Apple vs Samsung Customer Service Battle!

Did ANYONE expect it to take as long as it did? 😂
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brb just heading to the local repair shop down the corner 😅
To check out my full breakdown of Apple’s new Vision Pro Headset:



    ○Olivia Devil○

    3rd reply!


    love da vids


    bro i love your vids ❤


    Great content my dude


That physically hurt me inside watching Arun purposefully impale those new phones with a pen.




    I dont think it was a pen, I think it was a “window cracking device”



    Masum Janid

    And here I am, can’t even afford a single iPhone

    Manuel Light

    such a waste… disgusting behavior


As a brokie myself, the amount of pain that coursed through my veins when he shattered both the phones just within 10 seconds is absolutely immeasurable.


    @Don’t Read My Profile Photo bot


    dad? you have my name but i have the actual one lol

    Jack The Good

    Hey MrUnknown!

    Super Nostalgia

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    Rivendell YT

    you have a million subscribers

Amal Joe

This is why having the right to repair matters. We can get it fixed faster and cheaper from somewhere else


    Yes, 400 pounds for a screen is unbelevable!


    Service that I used managed to fix my screen in a couple of hours. Twice, iPhone X and iPhone 12.


    LOUIS ROSSMAN is the best!

    Evann Music

    @TheDuckBoyFr that’s crazy 😅


    Don’t read my name.!!.

Gaetano La Macchia

I used to work in the industry in Australia, Samsung was notorious for being one of the worst companies to deal with when needing to get a device repaired. They’d make simple mistakes and try to pass the blame. They were the slowest out of all the manufacturers and were horrible to deal with. Apple was always expensive and a pain in the amount of detail they’d want but would get the devices back to us the quickest. This shows me that nothing has changed in all those years.

    Evann Music

    Thanks man that’s pretty sad 😶

    Obie Dancy

    This is 100% my experience with Samsung. You can count on them to place any blame they can on a third party or the customer themselves. In my 15 years experience working with Samsung through mobile computers and mobile phones they have never once accepted responsibility or held anyone accountable for an error or failure that was definitely their fault.

    Random drawings

    Honestly the money is worth the process being simpler and faster

    OhWhat World

    More companies should hire Operations Analysts to help streamline and refine their archaic processes. It is such an overlooked aspect of running business.

    Obie Dancy

    @OhWhat World Companies like Samsung have already conducted research and determined acrions like this will not significantly improve profitablity or it would have happened before they, Samsung, decided to be content at being second best.


I’m an  user and I can’t say loud enough how good their support is!!! Even during the weekend!!!!


    How you type the apple logo


    @OsamaBinLaden 


    ​@OsamaBinLaden it’s part of the keyboard on iOS.


    @Eulehund99no, it isn’t, it’s alt+shift+K


    @Eulehund99 It didnt appear on my Windows PC as Apple logo, just a box with scrambled letter inside…lol


It’s a much different experience for me, my samsung tablet got fixed in just 2 days and it’s mostly because there’s no spare part for the screen yet, or else it’s just going to take couple of hours until we could take it again.

But to be fair I walked directly into the service center so it’s much safer


This brought back memories of when my Samsung TV needed repairing. Sad to say I had an even worse time, taking months before the repair was carried out. Just a bad experience all together with Samsung support

    Arda Yaylacı

    When our tv broke they fixed it after we gave the tv in 1.5 days,less than 48 hours. guess it differs country to country


    Happened to me my TV broke make the call Saturday, on Monday it was a Samsung guy at home to check on the TV the TV wasn’t repairable and two weeks later they send me the full price of what I paid for the TV and every two days I have a call from Samsung just to let me now they were working in my transaction. I’m from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

    L Jeans

    Here’s where the pros and cons are. If you pay for samsung care then you can go to almost any repair shop and have it done for free that day. Apple doesn’t even have that. But Samsung repair shops also do it WITHOUT Samsung care in about 2 days for the same price as sending it in.


Arun you always manage to make our day better with these great videos. Thank you for the more frequent uploads.

