Apple’s Vision Pro vs. Meta Quest 3: Which Should You Get?

The mixed reality headsets share some key similarities and differences — starting with the price tag.

00:00 Intro
16:18 Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3
00:46 The price
01:27 How the devices are controlled
03:01 The hardware
03:48 Design
04:47 Release dates

Read the CNET Article for more comparisons:
Apple Vision Pro vs. Meta Quest 3: Which Should You Buy?

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Vision Pro for sure!!! I already have the meta quest and don’t plan to upgrade it unless I get it for a really low price.


    vision pro is 3500, quest 3 is 500. I dont think the vision pro is comercially viable/ needed

    Moka LARE

    @Azreal time will tell. If you really paid attention to how things have been working so far, you will know this will become the norm. People have always been skeptical about Apple products at the beginning but at the end of the day, the whole world has followed them in each step and every single time. I truly believe other brands will do such things and propose headseats with that price or close to it. When Apple first came with the smartphone over $1000, people were like “naaa, not me, i will never buy phone for that price and those products will die, suffering from no sells.” Here we are in 2023 where it’s perfectly normal to buy phone at $1500, $1800 and even over $2000. Same thing for their Watch, their earphones and headphones, tablets, literally everything.


I’d probably get the one the weighs less.
So there’s no strain on the neck after extended use.

Also, about the eye tracking: What’s the plan for people who are cross-eyed? Wouldn’t that confuse the eye tracking?

    Sean Akamine

    As long as your gaze is consistent, the calibration should take care of the cross-eyed


    ive heard from videos of people trying it out at wwdc that if you for example have issues with your hands you can instead use your eyes only by things like longer staring. They probably have something for this issue your describing and you will also be able to use controllers.


    @Sean Akamine Lots of people have nystagmus, involuntary eye movement. I guess they will go with the Quest 3😂

Samson143 VR

This is like asking if someone should buy a McLaren or a Toyota, they are targeting completely different markets. Anyone that can afford the vision pro won’t be interested in quest 3 imo.

    CJ Dreams

    Lol I kno right


    not really, considering the quest offers to a market for gamers while the vision is for video editing or more work oriented. Seeing there’s no controllers, unlike the quest. Meta could easily make an expensive headset with the same specs but they choose to go for a specific market


    ​@AzrealYou typed allllll of that, just to say the same damn thing. They are targeting TWO DIFFERENT AUDIENCES.

    Samson143 VR

    @Azreal metas “attempt” at the high end market is the quest pro, which cnet decided not to use in their comparison.

    Apple showed vision pro working with a ps5 controller and showed a rec room icon in an apps list, on purpose, as that’s a full VR game.

    Your example makes this comparison even more bonkers imo. Why compare something that’s geared towards video editing and artists with something geared towards gamers? What is to be gained? You say yourself, they have different target audiences.

    Kuwaity Kuwait

    You mean car versus wheelchair

Miguel Panadero

This isn’t even a question to ask. This is just content and if it wasn’t for the hostess which I respect I wouldn’t even click. Ones for devs and ones for consumers.


Obviously the Vision Pro — Meta Anything is a toy in comparison.. The Vision Pro is a COMPUTER – a full-on COMPUTER — not just a VR “headset”.


    And a high end 100” tv

    Endless Nameless

    It’s really not a VR headset at all… it’s so far strictly AR, there’s no motion controls, no immersive gaming. And that’s ok for its intended use. The Quest 3 will be the more versatile device but it won’t be able to touch the AVP in the things the AVP is designed for.


    For half the price, you could use a Quest 3 with VR desktop linked to a decent PC/laptop. That’s a COMPUTER – a full-on COMPUTER. If you already have the PC/laptop you save $3000. I think the main selling point for the Vision Pro is the Apple system and the resolution. Against that is the size and weight, that looks more than the Quest 3, but I guess we will have to see.


I’m getting both of course

Matthew Hardwick

I would opt for the Quest purely because of gaming and it’s affordable price point. Plus I have no loyalty to the Apple brands at any capacity.


