Apple’s VISION for the future… Apple Vision Pro announced!

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This is simply brilliant!🍒


So what does this do differently that most VR headsets can’t do that justifies the 4x price tag?


    Its made by apple


    Its very diferent, in all vr heasets you look at the screen and here? You look at the transparent glass

    A random person

    Also it’s the most powerful standalone headset in existence. The only thing close is the 1500 dollar oculus pro

    Michael Nguyen

    The biggest difference is that it doesn’t need a physical controller to control the xr headset. You can use your fingers from as low as your waist assuming your sitting down. It has a more intuitive software than others I’ve seen in the market. You have access to both iPhone and iPad apps along with exclusive headset apps. It uses retina scanners to replace Face ID for secure transactions. 3D camera and support to watch 3D movies. Much better native support than competitors from what I’ve seen. Lastly you don’t need to sign in using Facebook and have your privacy stolen.

    Is it worth $3500? Probably not but it is the best designed in the market and will try to lower the price as time goes on.


    It’s a quantum leap x2 in the over all technology. The display is absolutely absurd. The pancake lenses means we will see a level of clarity unreached in any headset ever produced. It will be like looking through human eye resolution. Anyone used to vr knows the lenses have a center sweet spot and you don’t use your eyes to look around. You use your head. Not with vision pro. This tech is like having a personal high end computer, with infinite 4K monitors you can suspend in space as well as being a personal high end 4k oled movie theater. For example, you can be in space on a new planet and size your oled screen to be 200 feet tall and 200 feet wide. Can’t even tell you how many hundreds of thousands, maybe millions it would cost to produce a real oled display of that size. Keep in mind this is gen 1, try to extrapolate what happened between iPhone first gen and iPhone now, and compare that to what this headset will be. Genuinely revolutionary.


This is android authority i didnt subscribe for apple news


The extremal battery is just add on it is not nessesery to have pluged in it all time

    Mind Full

    It has less than two hours battery if not plugged in


    @Mind Full yes and you think a single person it will use it for more than 2 hours?


It’s over 4k, almost 5k

    Jess Bailey

    It’s 3k


    @Jess Bailey I thought you mean the resolution…oh it’s the price tag


    As long as it’s not “over 9000” 😂 we’ll be just fine


    @Jess Bailey the resolution 😬, not the price haha


VR adult films… Thats my sole purpose for buying this.

    ArbaZ Tech

    Bro forget about adult film you just get a virtual women in front of you


    @ArbaZ Tech That’ll work too! No shame in my game!!


Almost $4k, and I have to be stuck in the Apple ecosystem yeah no!!!

    Michael Nguyen

    How’s that any different from being stuck in Facebook ecosystem or htc ecosystem?


Just 3500$ wtf

Michael Sizemore

Only $3,500…LOL. Give me break.


I wish that was a joke, but no….

China Man

so you see others for facetime, but others don’t see you? What rubbish nonsense is this?


4K for 4K ? I am sold!!! No really… Someone sold my kidney for this… Please help.

I am in a tub filled with ice…..


Why did Tim sound / look like Mr Garrison?

Strategist AOW3

They should have called it Ivision


Really? It is just the same like all those AR/VR headsets. Who is waiting for AR/VR headset that doesn’t exist right now?

Stephen Wells

How many years as VR be out?

£3500 wtf

Didn’t Facebook just lost billions on there £1500 one?

Saman Zolfaghari

Matrix in matrix


Yes, for JUST under 4k

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