Hating Apple is Getting REALLY Hard – WWDC 2023

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It's that time of year again, and Apple is launching some pretty cool tech! Vision Pro, 15" MacBook Air, and an impressive new Mac Pro are all coming to an Apple store near you for a hefty price.

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:06 Vision pro
4:15 Mac Pro
6:20 Metal 3
7:08 MacBook Air
8:00 OS Updates
9:43 Outro



Andy Herbert

How hard can it be to hate on Apple when they released a $1000 monitor stand a few years back


    I hope they give us a 1000$ stand for the Vision Pro

    Luca Fiorentini

    I don’t hate apple, I adore their strategy. It’s the fanoboys who tend to get on my nervs


    People always seem to talk about how everything is made disposable, cheaply made and so on, but can’t accept something that’s the opposite


    It’s super hard to hate on Apple when they give you so much money to promote them all the time.

Kanishk Modi

Y’all forgetting that the real innovation is the ability to set multiple timers.

    B 0lly



    For Reals

    Florian Utz

    Like with my Garmin Watch. I can set timers with different times, save them for the long term and run them in the background. Or is it more like multiple timers without the option of preconfigured times?


    here is more timers……all i really want is a GD calculator on my ipad! FFS!


    And using offline maps in mid 2023.

Nathan Smith

The vision pro uses 3d augmented reality to inflate the size of your wallet when you look at it with pass through cameras, to make you forget how much you paid for it

    Universe Dawn

    Google glass was made fun of I don’t want this product to get any passes

    Jakob Max

    And to make you think you can afford the new Mac pro.

    Matt Lord

    And theres a note attached with every note…. “Decide for yourself”


    … and you look like a pro scuba diver while your at it. Swimming through your wallet, smiling at clown fish and mermaids …

    Kayser Yoshi

    its a XR. VR+AR+MR together. no other devices can this.

Dmitry Maluev

Not sure about competition, but Apple sure knows how to demolish your wallet.


    they never get near my wallet.

    Stray Ccat

    @dazzlerweb cuz you’re already broke 💀

    Stray Ccat

    Literally the most powerful VR headset

    john poe

    @Stray Ccat i mean it better be haha. it’s like double the price of the nearest competitor


    ​@Stray Ccat literally double the price of other VRs so of fucking course it’s more powerful

Marten Kähr

No, hating Apple is still really easy. Just need to look at the repair prices when you need to fix your device two years after buying it, and see that they basically charge you the cost of a new device while doing everything in their power to prevent independent repair shops from being able to fix it at all (let alone at a competitive price). Pretty obvious they’re using every trick in the book to have you replacing the ludicrously expensive devices you buy from them as often as possible.

    Dean Alexander

    Lmao my friend’s ipad pro 2021’s top button broke and the repair center just refused to fix it. Instead they tried to coax him into buying a new one at a discount. Great company. By the way literally the only good thing the ipad has is Goodnotes now that it’s coming to android it’s really not worth it.


    You’re expecting too much from LTT to understand this

    Exarch Gaming

    which….has nothing to do with reviewing the product. Linus has critiqued them many many times in the past for their anti R2R position. (also note linus doesn’t make the titles for the video, one of the editors do, and it’s to get people to click on the video, thank youtubes algorithem)


    @Exarch Gaming Not only no one is criticizing Linus directly, they are addressing the team that made the video, but it definitely has to do with reviewing the product. Maintaining it is part of the experience, and if you get manhandled every time you need to replace something, you’d be mad that the detail was left out of the review


    @Zenreeio13how is it a poorly thought out video? The video isn’t about bashing apple it’s about being news about their new products


Comparing to the last generation instead of the competition is a sure way to make their new chips look faster.


    Not even last generation. So many comparisons were made to Intel Macs which are at least 2-3 generations old if not more ☠️


    @beaku Didn’t they compare to current PC’s in this years WWDC, not intel mac’s any longer?

    Animesh 22

    Yeah, I think Intel 13th gen and threadripper chip are the real competition as they were miles better than previous gen


    There’s no doubt these chips are really fast and very energy efficient, as to whether they exceed latest gen threadrippers, well that’ll be for the benchmarkers to confirm, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re very competitive there. The GPU is also potentially quite powerful, but it still seems that very little is optimised for it (and almost no games).


    yep apple knows their cpus arent as great as the competition on everything


Ignoring the price tag for now, this just means that we could probably get this amazing tech for cheaper in the future, not a vr guy but watches mkbhd’s review on this since he tried it, for a gen 1 it looks promising

    J K

    amazing tech? it’s literally an oculus quest that shows Apple carplay for 10x the price 😂

    Global warming i̶s̶ h̶o̶t̶

    We just have to wait for better companies to do a better job for cheaper


    @J K Dude… I have a Quest, this is so much advanced in comparison (tech wise, as Linus said, we didn’t see any VR product…). And yes, the prive is at least 2x for current VR tech enthusiasts to consider. Plus tax and giggles in europe..

    J K

    @nhiko999 this thing will cost 4500 euros at least. but nobody has actually used it for now and I highly doubt it will deliver a full field of view. that’s impossible with the form of the device. and it’s not really see thru either, it uses the cameras on the outside to show you your surrounding space so it will lag and not really work well in the dark.
    wait until people review it next year.


Very hard to hate on a company trashing right to repair this hard. Truly one of the companies ever.

    Jaren K. Ruiz

    “one of the companies ever” 🤣🤣👏


    Luckily the possibilities are just endless in providing the same tech innovation and making it completely repairable by just anyone with a scredriver and a hammer. I’m hoping you support those companies with you hard-earned cash?


