I tried Apple Vision Pro – My First Impressions!

I got a chance to try the Apple Vision Pro. It’s WILD.

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🔥 vid bro, thanks for always giving us your opinions on tech products. Been watching your vids since I was 8 years old, I’m 18 now. Looking forward to when the Vision Pro releases next year.


    Wow that’s amazing! Thanks for watching this long 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


    nice, ive only been here for 6

    Scott Sacala

    Man, I’ve been watching him since i was 37. I’m 37 still, lol! This is actually my first vid I remember seeing him.. athough he does look familiar. But I like his style and charisma. He has 3 million subscribers for a reason. Including me now 👍


Bro the line up is CRISPY 🔥 Looking forward to trying this in person now that you were able to try it. Thanks brotha! I just really wish it had some sort of PC/MAC VR integration as well. It would make the $3500 price tag less painful, lol.

    Kelvin KMS

    It is a PC but limited its performance with I guess 256GB SSD. so it is no way near a real MacBook Pro spec.


    @Kelvin KMS It’s essentially a MacBook Air inside. You can probably spec it up to 1TB.


    you can seamlessly share screens between your apple devices, e.g. looking on your mac and then you will see its screen in xr and can interact with it

    Michael Zero

    $3500 is not expensive for something like this. If you go back and look at other Apple devices over the years adjusted for inflation this is reasonable. Now $3500 for the average person YES is expensive but this is not for the average person. Apple not trying to sell this to that person just like all its devices over the years.


This is the kind of thing you really need to TRY before you buy. I wonder if there will be demos at apple stores once it becomes available for people to try. $3500 is going to sound really expensive if people don’t know or understand exactly what you’re getting

    Arnoud van Houwelingen

    A lot of people want to try it at their local Apple store and maybe not purchase the Vision Pro (yet) because of the high price but if they are already there at the store they buy something else. A lot of impulse buying for sure. I personally will wait 2 years because i am sure the price will drop over time.

    D. Khalil

    Well for me when you compare it to the XDR display in price and functionality, this price with all this device brings to the table , makes more sense .

    Claudia Bailey

    I am guessing, to begin with, that they will have to be appointments to try this


    Oh once people try it… it’s over. They’re going to WANT it.

    In fact, that’s actually what happened at Apple with Tim Cook 😂 People around him were like maybe it’s too early but once Tim tried it he was blown away and wanted it out there ASAP.

    When a CEO (who gets to see and use everything they make in secret) loses their mind over a product like this…. BIG DEAL.

    Reminds me of when Jobs made the iPad and he freaked out and said this could be a phone!

    Omar Zaifulizan

    I feel like there will fs be demos at the Apple Store, however im not sure how they will manage crowds cuz I feel like EVERYONE would want to try them on.


I’m super excited for this, usually don’t like to purchase the 1st gen but this is something so unique and I’m ready to be an early adopter

    Gabriel Jubinville


    Abhinay Arora

    early adopter? for a decade-old product.


    @Abhinay Aroraplease explain how a product that isnt out yet is a decade old.


    Me to

    When Grapes Pop

    @myusernameisthisduh He thinks it’s the same as any other VR headset.

Krypto Bash

Its actually an XR headset, has both AR and VR capabilities


People are criticizing but are going to buy this for sure. Apple knows that and so, doesn’t care. In the worse case, they have their niche. And unlike what people are saying, the price is not going to drop. Other brands are going to follow Apple in this and propose things in that price range. Just like they did with phones. Now it’s normal to buy phones at over $1000.

    Pyro 🧲

    When they start taking orders (probably around nov or dec for first of the year arrivals) they won’t be able to make them fast enough, and when they arrive at the stores people will be lined up to buy it or just to see it. I guarantee it!


    I don’t think anyone is saying the price of this headset is going to drop (at least in the near future) but we’ll see the non-Pro version come out in a few years that will be substantially cheaper (I bet on $2500 at least)

    Lawrence Scott

    @Pyro 🧲 facts. I’m saving now for it


With how I’ve heard it’s used, I imagine this being revolutionary for people with mobility disorders like ALS to be able to communicate with people and interact with technology a lot easier.


    Good potential use case. The price point may make that inaccessible though, even for most people.

