This exercise bike lets you charge your phone. #shorts

The eKinekt BD 3 is meant to allow you to work, exercise, and generate your own clean electricity all at once.

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Thomas Richardson

Imagine if all gym equipment had this and they used the energy to pay their electric bill and discount your membership

    guy who knows 4 chords


Jeremiah Anderson-Ferguson

This was literally a concept in a Black Mirror episode, except the people generated power for the city. I’m surprised this isn’t a large scale concept already.

The Cooper Tech Kid

How pathetic are we becoming!? 🙄

Son Of A Vich

Literally totally everyone


Takes me back to going to the gym in the 80’s. The in think was exercise bikes that had a small television mounted on them and you had to pedal fast enough to generate electricity so the TV would work. I like the desk from a point using one at home so I could work and be more active, but at a gym no way. I can see people at a gym just camping out on the desk tying up the bike while other are waiting who actually want to get some cardio done.

Leopold Konstantin

Welcome to 18century


absolutely not

Stefano OT

Good for us in Africa with constant power outages

James Hobbs


Onno Meeuwis

This technology is being used in many places already. Almost exactly the same thing is in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam for many people to use


This idea is so old

Md sharique

This Remind me “Black Mirror”

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