New AirPods Features Unveiled at WWDC 2023

Let’s dig into the new AirPods features Apple unveiled at WWDC 2023.

0:00 AirPods Are Getting New Features
0:14 Adaptive Audio Coming to Airpods
0:59 Adaptive Audio Calling Features
1:58 AirPods Get Improved Auto-Switching Feature
2:10 AirPods Update Availability

Read the CNET Article for more info:
AirPods Getting a Cool New Feature That Sony Earbuds Already Have

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Dronie Up

Software 😢
It would have been nice for them to release the 2nd generation AirPod Max


    they need to the Max are obselete at this point

    Desharr Saddler

    @Zeb how so

Jonathan Stamper

Holy moly! They finally added mute and unmute…took long enough…I guess that’s what they call “Innovation”


    Yeah they should stop introducing any features because you’ve seen them elsewhere. How do you feel about using an “innovative” smartphone that was copied from an iPhone?


    The millions of other earbuds aren’t allowed to lend inspiration? I’m guessing each earbud came with something completely new? (Lol Galaxy Buds, Pixel Buds)

    Angel Quetglas

    lmao preach

oid bio

Adaptive Audio is not a happy medium. Notice they said when “You” start speaking it will automatically go into conversation mode. Most often someone ELSE starts speaking to you first. You always miss the first part of the conversation.

Trevor Reviews YouTube

The b-roll of Lexy almost getting run over made me laugh 😂 Great work! Hope you guys are well ❤

    Sharif K. Fathy

    He gave her the finger 😂


I don’t know how many more active, adaptive, and spatial “features” the AirPods Pro can have before they achieve a decent sound quality and microphone (yes, they do suck when talking on the phone).


    Lol what are you talking about?


    A lot better than the Galaxy Buds, I’ll tell you that. I have both for their respective phones, AirPods hands down

    Chris Milton

    this sound fine before any kind of adjustments. After creating a custom EQ and turning on spatial audio fixed, though, they sound incredible.

    Dante Velasquez

    @Chris Milton Thats good to know!

    politcally correct

    its essentially beta testing for the AR headset.


Thank you for the short but informative bits of tech updates! Love it!

Khoel Hutchinson

Do these features work on android also?

Tesco Primark

The only complain on airpods, sometime it make my ear canal itchy, and gives me not-so comfort on ears while wearing those airpods.

    Viet Tran

    Duh! Get new ears then.


Anything about sideloading in the EU in the iOS 17 beta?

    Elly Awesome Tech

    I asked Apple, they said ‘no’

Paras Dixit

Will these features will be able on android?

Cypress Van Horn

I just want a design with long battery life, are comfortable, and won’t fall out. Bring back PowerBeats!


I love my Sony XM4 headphone but its Speak-to-Chat mode sucks. It always recognizes other noises like leaf blowers and lawn mowers as speech and stops music. I end up turning off the feature due to its constant stoppage on music on random outside noises.


Praying they fix the bug where background noise gets AMPLIFIED for the person on the other end of your call. I’ve had multiple pairs start off without doing this and then fall back into it eventually even after factory reset

Thye Chuan

Actually I just want USB C…. 😂

Shobhit Chawla

The mute is the best and only the unique feature. Other companies should copy this asap

Brian Fung

I bought myself a Sony headphone. And Speak to Chat is honestly one of the most annoying thing ever, in my opinion. I’m sure there will be others that will truly like this feature though

    azri akmar

    i love to sing along with the song. I think this feature will get me annoyed.

Samyam Pradhan

I wish i can use that ANC to drown out this presenter’s Vocal Fry

Veaceslav BARBARII

The most important question – *did they switch from Lightning to Type-C charging port?*

a closer look

And the upgrade will be rolling out with an iOS update??? When??? Both questions not addressed in this video.


Adaptive mode almost never works on the airpod pro 2s. Only time it muffles noise is if I wear them with my windows down while driving. The AirPods interpret the wind as loud noise. But it’s def not as precise as advertised. A number of times I’ve been walking while a firetruck or ambulance had sirens on, and nothing happened.

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