T

VisionPro seems like a great tool, but i’ll wait for a smaller formfactor

Knuckles the Echidna

The vision pro seems like it could be helpful for those of us with a visual impairment 😊


Vision Pro is going to do so much for accessibility for those with limited dexterity

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