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SpAWn -_-

Tea is ready😂

Lucas Hoshino

I loved this game I would watch this over and over and over

    Miss B

    What was the name, so I can re-watch the playlist?

    Reginald Mustard Bacon

    I remember i watched this so long ago do you remember the game?


    The game was “A Way Out” and it was awesome❤

    Lucas Hoshino

    ​@Miss B a way out


I love this man’s wheezes lmao

StarRelic 275

Is Delirious a Vtuber now?


I enjoyed A Way Out

Janice Small

Hope we get another game just like A Way Out (I know there is another game made by the same creators) just having the realistic setting is enough maybe a Wild West theme

The boss

A way out good game

David s. comix

I remember this game


I just wached this series the end made me cry

Karson Paul

Bro fell off


This game will probably be one of my favorite gaming expierences ever especially watching you and Toonz play it

Jayson Cable

No but why was this part soo hard lmao

Antonio Martinez

I can’t get enough of Toonz screaming and blaming Delirious.

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