Two different headsets; Meta Quest is for gaming and entertainment, the Vision Pro is for productivity and aims to replace your PC. The Meta is rocking the Snapdragon chip which doesn’t even touch the M2 and R1 Dual set up


    Watching movies, browsing the internet and monitors should all be possible on Quest 3. The only extra viability is the standalone Apple OS ports of fav apps.


    @TheDaysEnd I’m not watching movies on a vision pro 😅 I’m using it for work and editing. Definitely not doing that on a meta quest


    @OWeah but the ability to watch an infinitely hard screen that could be as big as a football field will truly be mkndblowing


    @1nvd oh yeah that would be nice for sure; it would be nice for some down time


    @TheDaysEnd Yes you can do all that in the QUEST, just TERRIBLY lol…. It doesn’t even come close.

    This is Windows Phone vs iPhones all over again. People saying you could do that and the experience on Window phones back then with a stylus was just HORRIBLE.

    There is a reason they are not even around or never dominated the market. Same thing will happen with Facebook and their crappy Software.

Peter B

I have to feel this out. VR makes me motion sick so I’m going to have to keep some Dramamine close by. AR hasn’t made me sick (yet) but we will see

Mark Johnston

I’ll wait for the Vision SE. 😁

    Rare Music

    Vision 3G actually 🥸☝️


quest 3 is a no contest device for me. However I am a quest pro user so I will probably stick with that until the next iteration of the pro or something like the pro is released.

    Scorpio Indigo

    good for you

Caleb T

This will revolutionize meta to start enhancing their products. I’d expect a much more capable meta product to come out. Only thing is apple just stole the market. Apple needs to design a virtual community to hang out in with the headset and better games then it’s game over

Endless Nameless

I use my VR for immersive gaming and exercise… the Vision Pro seems more targeted at the humans from Wall-E.


At the end of the day, these are 2 completely different products. The Vision Pro is highly more advanced in the eye and hand tracking, not to mention the M2 and R1 chip. But then again it’s 7x more in price.

Chaven Yenketswamy

Ive been working with VR headsets for nearly five years using standard applications and custom developed applications with Unity and Unreal Engine. These are my observations. Some of what Apple showcased are features already available within Windows Mixed Reality Portal and some SteamVR apps like Bigscreen. You can create multiple resizable desktop screens along with viewing other standard applications like Microsoft Edge, Photos, Videos, Skype and even customize the default environment or even create a completely new environment. Of course this was all within VR and not AR as with Apple Vision Pro. My only issues and concerns were field of view, discomfort, motion sickness and some other weird side effects. If I were to upgrade to something new it must address these concerns and offer >>110 degrees FOV with at least a threshold min resolution that allows you to work comfortably with text based applications for several hours like you would a pc. Can Meta Quest 3 do this, I think it might just pass so why would I need to spend $3000 more. I personally think Apple can leave out certain features like Eyesight and have a tethered or built-in battery like the Quest and thus offer a more affordable product. Even if it didn’t have 12 million more pixels than the Quest 3 it would still be acceptable to most consumers.


I am all in with the Apple headset except for the price. Still trying to justify the 3500. I am a Quest 2 owner and owned the previous Quest as well. Apple headset is a whole other category of VR or spatial computing as they call it

    Scorpio Indigo

    they are targeting a different audience.. im cool with spending 3.5 …its worth it.. My kids can get the quest


If they were the same price, I’d buy both, but if I had to choose, it would be the Quest 3, as I mostly use VR for gaming. As they aren’t the same price, this is the easiest decision ever.

TechGeek 

If I pay $3500 for an Apple headset I’m wearing it all the time. At the park, visiting relatives, special events, to bed. Everywhere. I’ll never have a normal dream again

Base Bunder

I personally love the value Meta brings in the overall hardware but, they show time and time again that they do not really care about their users. Apple does the user part good, but is still expensive. I would love to see how they compare in around 4 years. Hopefully they will be close competitors, then I will definitely go for apple.

Lon Passoff

Apple for sure. The price tag is huge but from what I am seeing and hearing it is a game changer. I would prefer to use a headset at work over my phone and laptop. I also like the idea of watching movies where the background is different and the screen is 100 feet across. Plus, this looks to be a game changer on an airplane!

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