Vanoss thinks he’s sooo gooood at hiding #shorts

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“I was behind you the whole time!!”

Five Night’s At Plushies


Jenny Berry

such a amazing job this video✌Delirious you are so funny love your videos there so amazing and thanks for making me laugh till this day so awesome☺

Viking Reflections

This is Nanners level thinking 😅



Giovanni Garcia

How they didn’t realize he was sneaky behind them 😂😂😂

The Casual Dude

Dead channel😅


    The hell you mean


    I’d say he’s blind but then typing would be difficult. Probably just bad at numbers.

Mui Wanderer

Jason Voorhees will be proud.

    Ian Cortes Contreras

    Jason: ……….. (damn this guy is more than worthy of the mask)


What video is this from?


Hey look, it’s Delirious in his natural habitat

Ian Cortes Contreras

Epic troll


Funny how Vanoss didn’t include this clip in his video LOL

user 1093



U know what delirious says folks I WAS BEHIND AND I WAS ALL AROUND U THE WHOLE TIME HEHEHEHE they probably wasn’t even looking at the water 😂😂😂😂 they didn’t even hear the splash


Delirious is literally H20, he blends in the water just fine.

H. J. the Hedgehog

“Yippie ki yay!!”

jtlee klm

I need a vtuberelirious

Keven Levin

I love you guys are like brothers it really makes the funny moments better

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