FINALLY, a 15-inch Macbook Air: Hands On

Apple's new 15-inch MacBook Air is the biggest one in the lineup, starting at $1,299.

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Rich V

Ideal size for a MacBook air, and the price is spot on.

    Daniel Cheong

    starting with 8gb


    @Daniel Cheong It’s a mac. its uses ram more effcient compared to other computers.

    Kevin Reyes

    ​@Samuloflipsitup bs argument lol

    Mr. Berry

    @Samuloflipsitup Try that with Android studio IDE or high end video editing. 8GB of RAM just doesn’t get it done on a professional level anymore. Maybe middle & high school students.

    Naif Mansury

    @Kevin Reyes doesn’t matter what you think because it’s true. That along with their faster than most SSDs used for memory swap in a pinch makes 8GB go way further on Mac than on PC. Meanwhile my gaming desktop sits at 14.8GB IDLE

Jeff Pom

Now people will complain “Why isn’t there a 17 inch?”

    Abiy BattleSpell

    we need a 50 inch :3

    Ed L

    Is it wrong to complain?

    Jeff Pom

    @Abiy BattleSpell 😂

    efon wang

    ​@Abiy BattleSpell thats where the visionpro comes in

    Wilfred Tam

    Well, if people loved the 17-inch so much they wouldn’t have killed of the 17″ pros because of the lack of sales. 15″ seems like the perfect size to give a bigger screen if the 13″ was too small but not so big that it’s no longer portable and easy to carry computer.

Black Lily

I laughed at all the people thinking it would have the M3

Hani Al-G

This in reality is actually makes more sense than an iPad …Think about it and don’t forget the add ons for both IPad and this .


    IPads are overrated. I mean they’re a nice add on, but at the very moment you’re buying an iPad Keyboard, you should have just gone with a laptop.


    Why so much hate on iPads?
    I had once a iPad 2 (2011…), it served well as multiplayer/table game device (basically all table games in this tiny formfactor), as Car Entertainmentsystem with a DIY holder (AWESOME!), as small internet and youtube device and pretty much ok for school stuff with such a plastic pen for touchscreens.

    Sure enough 80% used „toy like“, but that was early tablet experience, nowadays with pencil support, professional apps, more capabilities etc. and since im studying in university, iPad is pretty much used for 90%+ of the stuff (iPad Air 5 256) and only for more serious stuff i use my (loved…) 16“ M1 Pro MacBook.

    iPads serve just a special purpose, as student they are for many people superior (and somehow „needed“), especially for Mac and/or iPhone users.


    @Breadfan Yep, the MagicKeyboard for iPad is the most overrated thing. I borrowed it from a colleague and it feels not close to as good as MacBook or Apple keyboard keys, also it bends noticable (unlike all Mac keyboard!).
    Yet its super heavy and makes the iPad thicker than my MacBook Pro.

    I use my iPad with a good old 2011 Apple Bluetooth Keyboard (once just called „Bluetooth Keyboard“….) which has even better keys than actual MacBooks and a basic cover/stand from ESR. If i want a laptop i have a superior one over any convertible/2in1.

    To be honest just going for a Apple Pencil 1 or 2 makes the iPad already very much overpriced, no way i pay another 100$+ for other „nice“ addons.


    @GOAT OF DUTY Didn’t really wanna hate on the iPad… but I feel like it’s the last device you’re buying if your job/field of study is non creative.
    A Laptop is a much powerful tool for people who want to get stuff done imo.
    If your main focus is drawing and sketching, ofc you can’t do that on a laptop, and the iPad is also nice for taking notes during classes, but I feel like for productivity, that’s it.


    @Breadfan we have to write on a lot of pdfs and when it comes to convenience a light iPad is just another league of devices


Thanks for keeping it real at the end. This is a calculated move.

Mulder’s Mayhem

Finally, an affordable 15 inch that doesn’t cost much more money like the Pro line that only ever had the large screens. What I like about how Apple does things is their products are the same level of quality across the board, even if you’re getting the lower end iPad, Macbook, iPhone, etc. The only time you ever really need to upgrade to a higher level is if you are using it for a more intense purpose.


    quality is a given, the comment about mac’s with “Just better screens” is incorrect, Or if you want better screens, better battery life, more Ram, better Audio, higher refresh rates, faster SSD’s.

    Colors 66

    Apple’s new 15-inch MacBook Air starts at €1,649 in Europe! That’s $1767 (including tax)!!


    ​@Colors 66 The usual Apple pricing – One step olabive and you can get the 14 inch Pro.


    How good its performance compared to pros? I am a designer and wondering if it can handle my design work.

    Derrick Yt

    Wow its so affordable 😂

Rebow 256

People can’t wait for the larger 12.8-inch variant of the iPad Air.


