The Apple Vision Pro is here. #shorts

Apple has announced an augmented reality headset called Apple Vision Pro that “seamlessly” blends the real and digital world.

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The narration in this video is perfect👄




what is it though? A vr headset?


    It’s an ar+vr headset

    Fajrul Emirullah

    it’s mixed reality headset (AR + VR)

    Isiah cool kid

    Vr+Ar headset

    Riley Vosper


big Larry

I came from the livestream




    Lets wait to buy it refurbished on ebay 3 years from now


    Its a good price considering it replaces ur tv etc


Guess Apple is taking lessons from Disney.

    Captain Picard

    Ah yes the Disney VR headset


its giving black mirror

Keine Daten


Cameron Roxburgh

That battery is gonna get hot in your pocket after awhile


    It’s a 2 hour battery. Just use it plugged in lol


    Yep and all the other headsets got it mounted on your head …


Only 3499$ cheap


This is insane, I am going around shorts which are about this and commenting on them!

    Vincent A

    So sad that some people can’t see why it’s revolutionary. But it wasn’t meant for them in the first place anyway


    So true this really could change the world and how we interact with people and technology and if you think about it Apple really have put a lot of effort into it and looks far better than google attempt what failed very badly. They have made its 100 times better in every way even making it work in different environments such as work and gaming it’s truly amazing and I think people will try out the gaming side of this with the M2 chip which is very powerful! I couldnt imagine playing something like forza on it, with the graphics sound and even display it has.This is truly one on the best products Apple have released and could’ve released and caught everyone off gaurd.

Alex Georgescu

Pay 3.500$ so i can isolate myself in the room to watch movies? Sorry wife, sorry son, ill watch movies solo from now on with this expensive headset i bought.

    Nick Films

    It’s a revolutionary product. Stop hating on everything.

    The Goddard Empire

    Is it really 3,500?

    minetest 9

    @Nick Films name everything that’s revolutionary on it 🙂

    Nick Films

    @minetest 9 every single feature is revolutionary. It’s like straight out of a sci-fi film.


    @Nick Films stop gawking apple you just said nothing


You can either stay broke and complain about the price or embrace how awesome this tech is.

Dominic Paleracio

ready player one tech is near


I was going to buy an 80+ inch 4K oled or 8k mini LED tv during the holiday sales later this year, but after seeing this I think I’ll hold off until I have a family and instead get a vision pro for half the price.

    Sha Of Anger

    It’s 3500 dollars


    Don’t lmao, and it releases next year not later this year.

    Chris Ross

    So you can watch TV by yourself?

    8XUS Tech

    Yeah sure it will be amazing


And here we go again with an epsiode from black mirror

    protect ya neck🕊

    Exactly 😂 wtf is going on rn

Claudio Aguilera

this is next-tier revolution in technology. The way we communicate, work, even purchase in the market or even in the way we drive… this changes everything

    HT :D

    meta and htc did it first though…

    8XUS Tech

    @HT 😀 The vision pro has the capability to be many times better when they make a second model


Great Job at innovation. Over time we see how there is consistently resistance for innovation. We need to embrace and adapt to what is innovative and use it however WE feel convenient. Those who succeed are the ones who without fear consistently keep delivering more and more products. This is a giant step at the future of technology at its finest. Always remember love and happiness is the way to a better future. It’s missing some headphones tho. Shouldn’t be a mic speaking at your ears. For better sound quality. Good job Apple!

Cover Up

Form over function?

    Arte Floe

    Form AND function

Evolving Sigma

I dont think most people realize that tech like this is going to replace the phones.
People are going to choose to wear this 24/7 when it becomes possible.
This will be worse than the smart phone addiction.
The matrix is here

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