First look at the Apple Vision Pro #shorts

After years of delays, Apple is taking its first shot at AR glasses.

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Do they just have it in Silver?

    Ariane Clarke

    think so, but knowing apple this is gonna sell. on the likelihood it does well they’ll release more colors.


    slowly going up the pase

JFM Tech

$3500 apple really knock the price out of the park with this one


    Its not just a vr headset tho

    Bally S

    @Alex it’s a MR headset… and there are others like this. I suspect there’ll be more competitively-priced MR headsets coming soon, after seeing Apple enter the market with this.


Can someone tell me why its not in their website? 🙁

    HGC. gaming

    They said it will be available in web site early next year


    it is already on the website


    Its only on USA website

Phylosophers Stoned



Crazy how they were promoting mental health on the OS systems but also are releasing a product that makes you wanna stay in your home for eternity😂

    Enzo Bergström

    It was way more funny how they promoted myopia (near sightness) warning for their ipads that you should change the distance from your face.

    They they announce the headset soon after.


    @Enzo Bergström its funny but thats not how it works

    Will E

    Idk, not big on Apple but AR could be extremely helpful on job sites and in the office. I’m a PM for a construction company and can see a lot of application for this, so hopefully this fully sets off the AR wave Google Glass tried to

    keshav vij

    ⁠@Llamuso how does it work ?


    Its your decision to buy, your decision to stay in.


once there will be 3d design apps and adobe programms this thing will be fire… but i think it will take a while…


    VR dev has an inherent problem where when developing for it, your app is janky, and when you have a janky/jittery app in VR, you get ACTUALLY sick, so testing is actually a LOT harder to do since you can only do so much before you are sick.

    If they make dev tools and architecture that is plug and play for devs to easily piggy back off of so they dont have to worry as much about the VR aspect of the dev process and can focus on just integrating their app, that will help with adoption.

Coy 989

Did they announce price?


    3499USD, iirc. Thing’s EXPENSIVE!

    Bally S

    unless you’re rolling in dough, you ain’t gonna afford it. $3,499.

    Mamad Nobari

    @Bally S Don’t worry, there are a lot of c words who’d sell their kidney to buy it.


    $3499. I knew it was around this price but I was hoping it would be closer to $999 so I could actually buy it lol. Guess I’ll have to wait till next year for the cheaper version

    Joseph Smith

    @Llamu Its an AR headset with an M2 in it. I thought it would be closer to $5k knowing apple, I was actually surprised they priced it along side the Hololens 2…


Can you plug a PS5 into this bad boy?

    Stinna Keijz




    Charlie Dulin

    No it is a standalone computing device.

    Stinna Keijz

    @Charlie Dulin they literally showed someone playing the ps5 with it.


    ​@Stinna Keijz i think they were just connected to the controller

Zion Williamson

Very good, I wish we could buy it in Turkey 😢

John McHale

Im definitely an Apple person at the moment (Macbook Pro M1, Ultra Watch, Ipad M2, Iphone pro max 12) love the new things but… Apple really need to sort out all the glitches in everything, things used to be seamless like they appear in the promotional videos but the reality is they are not 🙁 things are buggy and kind of work a bit but not well enough to use properly they just keep churning stuff out and out and out and unfortunately are becoming like the Samsungs of the world cheap poor quality stuff churned out quickly

    Los Spring

    Yeah i felt that too, my m1 macbook pro has significantly less wifi speed compared to by old gaming laptop, if you connect more than 3 devices to macbook then it get a bit glitchy and you have to restart bluetooth each time, also the Universal Clipboard doesn’t work sometimes, and the airpods don’t seamlessly transition between mac, ipad and iphone as they advertise


I’m glad they could take as many images as they want!

Eric Langlois

You can take them snowboarding!

Sylvan Prey-Harbaugh

Did you know you can take as many images as you want?

Sheelagh Ortega

Can i use vision pro to exercise or will the cord be on the way? Needs to be cordless


    The cord is attached to a battery pack which you have on you, probably in your pocket or something. So you are not tethered to a place you can walk around wherever you want

    Charlie Dulin

    Velcro it to the headband

    Tan Jun Huan

    If u wear this while exercising i assure you your neck is going to hurt in 30 mins

Adam Rebel

I love it! I can’t wait to get mine day 1!!! 🎉❤

Reiki Blasing’Blue

If I remember correctly, didn’t Microsoft also released a MR headset as well on the same price?


    Microsofts MR was a different approach, where it was an overlay on top of a clear glass, which ultimately didnt work out well because the area that projected was noticeably smaller than your actual field of view, as well as clarity wasnt too great, and they targeted more for business use cases (so consumer apps were basically non existent).

    Honestly, if they can nail the passthrough, that’d be a leg up. Both Oculus and Vibe have passthrough that from what I’ve heard, leaves a lot to be desired.

    I have my hesitations though, since there are rumors that this product was debated by executives whether it should be released at all, which makes me think the demonstration is a lot better than the execution they want at this point… Especially at this price point and being a company that likes polish.


Why did Tim sound / look like Mr Garrison?

James Whoelse

A prison for your mind

mike peebles

Imagine how expensive it will be when you drop and crack the front glass.

Salvatore Maximus

We gaze into a bleak future

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