Nivin Hanna

I’m a Sammy owner and I find it shameful how badly they handled this. Sadly, my own experiences in the past were the same. Luckily my S22 Ultra has been solid to date.


    I won’t take calls or texts from anyone unless they use an Apple device.

    Nivin Hanna

    @ThinCrustPizza lol, good for you 😂

    Sumi E. Eweits

    @ThinCrustPizza Ok, I don’t think anyone would wanna talk to Apple fanboy weirdos either lol😂


    bro why are u feeling bad lol its the company

Cristian Marinciu

I think you should also test their seal. After this kind of repair, in the brand service center, they should maintain their IP68 certification.

    Ramansh Wadhwa

    Happened with me, my phone was repaired for a manufacturing defect it was for free and they didn’t seal it properly and water went in and the phone got destroyed new iphone 14 pro 256 gb gone. Service centre denied their responsibility and I have stopped using apple since.

    oOp Digdigfig

    Neither company covers water damage in their warranty as far as I know. You’d be best to avoid getting your phone wet if possible. Also there are apps that use the barometer inside your phone to check if it’s still water resistant


    it is 100% written somewhere the ip68 rating is forever compromised when phone breaks and u get repair


    ​@Ramansh Wadhwa now you have used both brands, which do you think is best


    Happened to me too with a Samsung are swapped device.

Darren Jalland

The process you went through with Samsung was identical to mine on my old Tab S7 a couple of years ago, right down to the confused call where they said it hadn’t been collected, the return of an untouched device and the 4 weeks to repair time. It was insanely stressful!


Best idea would be to just go to an authorized repair shop. Some places can even get your phone fixed the same day

otmane Minibixx

More service support videos !! We need creators doing this full time 😁


It’s apparently different from country to country as well. I’m in the Netherlands and had an issue with my Samsung Galaxy Buds and they were picked up, repaired and shipped back to me within days. The whole process was so flawless, that my wife and I were both blown away by it.


    I have this same experience, Ive had multiple repairs from samsung in the Netherlands and it really was flawless and not at all the experience we see in this video.


    I’m from the Philipines and Samsung is worse than any local manufacturer. Apple is still the fastest too

    Little Swan’s playGROWnd

    in my country, there’s a official samsung repair center with 15 min walking distance from my home. I killed my cameras on my s21 due to wter damage and they replaced it within 5 hours.


    @J.A Its odd and sad that there are such big differences in experiences with tech repairs all over the world. And that in this day and age.

    Punjabi Man

    ​@RichardK1719 if it aint Dutch, it aint much.
    True arian race will always give top notch service.


Great video! I wish more high profile Youtubers like you would create videos like this, so that maybe the companies would sort themselves out and provide better service!

    Agent Titanium

    LTT has made a bunch of videos like this


It just really shows that despite being more expensive means that you have been well-taken care of. Apple after sales support is consistent with the service you had upon buying from them.

    Dueling Fatties Gaming

    But they aren’t. This is a good one but others don’t have this type of experience or it’s worse.

    Red Dragon

    @Dueling Fatties Gaming facts, from an iphone user here


    There are shops that would quote 150-200$, come to your home/work to get the phone and send it back the same day. And they would make sure the seal maintains IP68, I wouldn’t trust to get the phone wet after a repair in any official service center


    a screen replacement is a 30 minute job in a local shop that you can get done for the price of the screen in bulk + 50$ which would be waaaaaaaaaay cheaper than the 450$ here and you don’t get stuck paying for shipping it back and forth and you don’t have to wait a single day.


I called Samsung support this week. I told the guy his speech was muffled/low quality and it was hard to understand him. He said I was the only customer who said this and everyone else was fine. Glad to see that every Samsung rep Arun spoke to was also indecipherable. Small things like that matter – it made the whole experience much more frustrating.

Angelo Bustillos

Have you done a comparison of Apple Care + and Samsung Care +? I’m interested to see what that experience would be like, both retail and non-retail. Awesome video! It’s insane to see what the process is like for both companies. My take away, keep a back up phone unless you get insurance os some sort. lol

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