Locked in Sewer

A unique free roam Five Nights at Freddy's fan game where you're LOCKED IN A SEWER WITH FOXY!!
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Markiplier’s content never gets old.




    But we’re getting old.


    ​@Zeklishuand that’s the topic of today’s episode, getting old!


Mark trying so hard to not complain but still voice his critique is so sweet. One of the many reasons he’s one of my favorite creators


    1.2k likes and no comments? Hold on



    Endless Dream

    Same! He’s so professional with it and the fact he still cracks jokes and tries to be funny despite being frustrated is awesome.


    Nah he’s funny kind and has real reactions to stuff unlike the people who the “YouTuber gaming voice” he’s awesome and I’d scream inside if I ever met him irl

    Liam Martin

    ​@Coolgu3stlance ,

Dylan Sharp

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to hear Mark from outside the room and wonder if he’s okay.

    PowerFull Pummel

    Amy probably experiences this every single day…

    Juggernog Soda

    @PowerFull Pummel you good? He has squares on his walls that take up sound


    @Juggernog Soda yea he literally has soundproof foam squares that he has all over his walls, amy probably hears little to nothing

    Succulent Cranberry

    But the real question is if Mark is actually already in a mental hospital but he is allowed to come and go as he please because he is a low security home


    @Ariya I still think Amy could hear at least something, him and sèan have very loud yells. I never see his soundproof padding in his room, it could be in front of him. He used to have it all around him back in 2015, ‘16

Cole Kiesler

No matter how much time goes by the fact that Markiplier still is the king of FNAF even no matter how much he plays FNAF is still the best thing to come off this video.



    Gsteezy 171

    Ooo don’t Ghibli him man, FNAF doesn’t have to be his only Neighbor, Totoro.
    Too soon to say that aloud.


    He literally didn’t even beat this


    @Xavier This isn’t technically the actual FNAF tho 🤔

    Little Reaper

    Seems someone didn’t watch the video before commenting…

Omega – mocha

He’s not only the king of fnaf, but also the king of fnaf fan games! It’s nice to know that he’s still invested in fnaf and that he knows what his community enjoys!





Nice to see him playing more FNAF fangames lately. The year of Freddy is affecting him too!

William Abel

Man, I can’t watch Markiplier the same way without thinking about the secret he told us on stream.


    what was the secret 😭


    @Nicreven we couldn’t tell you, even if we wanted to


    @ArcticAriel i knew it was something like tat

    Dusten Ekoes

    The most secret of secrets fr fr

    Riley Sanford

    It was an insane secret

Esther Gorelkin Pshelensky

i love how mark always will be honest about the games he plays

Kim Kinney

Mark getting more freaked out by a pipe that looks like a mannequin than a giant undead robot chasing him through the sewers😂

Mike Dice Writes

I actually got nauseous from the headbob. Gotta hand it to the Devs though, seeing Foxy run like the glitched out horror that he is was legitimately terrifying.




I know it’s probably a work in progress, but the game could use places to hide in to avoid detection, an item you can use to distract Foxy and an item that helps you escape after being detected by temporarily slowing down Foxy for example.

    Diogo Ayres

    Maybe it should slow down when turning corners, instead of what i assume is always go straight for you at a constant speed


    Could be like scp 173. They could use the flashlight to freeze foxy and keep him held there til you could turn the corner of the sewer pipe to eventually turn back around and run as fast as you could. Would work good too since fnaf 2 foxys flashlight mechanic

    Yellow Birdie

    @Diogo Ayres like in TJOC, yes

    Bryce Ritchey

    These are great ideas. Watching this so far, gotta say, seems terrible. And the headbob gets me nauseous.

    MHB 04

    also remove rng wrench

    if it’s for difficulty, that’s not a good thing to have imo

Maxime Lafrenière

Mark went trough the 5 stages of “I’m going to die” in seconds.



    the fact it takes a moment to realise he was detected is hilarious


Well, I’ll give this game credit, I have never seen a horror game where you play as a newborn Chihuahua recently thrown in and scooped out of a pool in the middle of winter. So it has that going for it

Spook kook

Mark is such a trooper. The second i saw that head bob i would’ve been like hell nah but he gave it a chance even after he saw SIXTEEN valves





This game does feel different than it should, knowing the secret Mark told us the other day

    Macen Arceo

    I wish i never learned the secret now he different to me now


It’s FNAF and Vanish in one game. Perfection for watching Mark rage. Good ole days vibes



    Silverio Velasco

    I see foxy only in this video


Does anyone remember that game Mark enjoyed so much? Also in sewers … with an nearly unbeatable Monster… darn it… the memory vanished … 😂


    I’m not sure if you’re serious, but the game is literally called Vanish.

Zoe Brown

Watching Mark play this game gave me so many memories to when he played The Joy of Creation, I just had comment about it. It gives me joy seeing him still make this kind of content


Honestly, I was worrying if markiplier would made these precious content as long as possible. I want the days I watch mark and séan playing horrors after coming from school to last long. It is my guilty pleasure lol. Lots of loveeeeeekdkr ♡♡♡♡

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