iOS 17 Wants To Make Your iPhone More Personal

Apple has announced iOS 17, its next major update for the iPhone. The reveal came Monday during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. The new iPhone software builds upon the last several versions of iOS, which is important since it won't likely disrupt the status quo on your iPhone. iOS 17 brings updates to FaceTime, Messages and the phone app that make them more intuitive and easier to customize.

0:00 Apple Unveils iOS 17 for the iPhone
0:37 Standby Turns Your iPhone Into an Amazon Echo Show
1:19 iOS 17 Introduces Contact Posters
1:48 AirDrop Gets Easier To Use in iOS 17
2:23 Apple Fixes Ducking Autocorrect
2:41 Apple Offers New Journal App in iOS 17
3:05 Screen Robocalls with Live Voicemail
3:37 Check In Lets Others Know You Got Home Safely
4:24 Messages Get a Handful of Fixes and Additions in iOS 17
5:34 But Wait, There’s More iOS 17 Features

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T 8000

cool but im still stuck with the iphone 7 plus

Luc Gervais

Just downloaded iPadOS 17. Looking forward to testing out the new features.


Android and Google have had offline maps forever now. Well you need an initial data connection to load it but after that you can use it even when disconnected. And Androids Always on display can also display photos the size of post stamps.

    joshua diaz

    Ok and?


    @joshua diaz and so Apple is offering old features that seemed obvious years ago when Android did it. And it just makes it really difficult to convince an Android user to switch to Apple, when we have all these things already. It’s almost like you’re paying more for less


    Apple fans get excited about things others have had for a while. Kind of sad actually


why iPhone can’t have interactive widget like before and only on iPad


    It does, they just revealed that feature only in the iPad section, but it does work for iPhone and even the watch too from the new ui element.

Gavin Rodrigues

Is standby available for non Pro iPhones?


    Yes, but only on the 14 Pro its always on.


Still waiting on scheduled messages

    A R

    I really need this. So I’m not texting people random hours. Just so i don’t forget to send later.


But the home screen won’t go in landscape

Seth Stewart

It’s about time Apple Maps gets downloadable maps. Google Maps has had this feature for quite some time.

    Adam Tajyar

    Don’t forget for the last few years Apple was playing big catchup on their maps. They’ve implemented and integrated a lot of features in just a short few years that google took forever to implement over the years and not to mention google maps has been around much longer.


    agreed! I’ve used downloadable maps for years, and it’s nice to see it coming to apple maps.

Mazhar Ali

Can you share contacts directly in the iMessage? Right now, and unlike WhatsApp, you have to find the person in the contact app and select share and then go to the iMessage.


They better overhaul iOS soon or people are gonna start leaving.. iOS has been getting super stale and boring.. we could’ve atleast supported the iPhone 8/8plus and X one more year and gave us new icons instead of the same 10 year old ones since they didn’t really change anything else noticeable.


    No they won’t, what are you talking about? Don’t you know the Apple sheeple?

Alejandro Cortez

I really like the standby mode, because i got an Belkin Magsafe stand in my bedroom! It will 👀 perfect. But what about the wallet app? Nothing new was released 😮

Alejandro Cortez

It is safe to install the developers beta on my device?? Or wait for the public beta in July


Sad that they dropped support for iPhone X


I just switched to iPhone after not having one since iPhone 4s.
1. How come we still don’t have T9 dialing in contacts and call log is so short?
2. I was hoping that we will finally be able to swipe from sides of the phone to go back. How come they invented the gestures and yet the back button is in different position in different app.
3. There were rumors of sideloading apps but I don’t keep my hopes up with this.
4. Number row on top of the keyboard maybe finally?

    Andrey Boarão

    2. Yes, it’s terrible that they haven’t fixed this yet. Back swipe on Android is awesome


    3. We will have this until 2024 because they are forced by EU


First time I feel like it’s a let down on an iOS update

James Mortensen

Remove the feature that jumps down to the bottom of an imessage thread you are reading when a new meassage is received

Gary Morrison

For me, the most interesting was Journaling.

Phily Delphia

Downloadable OFFLINE maps. Long time coming but ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jay White

I can’t wait to install iOS 17, when it comes out in September 😀

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