    At the moment Apple is one of the few companies where you can buy a new display for your phone.


    i do hate apple but maybe in the future i will like the company

Snake Plissken

Imagine the repair bill on the vision pro if anything goes wrong. Micro-led tech is not cheap and I am guessing that the repair procedure on one of those is not going to be easy, especially if most of the internal components are soldered down. Given the track record on pro devices being 1 year warranty, that’s a very hard sell.

    Sean Holmes

    Apple will just recommend you buy a new one. They played that game with be years ago.


    At least for the Valve Index if the damage is within a year of purchase they’ll replace it for free. I don’t see apple offering that for something they want to charge $4000 for.


    @RiptideRambo They have it, it is called a warranty. Mandatory by law.

Kurt Winter

Finally a device that makes a 4090 look affordable

    Chaos Crafter


    Akiv Gaming

    You can’t really compare a gpu with an AR headset.


    @Akiv Gaming nah seriously? 🤦‍♂️


    @Akiv Gaming you must be funny at parties


    @Akiv Gaming True, the 4090 is probably 10x more powerful

Nic Lastname

The headset looks impressive, but it’s also super expensive. So it feels less impressive, because it might not be that Meta or whoever couldn’t do just as good, but more that they’re trying to make something that more people will actually buy for the price.
That being said, I’m excited that Apple is doing it, because if nothing else, it may help boost enthusiasm and investment in AR/VR so that we can get other companies to do it cheaper/better/more gaming focused/faster etc. I’ve been a little worried lately that hype for VR might decline too much and heavily reduce investment and innovation in the industry. Hoping this can be a good boost for the industry moreso than a good/realistic product in and of itself.

    Mr fourtwenty

    The strategy is to price it so that in the beginning it’s just useful for the pros who will create content and apps for a Plattform that will receive a cheaper entry level device in the upcoming years. Metas approach seems to be just bruteforcing their way by cheap pricing into people’s homes, while loosing a lot of money.


I just got an older 2014 Mac mini to just sit on my desk as a media storage center… And it’s almost convinced me to switch back to a MacBook for my portable computing needs… The biggest problem I have that’s keeping me from switching is the hardware… I have to occasionally run CAD on the go, and I really like being able to boot a casual game and not having to select potato quality in the options menu.

Collin J

You could deploy a fleet of Meta Quest 2s for the price of one headset. I get that it’s more advanced… but wow that price is massive. Napkin math says that’s almost the same as what I paid for two desktops, tv, 2 monitors, Oculus Rift S, M1 Air, my phone (not my partners phone we did just run out of budget for that) and 5.1 surround system that supplies all the entertainment in our apt.

Kaden Vandorn

Removing the “Hey” from Siri is actually going to be so annoying because I have a coworker named Siri and we already have so much trouble with phones triggering all over the place


    oh god…


    Worry not. I’m sure Apple will soon sue your co-worker for copyright infringement and force her to change her name. All problems solved. Thanks, Apple.


    ​@Axelgrey it’s apple, not Nintendo.


    @IxaNya apple is as bad or maybe even worse than nintendo in that aspect


    @IxaNya Correct, they’ll just have their fanboys wave avocado toast in her face.


For a long time, the biggest hurdle for VR headset massadoption was the price tag. i don’t know who is going to pay for these headsets, groundbreaking as they are.

    Kyle Paxton

    Apple gave us a year to save up. $300/month

    L’Ami Kal

    A large portion of Apple customers buy everything with a fruit on it, no matter what the price is and no mater how if they have to put another mortgage on their house to be able to do so.


    My university professor already said he’s pissed he can’t buy it right away. I think there quite a few people who have that kinda money and especially people who buy apple products. I actually think it’ll bring more people to VR despite the price tag mainly because apple has a different customer base than the average VR user today.

    And I guess they’ll bring out a more affordable non-pro variant in the coming years.


    £3000 with 2 hour battery life, im gonna get 2 and just keep charging one 😂

    Big Hugh

    Apple consumers are zombies. They’ll get anything they put out. You could get a similar product for a third of the price but people aren’t really talking about that one

Galaxy Station

to me, the camera is the single most astonishing things of this device. I really would like to save my precious moments in lifelike 3D


The Vision Pro is extremely impressive. So impressive in fact, that I have my doubts if all really works so well in the real world… We’ll see when the first units hit Tech Youtubers and the market

    Pratul Maddipudi

    Well it is releasing way later, so hundred percent bet majority of software is buggy as all hell, but mostly complete. The wait to release is for Apple to polish it and gets software from devs.

Ralph Beard

The headset, while more advanced due to so much time, reminds me a lot of Microsoft’s HoloLens. I do like the point that they take what others have done and years later drop it like it was a revolution (the most annoying for me was the notch “innovation”). I am glad to see they finally have interactive widgets. I’ve always wondered why they never implemented that when it’s something that, through their stranglehold control on development, they could have truly made incredible for users. Not a fan of the company but I am excited to see how this drives the industry and where it could lead.

Lars Murdoch Kalsta

I always wondered what the distinctly weird undertones of the sims community was about and the fact that it’s one of the few games available on Mac clarifies a lot

That Sodding Gamer

I’m hoping the Vision Pro is successful, even though I don’t bother with the Apple ecosystem. I’d like its innovations to spread around the VR/AR space, for an inevitably lower price point. Give it a few years and we’ll probably see a comparable Windows/Android device that admittedly would probably lack some features and integration, but would also be half the price and lighter to boot.

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