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Raymond EMC specializes in the engineering, design, fabrication, installation, and testing of custom radio frequency (RF) shielded enclosures, reverb, and anechoic chambers for military, government, automotive, high-tech, medical, medical, and industrial applications.




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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:08 Faraday Cage Overview
2:41 Raymond EMC Install
4:18 Grounding the Enclosure
6:02 The Door
7:02 Spectrum Analyzer
8:30 Wave Guide
9:23 Power
10:55 Recap
11:24 Wall Lining




the lab is getting ridicoulusly good equipment for such great tests


    yep linus doing the lab is way better compared to the actual companies claims

    Waffle Lover

    True, it gets better almost every video

    Ryley Nicholls

    @Reme UPT How do you live with all that hate in your head?


    @Reme UPT And nobody asked for yours


That sponsorship was insane! Really nice company!

    Reme UPT

    No it was not it was so ba d 🤣🤣

    Akshat singh

    @Reme UPT what r u upto ?


    @Reme UPT Dream stan that doesn’t know proper grammar???


    @Techconix don’t by into it

    Mr Lahey

    ​@ayoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo by my sword


To whoever wrote this script – Linus wearing a literal tin foil hat and saying “how is that even possible” is genius and made my day.


    Praying this gets the meme treatment it deserves

    Marco Genovesi





    “more canceled than Kanye West” was also a good one.

    Teh Penguin

    No need to guess, the end credits always tell it. It was Alex.

Nathaniel Tan

As an RF engineer, I found this video pretty impressive (not to mention I’m a little jealous of your chamber). You guys are really looking to do things the right way.

    Cubert Miso

    Can you please explain why the audio inside at 7:38 sounded worse than outside in a large hall? Is the material used really hard, or what is happening there?


    @Cubert Miso probably because of the panels on the walls. Sound would bounce differently from them


    @Reme UPT no one had to lmao, its a comment in the comment section, this not a FAQ 😭🤣


    @Reme UPT Bro had to have his, “I’m an engineer” moment


    Absolutely, I am part of a team that manage one of the biggest Wi-Fi estates in EMEA and even we don’t have anything like this. Very nicely done Raymond EMC, and congrats Linus and co, ever since you started talking Wi-Fi stuff I started paying more attention and stuff like this has me really excited for upcoming content. Oh the things that could be done with a lab like this…

Justin Ross

To see this channel going this far into the crazy world of rf is so cool. Worked on B1 radar and ew systems for a while and sometimes i kinda miss the complexity of it all


I can’t wait for an LTT website that has all the data and bits organized for people to see from the lab results. (I hope something like that is planned at least)

Der Wissenskiosk

What a man the CEO is for personally coming around to setup a big gift for Linus!

    Bruce Alexander



    @Bruce Alexander You really are awesome

    sithon sithon

    It’s cool but LMG has global reach in the tech sphere. They are going to get contracts and contacts from all over the world. From corporations to goverments and universities this is a good deal for them.

    April Vibes

    @Llamaduden the account was made today lmao


    ​@April Vibesmade today in response to the video being uploaded? Makes sense if he didn’t have an account beforehand and wanted to reply to people in the comments for this video he’s involved in.


Man, this can’t come soon enough! I’m sick of not knowing why my gf’s phone gets decent 4G signal when mine craps itself in the exact same location. Phone manufacturers should really be more open about the signal quality of their devices, so I am super in favor of your endeavors here 👍
Hopefully signal quality will become a viable review criterion going forward, so shopping for a phone that won’t randomly drop cellular becomes easier.

Jamie Wilson

the commitment to science dwarfs other review channels, i have no idea about most of what you are talking about but the fact that you are going into the detail, regardless of who understands, is such a hallmark of professionalism and enthusiasm. well done chaps, keep up the good work, always enjoy your videos!

    Tristan Cuschieri

    I agree Jamie. The great thing is that anything we don’t understand, we can just pause the video and look up. I didn’t know what I didn’t know about this topic until I watched this video. Now I’ve got some reading to do, but it’s great, because I know exactly what I want to research!


