Meta and BMW Are Bringing AR and VR to Smart Vehicles #shorts

Future car rides could be a lot more entertaining. #meta #bmw #artificialintelligence

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Meta is scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
I can see this being fun for kids, but is it worth it when you can get them a cheap tablet to play with.

    Tee Kaa

    Did you just call BMW “bottom of the barrel”? 😅


    @Tee Kaa  no just Meta. BMW is pretty awful, too. Their cars don’t last long and become money pits.

Ruud van der Pol

So they can use all this information and your eye movement to place advertisements unavoidable in your eyes sight

Stefan Raabe

Imagine looking out the window, and just looking, out of the window


No thank you The rest of the world can live in a dystopian sh. It box. I live in the real world thank you.


Read a book. Listen to a podcast. Meditate. You don’t need games.


    You don’t need any of those things either. Let people do what they enjoy, it doesn’t affect you.


    @LightMasterPC ok let others comment as they wish. It doesn’t affect you.


    @Buzzyguitar i never said you cannot comment, you’re perfectly free to and you have every right to share your opinion. I’m just sharing mine.


    @LightMasterPC I never mentioned that you said that others are not allowed to comment freely.

That Guy

Now we can drive in 3rd person


Your oration is amazing! I don’t even know if oration is a word. But man you speak so well! Keep it up!


Yeah it used to be called “car cricket” everytime a red car goes past you are out. White cars are one run, black cars are two runs, yellow is a four and green is a six.

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