Avaline Sky

Ill try it in person first, but this might be what drives me to convert over to a macOS / realityOS setup for my content creation system. Also, the “compatible apps” button on the home screen makes me think it will be compatible with some iOS/iPadOS apps because it seems to have an iOS home-screen as the icon. I have been after this kind of tech for a very long time and am hyped to be an early adapter of it. Price is kind of painful, but if it reviews well i think it will be worth it.

    When Grapes Pop

    All iOS/iPadOS apps are compatible with the Vision Pro. He whole Apple ecosystem is compatible and and can be interacted with using this. The UI’s and layouts do need redesigning, though, but you can display all other devices in VR/AR.

Mwape Sampa

I’m more of an android guy but this ngl is some next level tech we seeing 👏🏾 Apple have really aced on this one 👏🏾


This looks like an incredible technology achievement. I’m sure this is going to be a learning curve as well. It will probably be at least 2-3 years before I purchase this, once it’s been developed.

    Roland Austria

    Exactly. The Apple WDDC presentations are “for developers”, and not targeted for casual consumers. It’s why there is no live demo on stage. And the presentation is more for features and how developers can start preparing for it.

    Shout In the Wind

    It’s really not though when you consider that a MacBook is $2499 and Vision Pro is basically a MacBook that you where on your face with bunch more sensors cameras and microphones.


    @Shout In the Wind but you need a mac in order to use it like one


    @Astral No you don’t. It has its own operating system.


    @Jay yes, but from what it seems like in the demo if you want to use desktop apps and things like that for maybe editing video or more actual work stuff, you need a mac. It’ll basically be like an iPhone it seems, can do almost everything still. It’s a cool product, which will lead to some awesome pieces of tech later down the road, but it’s not there yet


Apple is marketing this as a Spatial Computer on par with an iMac. The Mac ultra usually runs $5000 so compared to that it’s not as bad. My M1 iMac was around $2000 and this headset runs with an M2 chip.


    Mac ultra has a 24core cpu. This is 8-10

    Idi B

    This is using a mobile based OS so they’re not even remotely comparable…

    Andrés Farrera

    Yeah this actually has the potential to replace the mac and most other apple products once fully matured.

Travis Foster

I’m really excited about this. Seems like there’s gonna have to be a way to let the headset sit stagnant off of your head and still record. In order to get 3D videos and the like.


    I’m sure of it. And you’ll be able to control it with your IPhone or watch.

    Erico Gomes

    Yea.. u can record videos from your iPhone without unlocking the phone.. it will be the same here


I think alot of people will look at the price tag and be like who’s gonna be buying that for £3500 but fail to look at the bigger picture and what it means for the future, I know there’s loads of ar and vr glasses and platforms out there already but its not super mainstream Apple have a track record of promoting to the masses successfully and making things mainstream and a nessecity almost, in releasing this product there’s gonna be a big boom in development in ar/vr even more so than there is now and it will deffo make its way to the forefront in the future I’m not an apple fan I don’t own a single apple product but I see this for what it is

Crum Research

Your review was way better than other reviews — Thanks, more Vision Pro talk, please.


It blows my mind what humans can do. People really sat down and built a new chip and all the technology in this thing and made it work, In this short time span.


it’s amazing how you were able to give such a concise, comprehensive laymen’s explanation of this product off the cuff with little to no prep.


It was the right call to debut the technology now. Waiting an additional 10 years for tech to be able to shrink this down to the size of a regular glasses would be a mistake in my opinion. This is exactly what happened to the original iPhone back in 2007. We’re at the ground floor for the next phase of personal computing!

    Emi M

    Nah its a gimmick. No different than the mouse replacement attempts. This type of vr devices are too limited in uses and too inconvenient

    R. m

    @Emi M You clearly have never used a headset.

    R. m

    @Emi M Also, look up the word “gimmick” in a dictionary. You don’t know what it means.

    Steven Pesantez

    rly well put

Kenny Johnson

Great review you talked about all the things that I would care about the VR headset experience

I’m also curious about this: was there any detectable screen door effect?

Also, could you tell what sort of FPS or refresh rate that the screen was giving you as you were using it? did it change when the 3-D models would appear on the screen?

Thanks keep up the great work !


Biggest 2 questions, how big was the FOV and how heavy was it? Looks very exciting but expensive.


Sounds revolutionary. Can’t wait to try it out. I’d wait a few generations or at least 2-3 years before purchasing for the feedback!

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