    But most pros and only very specialized ones really need a 12,9“ iPad (Pro…)
    There is a reason why there is no big iPad Air, Air = thin and light, 12,9“ is not light.

Teching It Easy

The guy has been pining for a 15 inch Air for 10 years and now says its probably not gonna be a laptop you want to carry after 5 days. John Ternus is rolling his eyes saying ‘What do you want man?’


    We all want what we don’t want.


    Also “I was ahead of its time” Such a love to himself

Moe Sallehi

Finally, a big screen Mac that doesn’t cost over 2 grand.


    16inch macbookpro😂

    Mr. Berry

    Just $1,700 for 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD.

    The M1 Macbook Pro 16-inch is around $1,600 on Amazon refurbished.


    The issue:
    Just a basic LCD as with most iPads or the 13“ M2 Air already, once you enjoyed OLED TVs (and/or the 14/16“ Pro devices with MiniLED) you can not watch any darker scenes in movies at night without getting frustrated, partially due to the missing HDR capability, mainly because of the lacking contrast (its bad!)

    Btw M1 Pro 16“ devices were already longer ago affordable enough, especially refurbished ones and partially even 1TB SSD models!


    Can I play video games on it?

    Moe Sallehi

    @GOAT OF DUTY 16 is too big and bulky for most people. OLED screens are nice; they are far from being a necessity though. We’re still living in an era where HDR content isn’t predominant. For people getting basic work done and watching some videos, which is what the Air is intended for, the screen is good enough. Apple’s LCD technology is excellent. I do wish the new Air had 120 HZ refresh rate though.

Casey Roberts

“I wanted a 15” MacBook Air, but I’ll still use the 13” model.” 😅


I’ve been waiting for this for so long

Michael Archer

Hit the nail on the head, 15″ on old eyes is one mightily selling point. Can’t keep buying x2 x2.5 x3 reading glasses. I feel like Mr Magoo

Christopher Mara

I’m writing this response on my 11 inch MBA. I LOVE that this device weights 2ibs. I bought a iPad Air last year because I thought it would aid me in a film workflow. It’s doesn’t replace my 11 inch MBA.


    That is old school! Surprised the battery is still kicking


    ​@TL You can swap the batteries on most pre 2015 machines yourself, and they are not that expensive.

    Ruza Roos

    I miss the 11.6 Air too. I still have mine, but don’t turn it on 😂.

Matthew Maneri

The price is what blew me away. Upgrading the ram and ssd to equal the 14” pro, you’re now looking at a $300 difference, while getting an extra inch of screen. 🤔. Of course you lose out on HDR, ports, 120hz, more future-proofed higher memory bandwidth and processor.. but you get an extra inch of screen. Of course I’m going to wait for M3, but a 15” MacBook for $1300.. is quite tempting.. a thousand less than a pro with upgrades ram and ssd.. which I won’t even need in the near future, but would need down the road.

    James Company

    as a MacBook pro 14 user, just get the upgraded mac 15 air

    Shueib Dahir

    It does have HDR support, but i believe it was up to 600 nits

    Abd El-Qudus

    Yes but not : the pro is for pro usage if you don’t need those pro usage just buy an air to enjoy a light laptop really portable (and not a 2 kilogram laptop).

    And like explain in the video this ladder of price is the buisneess model of apple to make you buy more expensive lol


    are you from the US?
    Here in europe (austria) you get it only for like 1800€ while a refurbished 16“ M1 Pro cost 1700€ so 100€ cheaper.

    outside US Canons and Apples prices just suck so hard it doesnt make even sense.

Thành Trần

Love the gigantic trackpad


I’ve read Dan Ackerman and Bridget Carey 10 years ago. Glad to see they’re still around. Great journalists.

Firdaus BJ

Getting a new laptop is not just about the screen. It also has to be about the ports. I can’t survive without HDMI, SD Card and USB 2.0 ports


I concur with the sentiment that a more budget-friendly 15-inch MacBook would be a fantastic addition to the Apple lineup. However, I share your skepticism on calling it an “Air.” The “Air” series has always been associated with compact and lightweight designs, so I wonder if a 15-inch version would maintain that philosophy.

As for the ports, I’m a little disappointed too. Placing all ports on one side and limiting them to just two USB-C ports might not be the best decision.


    I somehow knew this would happen and bought long ago already just the 16“ M1 Pro and i cant be happier with this decision

Ruza Roos

Great computer, but if M3 is in the fall/winter, why launch this now? I feel like some people are going to get caught out unless they do the unthinkable and not put M3 in it or not release M3 until next year.

Anton and Sinan

Ok this looks perfect for an upgrade!

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