Mac Pro and Mac Studio: First Look

CNET's Dan Ackerman checks out the new Apple Mac Pro with Apple silicon and gives his first impressions of the new Mac Studio upgrade with the M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips.

0:00 Intro
0:25 Mac Pro
1:03 Apple M2 Ultra
1:35 Apple Mac Pro Expansion Slots
2:15 Mac Studio

Read the CNET Article for more info:
Apple Silicon Is the Mac Pro Upgrade You've Been Waiting For

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Starving Rtist

ew… Apple does it again, charging a $3,000 premium for just a different case when Mac Studio and Mac Pro have the identical configuration and performance at base…


    Oh wait, not only that: $3,000 premium for you to have the PRIVILEGE of having PCIe slots (that can barely even fit a video card!)


    imo just get a Mac Studio M2 Ultra. They’re forcing you to pay their Apple tax to have pseudo-upgradeability options.

    Ruza Roos

    Exactly. The entry Pro needed to come with the 76 core GPU and 128GB of RAM to justify that price gap. With education discounts, I think the Ultra Studio is a tremendous machine for $3600 if you need or want that much raw computer power. That’s only a little more than what you have to pay to get a M2 Max in the MBP 16 ($3200) and you end up with 64GB of RAM.

Andrés González

No thousand dollar wheels for the Pro? I’m disappointed.

    Joshua Varghese

    Since they care so much about the consumer, Apple has stuck with a familiar design so you can reuse the wheels from your last Mac Pro 🙂

    Omari Cowan

    @Joshua Varghese its a $400 add-on


😂needs a 4090ti in it for the price with the headset thrown in


It’s not pro when its only pcie 4

I would of thought they would of put in at least 2 pcie 4×16 but that is a pipe dream; perhaps not enough bandwidth to even run AI on Mac pros now until they do a refresh


But most importantly are the 800$ wheels still available?!


    its $400 now 😁


    @bluebirdthat’s a dealbreaker. Why would they lower the price

Keon Park

great video! shame no new apple display to go with mac studio and/or mac pro.


Quick & full of information

Husker Bluejay

The fact that they advertise this as $6,999 shows you the level of psychological manipulation these companies use, even towards high end customers.

Daniel Suzuki

Can anyone tell me what speakers were paired with the Mac Studio in these shots?

    Harry Smiles

    Genelec I believe

    송랩 [SONGLAB]

    Genelec 8030C


When Apple releases an absurd VR Goggle thing that is $3500 and you realizing that its less waste of money than Mac Pro. 😬


    Hololens is pricier

DGW 404

Imagine paying $1000 more for a new computer with many less features than your previous machine

    Darth Jar Jar

    But the base of it is more powerful then the top spec Mac Pro

    Zeus Ling-Winston

    Doesn’t mean it is more powerful than the pc

    Zeus Ling-Winston

    You can get a pc more powerful than any of the versions for the same price


Imagine paying $2500++ for what’s basically a Mac Studio M2 Ultra with the same soldered unified memory (a paltry 128-192GB memory compared to the Intel version boasting up to 1.5TB of memory) and the privilege to have PCIe slots that can’t even barely fit a videocard (and DON’T even think of putting one on it, the auxillary power is just 300W.)

    srinivas c

    They are not for video cards. Only audio, video capture cards, and SSD cards.


    @srinivas c they once did. They have the MPX modules for Mac Pro (2019) which was now (likely) incompatible for this 2023 version.


    @srinivas c and guess that, it now has TWO LESS PCI-E slots compared to the Intel version.

    srinivas c

    @Jan M chips can’t have AMD or NVIDIA GPUs. Only M GPUs. But M GPUs are stuck with M CPUs and RAM on a single chip. kiss the upgrade idea goodby.

    burrito kingdom

    ​@srinivas c yeah I was baffled when I didn’t see any NVMe slots. So probably gonna have to buy a PCIe card from Apple that has NVMe slots just to upgrade internal storage.


With the larger case space of the Mac Pro, I would have preferred to have a biggest M2 Extreme chip (currently just the same M2 Ultra chip as the Mac Studio) rather than more PCI Express slots.

People who need higher machine learning/graphic performance will build their own computers (with multiple graphics cards) rather than install multiple graphics cards in the Mac Pro.

I think a M2 Extreme chip is powerful enough for most Apple target customers if a M2 Extreme with AT LEAST 48-core CPU, 152-core GPU, and 64-core Neural Engine (More is configable).

And don’t forget that there are rack versions of the Mac Pro, so multiple Mac Pros can be connected together without worrying about scalability.

    burrito kingdom

    The thing is that you can’t install multiple GPUs into the M2 Mac Pro. The only GPU is the integrated GPU. The PCIe slots are used for “I/O expansion, such as cards for digital signal processing (DSP) or serial digital interface (SDI). Apple also says that the PCIe slots can be used to add additional storage and networking”


I wish this new Mac Pro was latest Intel CPU and AMD GPU.

    Scott Lee

    You and I both. 👍


    Same man. I wouldve loved to see a DDR5 X86 based Mac Pro. Wouldve been so badass.

    Scott Lee

    @HOONSTARS I have 2 Intel Mac Pros, one is a backup for my business. Death of a short term era. So happy with it, this latest Mac Pro is a downgrade for me sadly for my work.


you pay extra so the spec have more space with each other, thumbs up for Apple taking care of spec’s mental health~! even spec have rights!! so ahead of its time.


Mac Pro✋
Mac Air👍 Because the Mac “Pro” fills with 69% more air than before.


i expected M1/M2 EXTREME or FOUNDER EDITION instead of M2 ultra 😂

drunk russians

The top range Mac Pro is only 15K The previous model (top line) was 60K That is a huge difference!


    192GB maximum memory without ECC and no upgradabilty. No support for internal or external GPUs (because they’re x86 based on), no MPX support. That’s iterally an empty box. They should have redesigned with a smaller chassis

    Ruza Roos

    @sardanus They did. It’s called the Mac Studio 🤣Honestly I think they launched this nerfed product to speed up “no more x86 Mac OS” to break the legs of the Hackintosh. I know big companies don’t mess with that, but small shops and sole proprietors are still better off going that route than this empty box for $7K if they have a need for PCI slots.


    @Ruza Roos mac studio doesn’t have pcie expansion. In professional ad enterprise world these slots are useful. It’s the only thing i save in this design (again not suitable for an arm based machine imho). External pcie are not an option because they need extra power in some cases (i.e. another cable from the wall)

burrito kingdom

Kinda confused what’s the point of the Mac Pro if you’re not able to expand the RAM, GPU or storage. The M2 Ultra Mac Studio can do everything but cheaper.

All the things that Apple announce that’s able to connect to the PCI slots can be done thru USB.

Procash Floyd

I was expecting two ultras stacked together and call it Super Ultra or something.

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