NEW 15″ MacBook Air Hands On & BEST New iPhone Features!

Apple just announced a ton of new features coming to iPhones with iOS 17, iPad OS 17, and a ton more. Not to mention a new 15" MacBook Air, Mac Studio and Mac Pro with M2 Ultra! Vision Pro is also a thing, but we'll talk more about that soon!

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Seth Sheffler

It would be great if Apple kept adding ending names to their chips M2 super ultra mega pro


Was waiting on Goat Jud! 🐐🔥


Love watching your channel Jud!!!❤ Please more tech vids!!!


Will Apple ever add a dual app feature which Android has for so many years… Your videos are great. Greatings from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Jovan Turner

    That’s all we’re asking and we got everything with the iPhone.

Walk With Me!

I know a lot of people have been clamoring for the 15″ MBA, but I still don’t get the appeal. Isn’t the main point of the AIr being portability? At that size, it’s not really all that portable anymore.

Guy Cruls

When you cover a lot of different things in one video, the way to go is labelled chapters on the video’s timeline, so we can move to what we’re into straight away…


    Such a big deal huh.

Nomusa Magic

🤣 Love the vid Jud + updates coming to my iP, iPad + Mac but .. why do I feel like I’ve seen a lot of this years ago with my old Samsung Notes


Will the “Journal” app coming to the iPad as well?

Bryan Montepeque

I am not an Apple man, but most of the things revealed on this WWDC are really cool man, that iOS 17, iPad OS, etc. I am just not sold on the AR Lenses because I don’t really care for VR but yeah, really cool!

Alexa B

FINALLY a Journaling app AND the nice looking iMessage button <3

michael ndungu

always cool 😎 with ur videos


5:43 That is gonna slurp, suck and drain the battery as long as iPhone doesn’t support bypass charging.

chuye metsnanat

Craig doing some crazy stuff with the basketball 5:07 😂😂😂😂


When I heard a game mode on the iPad during the event, I was like damn🔥. Apple Pls bring that to the iPhone in a point update or something.


I’m really excited about iOS 17.


iOS 17 looks amazing can’t wait


Oh, the MacBook Air 15 inch. I thought they’d never present it, apple house’s leakers have been pre-announcing its presentation for every WWDC of the last like 20 (plus) years getting it wrong every time….well, better late than never. 😄
Jokes aside, there’s a reason Steve Jobs (I seem to recall) never wanted a 15 inch MacBook Air: the “air” flows away – it still of course cannot be compared to the MacBook Pro 16” or even just the 14”, but in the 15” version the Air’s super portability (which is what made it unique and the reason it was made) _imo_ goes a bit down the drain….I’m not sure we really needed it.

*P.S. =* Absolutely *personal* opinion, thus completely unshareable.
I thought to specify it, so (hopefully) there’ll be no “replies” from trolls and fanb0ys who are unable to disagree politely and/or intelligently.


Your video has been the best overall from all the tech YouTubers I’ve seen this morning. THANK YOU for actually summarizing these new features in a way that is actually genuine.


Am I the only one who confused about the Mac Pro it’s just in a weird spot

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