As someone who works with this equipment on a daily basis. Thank you LMG for letting me view my work after work. Still learning every day. One thing i’d like to learn more about is Passive Intermodulation testing and how it can affect antenna.

Hamzah Abugosh

Crazy how his sponsorships are becoming for professionals and companies now. Such amazing growth.


    The man, the legend.


    When you’re able to reach this level of engagement with such a huge audience; that conventional advertising companies could only dream to match its a no brainer for large corporations. This level of exposure for any company is worth a lot of money.

    Kabir Kumar

    Might actually buy from this one too

    Tayyib Shah

    ​@Cust0mBuildersponsor block go brr

    Alfa Proto

    Didn’t a professional/ some co. saw a video or take a grain of salt from LTT and it works? Not sure if it’s his twitter or a comment.


This is exciting stuff. The Lab is going to be so flipping amazing when it’s 100% finished. I can’t convey this through text but I’m legit giddy with excitement right now. Can’t wait to see more Labs content


I have designed hundreds of these chambers. I’m very surprised the quality of this video and you got basically everything right. I think the only thing you missed was lighting which would require LED lighting with the ballast on the outside of the chamber and fiber optic lighting, going through a wave guide. Oh, and there’s other upsells like power over ethernet it for a specific bulkhead that has all the connectors you want attached to it instead of the wave guide, which is more universal.

    William Glaser

    I would have thought that there were limited amount of companies that make these chambers? Did you work with this company or another one. Still quite cool. I am sure Linus and team will give a shout out to the company most times when the chamber is used in videos. Its not cheap.

    master shooter64

    @William Glaser the world is a large place and antenna/RF engineering is used in a lot of places around the world


    @master shooter64 he was right that it was made in limited place and quantity but that’s for the actual manufacturing of it and not the assembly/companies based around that. Similar to how chips and lithography is only manufactured by handful of companies. Same story for lithium and rechargeable batteries as well.


    They are used in more ways than what you imagine, for example CE testing of equipment/military data protection and isolation of sensitive components in high powered RF devices like radars/protection for medical imaging devices aswell

    Bjornar Simonsen

    Can I ask you a slightly off-topic question? What does it mean when a waveguide is overmoded?

Naza Azim

actually so excited for results the labs can produce. this equipment is actually really interesting and cool. big ups lmg

Zyon Baxter

Mega Shout out to Robert Oakes the Editor who did an amazing job on the fine print.🥳 And of course we do enjoy reading the fine print and all of your other Easter eggs.😊 You’d be crazy not to observe them with the wonderful effort that you’re putting in and with the way things are in the world.

P.S. I’m so glad YouTube finally lets you magnify videos. It’s still blurry but that’s better than nothing.😅


    Glad I’m not the only one who took the time to pause and read it. Like a small club of nerdiest nerds.

    Sofus Würtz

    Hint Please!


    @Sofus Würtz Try pausing around 12:18 😁

    Bogdan Zadorozhny

    @MindlessDude Or people who deal with legal on a regular basis😅


The Labs update videos are honestly my favorite series you guys have done! I’m so psyched for what this is going to do for the tech review space.
Smart move on Raymond EMC’s part… I wasn’t consciously aware of EMC as a tech sector, and now I know exactly one provider (and will be constantly reminded of their name every time you do a wireless device review).


It’s so exciting how on-board major companies and engineers are to actually get their projects tested in the open.
I can’t wait for the future

Jameson Hardcastle

I actually built the HVAC systems on three similar boxes for Boeing here in the US.

What!!! They gave you that chamber even though they knew you needed it, and were definitely going to make a video on it!?!?! That is an awesome move. Good on those guys


    “They gave you that chamber” in return for a dedicated 13 minute ad seen by 1.2 million people so far.


I love the editing in this video, the way they changed the shots while still continuing the script, props to Linus and the editing team


As an RF engineer, I’m so happy to see such an excellent in-depth explanation in such a big channel. Hats off to you, LMG.

    Darryl John Bosch

    Im going there, “Don’t lick the door”.

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