15-Inch MacBook Air vs. Rest of MacBook Lineup

Apple just announced the 15-inch M2 MacBook Air, its biggest Air yet, at WWDC. But how does it compare to other MacBooks in Apple’s lineup? Let’s break it down, so if you're in the market for a new MacBook, you can start to understand which one’s right for you.

Find the new 15" MacBook Air and the rest of the MacBook Lineup here:
15" MacBook Air M2 –
13" MacBook Pro M2 –
14" MacBook Pro M2 Pro –
16" MacBook Pro M2 Pro –
13" MacBook Air M1 –
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00:00 Apple announce 15" MacBook Air
00:47 15" MacBook Air vs. 13" MacBook Air
02:05 15" MacBook Air vs. 13" MacBook Pro
03:06 15" MacBook Air vs. 14" & 16" MacBook Pros
03:35 Bottom Line




I wish it had XDR or HDR display support.

    Eric Matthews

    It does.. Just not built in.. and for an HDR TV you will be the Apple HDMI dongle…


They tell you almost nothing about the screen

    Noname Noname

    Just get excited for the new product and consoooom


No resolution details, no hdr details

James Sweeney

the M1 Air is still the best of the bunch. you can get that for 799.00


    i’ll wait till this macbook become 799.00

    James Latief

    M2 Air 13″ is a better deal now. $999 with an updated chip and design. $799 is too overpriced knowing that this laptop is already out for 3 years, with a 5 year old design.


    No, it isn’t. lol Sure, it’s faster with the standard 256 as opposed to the M2, but it’s not the “Best of the bunch”. Sit down.


    how bout older with bigger storage, screen is the same?

    James Sweeney

    @James Latief the M1 Air still sells which is why it is still around. It is still one of the best valued MacBooks of all time. As a Pro 14 inch user, 1299 for a 15 inch laptop without all the pro features, makes no sense.

Jav Jav

Bottom line: any MBA is for the casual user. any MBP is for power users. there is a huge difference between the two type of users

    Ashley Williams

    And the difference is?…..👀 My 15″ MBP finally died so I need a new computer and think I’m transitioning from a casual to a power user. Heavy on the graphic design and dabbling in video/audio editing. Apple has def made this a tricky choice for me and I’m dizzied by all the folks saying carrying a 16″ MBP around on my back will make me want to jump off the nearest bridge. What say you? I’m looking at a 16″ M1 MBP with 32GB and 1TB ssd for around $2400 and am torn between that and pimping out a fully loaded 15″ MBA (….well, let’s not get too crazy. Im thinking 24GB and 1TB which will run me around $2100) What say you? (Read: can anyone help me turn my anxiety down!? 😅)


    @Ashley Williams don’t you think the new one can handle your work? I am also a designer and thinking about buying MBA the new one.

    Giorgos Mathioudakis

    I mean casual users can even go for a 5 year old macbook because m2 air is very strong for 95% of the users

    Lost In LA

    Too many people think they are power users when they are not. Might be better to say MBP is for batch process users (only power users will know what that means).


M1 air the goat


I spent not much more for the 14” MBP M1 and is the better overall purchase, in my opinion. Better screen, ports, etc

    Edgar Corona

    fr I got a deal for the MacBook Pro 14 M1 Pro for 1600 & it has more ports like you mentioned


    It’s a no brainer – M1 14″ or 15″ are sitting either side of the 15″ with 16gb and 512 config on price – and are so much better in every way.

    Edgar Corona

    @Shaun & the base 14 pro already has 16 GB of ram with 512 GB. That is honestly is amazing & the fact that the M1 Pro can handle doing what the M2 can too for longer periods of time is a big win.


    @Edgar Corona well done.


    Everybody knows that the 14 m1 pro is a better machine. If you can find one bnew with a huge discount.


You must have a lot of confidence to pull out your MacBook on the bus.

Kalim Peltier

Those Bacbook Airs are going to sell like hotcakes for that price!


Best news – No more crappy lightning cables.

    Nick B

    Macbook didn’t have Lightning…

C A Merkey

I can’t wait to see it! The 13 inch is nice but the screen is a little small for longer time periods.


13 inches is $1099 while the 15 inches is $1299? So that is like $100 per inch? If that is the case, I would need a 6 inches Macbook Air then.

Scott Walters

Why talk about the base prices and the top line specs? Most people want to know what they get in the base model of each and at what price to make a comparison. Suggesting an Air is a better choice than a Pro for a video editing use case also doesn’t seem like very good advice.


    They are obviously not talking about pro video editing. For casual or semi-pro, MB Air easily handles video editing software if used sensibly.

Yg T

13 & 14inch all the the way, 15” & 16” have portability issue in flight; on bus,subway &Trains; can’t even fit on coffee table well; and its off balance on the laps.


Great video. Very professional, helpful, and fun. How does one enter the 15″ MacBook Air giveaway? 😛

Sione Joe Uluenga

Your so beautiful, I enjoy seeing your reviews 😍🥰

    Giorgos Mathioudakis

    down bad



Sami Ahmed

Nothing changed, just 1.4in more display

Chris Toney

I think the biggest disparity is the air is limited to 1 external monitor

Mike Bee

I am proud to say my friend is the EOM of this Mac Book 15 project team. So proud of him. Way to go David!!!!

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